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unless they were Congressman
1 word. Einhorn.
Uhh not +5.7% after hours - that includes the regular day's move.
Meh. Mexico will get most of those jobs - that's where the jobs were headed before China undercut labor prices.
Here is the Steve Jobs biographer interview on 60 Minutes tonight - 2 videos.
Here is the Steve Jobs biographer interview on 60 Minutes tonight - its fascinating stuff
Full article via UK Guardian here
Worldwide leader in travel? err.
Its a nice company and all, but lets not get all Travelocity, Expedia, or Priceline
Do you use relative strength? Just curious because these all are holding in quite well during the past few weeks.
Its now at the 200 day moving average so there is a decent risk reward entry. One can enter and then stop out if it breaks support. The forward guidanace and some margin pressure seemed to be the culprit for the selloff.
It should help- yes. But bernanke wants more and more inflation... so we'll see if he stands for lower prices.
Yep fell to $106 but now back over the stop out level I mentioned at $115. So it would have been a $2 loss if one had not taken profits. I was hoping for $100 on the downside.
Thanks for your continued nice work. Enjoy your pieces.
Please turn off Fox News. Thank you.
And MSNBC while you are at it...
Extremists get us nowhere
I think it was actually a compliment.
I've written about that a few times. The baby boomer generation by and large won't see their "housing" cost disappear as many of their parents did once they entered their 60s, since they used their house as an ATM. Another long term crisis. But don't worry - QE27 should take care of it.
Been in limbo for 2 years now :P
Stop panicking. Summer of recovery 2.0 begins in 30 days.
He is actually a mutual fund manager....
No worries Richard. Summer of recovery is coming in 1 month. 2.0. Let's celebrate.
I kind of like a realistic playing field rather than Bernanke's field of dreams, but I appear to be in the minority.
Zachs is pretty useless :) As are most analyst targets...
Agreed. As long as the greater market is benign, CMI now has a nice base to work off of.
Yes, you are just a bit late. It has had to consolidate a monster move.
It is very difficult to game earnings. Even if you know ahead of time what the number is, many times the stock acts in quite random fashion.
AG started around 15.6, and is now around 21. That's about 34% gain.
GPL is under $5
I kept stocks under $10 and under $300M market cap off the list to stick with things that are more liquid
boggling post.
It was an informative post to readers to let them know the top performers. I outlined above which names I've discussed on the website.
I am not currently in any positions since I am in a quiet period ahead of my fund launch.
or maybe the better question is which is the best to short? ;)
Don't worry, its transitory. New food stamps arrive in a few days.
It is 1999 logic that has come back.
Internet company A is valued at $25B so surely internet company B must be valued at $32B. Same logic, just change the country from U.S. to China.
I've been a SINA bull based on Weibo for a long time but the valuations in YOKU and such (and even RenRen which will most likely double on the first day as the lemmings rush in) are egregious. For all of the Weibo potential it has not even begun to monetize and the average Chinese has a purchasing power 1/15th of an American.
That said, you don't find the lemmings until they jump off the cliff. Momo is powerful and has left many shorts in its dust.
I think this is why a lot of companies don't bother to come public anymore.
While Google is spending "too much" (most likely) they are now in a bidding war with the likes of Facebook for talent. Only on Wall Street when you reinvest in yourself and or say for example increase R&D spending do they punish you. Everything is so short sighted and nothing matters but the next 90 days. This is why so many companies have to buy other companies to innovate - Wall Street won't let them spend on R&D because god forbid EPS drops 2 cents extra.