Long only, deep value, growth at reasonable price, portfolio strategy
Long only, deep value, growth at reasonable price, portfolio strategy
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Are you sure? I thought the Fed was going to increase the rates 4 times this year so that the bank's are going to yield 5%? Oh wait, not 5%. More like .000005% :)
I'd take O any day..
Ya, the panic day when even JNJ MO were down like 10% at some point in the day. Bought MO that time, don't remember buying JNJ..
This is not a full position yet, so we'd happily average down on lower prices..
Times like this call for a stock like JNJ!
And almost 4% if the new dividend is anywhere close to $3.28/year :)
Why $82 in specific?
Well can't debate that statement, this market is certainly looking for a chance to go lower every day.
Exactly, the problem is that when I don't sell, stocks like MO and O end up making much larger part of the portfolio, even though the initial allocation was the same..
Neither am I :)
Keep em coming O..Not buying here but certainly very happy to stay invested and DRIP..
Yes, but one of the stars (cash) didn't align :)
You seem to have a clear strategy there - leaving some to DRIP and selling some to look for greener pastures. No harm done, no one got hurt taking profits!
Not downplaying the Remicade alternatives but it accounts for just $6 billion out of the $74 billion JNJ reported in sales for 2014. The company believes the biosimilar market will not take too much off eventually as most of the patients are seeing improvements. Doctors won't just take them off this prescription just because a new whiz-kid is on the block.
That's a wise decision to have made in hindsight..
Nope :) I'd rather have then increase it slow and steady as the FCF grows.
I have to look into the details but a spin-off may not be so bad if it can add more value.
SWAN -- Sleep Well At Night (and day some times :))
I used to not pay much attention to weighting. Had some really skewed positions. Working on getting them more aligned. I'd say it depends on the number of stocks one wants to own. I am a 10/10 investor working to become a 20/5 investor. That means right now its about 10 stocks at 10% each and trying to get to 20 stocks with 5% each.
Thanks for the comment. Would appreciate a follow as well..
I have some stocks that some people might consider risky but that's why a portfolio of diversified picks helps..
Maybe. But JNJ did not make it for 130 years with no competition or setbacks. It's about recovering from them and forging ahead..
Woah, 130 years !
That like a paragraph in a 1,000 page book. Part of a pharma company's life to have things like that.
But that's where the opportunity is for investors buying now. The whole thing about yield on cost when your stock recovers as well..
That's one of the best ways to invest. Just dollar cost average up and down..
Yes, I'd take sustainable, slowly increasing dividends over castles in the air that tumble.
Ya, this is volume-based business in spite of the pricing power. Cost being increase by a few cents won't impact the individuals much but will add up to a pretty penny for the company (and us with a fraction)..
As the author, I go last :)
Not all at once:)
No buybacks at this point and dividend was increased only a little bit. So they are likely having the debt in mind..
Yes, and the family history backs it up :)
Yes, and the family history backs it :)
Thanks for the link !! AT&T is looking at breaking new highs.