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  • Bond Market Development Suggests Higher Prices and Higher Borrowing Costs to Come [View article]
    "But, the idea that the average guy on the street is an important input into a model of any stock market is a stretch."

    The Egyptian stock market would disagree the past few weeks. That said it took decades to play out.
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  • Did Smart Money Know About Alpha Natural's Near Bid for Massey Energy? [View article]
    you are just not smart money Alan. One day if you study very hard you might become 'smart'. Or at least sit at the right cocktail table.
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  • PIMCO's Bill Gross: The Devil's Bargain of Record Corporate Profits [View article]
    This is our incentive program so I don't blame the people - but the system. But the system won't change since the winners in said system are the biggest campaign contributors.

    One does wonder how many more great companies we would have to replace the jobs we have outsourced or eliminated via technology if all these PhDs not sitting in hedge funds went to into a science or math discipline within a startup or even inside of a large conglomerate.

    I assume the Chinese and Indian PhDs have yet to discover the joys of financialization so I expect a lot more innovation in the next generation to be overseas.
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  • What Bernanke Said: On Stock Market Rises and Commodity Price Inflation [View article]
    google "Ben Bernanke is wrong" video - it will be eye opening.

    What I love about this guy is I thought he could not sleep at night for his actions but he truly believes what he says, I am now convinced. Somehow he can inflate assets only in the stock market, and not commodities, like some magician. I assume like Presidents he is surrounded by yes men who tell him everything he does is great, and that he is the next Maestro.
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  • The Strange Non-Reaction to Cummins' Very Good Quarter [View article]
    Still a good value on 2011 estimates and if north america rebounds to any degree. Just not so cheap on 2010 and its come a long way in a short time, so needs some rest in the chart I think.
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  • The Glass Is Half-Empty: Time to Short Acme Packet [View article]
    Check out the upgrades yesterday :) While a very nice report, the justification on valuation is reminding me of 1999 all over again. Guess whenever the central bank is going crazy fueling stock craze we just need to partake and realize the fad goes away once the punch bowl is removed.

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  • The Fed is now the top holder of Treasurys, pushing China to the number two slot. According to recent data, the NY Fed's SOMA holdings of Treasurys is $1.1T vs. China's $896B holdings and Japan's $877B. With plenty of QE2 to go, the gap will likely continue to grow.  [View news story]
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  • The unrelenting strength of equities has even a great bull taken aback. David Tepper tells Absolute Return, "I'm surprised how fast the market bounced ... but I have to be a little more cautious than last week because I didn't know how much this stuff could flair up." The Super Bowl may be a bigger concern for now.  [View news story]
    BTFD. That's the mantra Tepper. BTFD
    Feb 1 10:28 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford Pummeled by the 'What Have You Done for Me Lately' Speculators [View article]
    which is why a lot of companies prefer now to remain private. The negative of course is when you are public its much easier to raise money... a lot of companies diluted their shareholders via equity issuance in 09, and survived via that route. Whereas their private counterparts had no such option. Of course the negative is what you say - you have to live and die by Wall Street's demands or your stock drops 15-20% overnight. Anyone who has worked in a public corporation at any decent level (hand raised) knows how crazy it gets in the last 10 days of a quarter as everything is thrown against the wall to "make the quarter" - you end up doing stupid things that hurt your long term many times. But you have to "hit the number" your division or department demands...
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  • Ford Pummeled by the 'What Have You Done for Me Lately' Speculators [View article]
    generally once momentum is broken there is no rush to get right back in. Ford had a huge move and was full of momentum players, they have now exited and it probably will take some time to build a base before it rebounds. That said if the market goes up for X more months more on end (after a 5 month straight up rally) I guess all the rules get thrown out the window. It is some crazy market.
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  • Ford Pummeled by the 'What Have You Done for Me Lately' Speculators [View article]
    are you willing to pay for all titanium? lol.
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  • Ford Pummeled by the 'What Have You Done for Me Lately' Speculators [View article]
    I think you'd be surprised at the concessions over the past 3-4 years.
    A new worker in a 2 tier plant now starts at $14/hour. That's just under $30K a year. And a lot of the roles are not just grunt work - and even the ones that are just grunt work, give you a working lifespan of maybe 20 years or so.

    I am not "pro" or "anti" union. I think taken to an extreme any organization gets too powerful and absolute power corrupts. We saw that in the UAW (correct) but it has been adjusted, and we now see it in our teaching unions and other public sector offices.

    In Germany there is worker representation on the board, whereas in the U.S. it would be considered a joke for worker to have representation at the highest levels - the boards are supposed to represent the shareholder but basically are a buddy system of corporate chieftans. Somehow the country has good retraining programs, and worker supports and still profitable entities. You can see how Germany fared through this recession and its now (much) lower unemployment rate vs u.S. - and yes they have dynamic multinationals and until being passed by China last year was the world's largest exporter (not the U.S.). Indeed their wages have stagnated the past decade as the workers agreed to adjust to the new reality - but unlike the U.S. where slash and burn (made famous by GE Welch) is the main solution, there is a far better balance between worker and management. Just my opinion - I think in 20-30 years we will see how it works out, having corporations with top heavy management and everyone else making minimum wage is the 'perfect' system for maximum profits. We'll see how that works out as that is the way we are headed.
    Feb 1 10:18 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford Pummeled by the 'What Have You Done for Me Lately' Speculators [View article]
    The Shelby is a pretty one as well...
    Jan 31 09:48 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford Pummeled by the 'What Have You Done for Me Lately' Speculators [View article]
    Are you a former worker? If its in an IRA there should be no reason you cannot sell it and diversify. Never have all your eggs in 1 basket.
    Jan 31 09:45 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Ford Pummeled by the 'What Have You Done for Me Lately' Speculators [View article]
    Also paid down $19B in debt in 1 year which is amazing.

    Mullaly is creating a company where everyone is a winner and Wall Street hates it, they only want shareholders to win. Wall Street only looks at the near term, not from a worker point of view - a high value engineer or designer who has a choice for working at Toyota, Honda, Ford, GM et al is going to take the big picture and treatment of workers in consideration, and some of the things Ford does now will paint it much more favorable. Meanwhile Wall Street would prefer every worker is paid minimum wage because that would inflate the P&L in the short run. Its the push pull between long term success and managing a company for 90 days.
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