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Growth, dividend investing, reits, dividend growth investing
Travis Giarde
Growth, dividend investing, REITs, dividend growth investing
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Thanks for the comments coaly1234.
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Hi BabaOreilly,
Thanks for your comments, please dig alittle deeper than looking at just the picture in the article. In seeking alpha articles they contain links to more data, because it would just be boring to include tons of data that not everyone would want to look at in pictures. you will notice that in my article it talks about buys the CEO made during the last 6 months, that picture is only for a month or two. You need to click on the number 33 in the article where it talks about buys it is a link to more data with more buys. You will notice that he purchased 17,000 shares at least in November 2012 and if you go even further back to August he purchased another 10,000 shares, he has been buying shares for a while. Again thanks for your comments. And yes sustainability may come into play at some point, but everyone has been saying that for years, and it doesn't hurt to buy and sell immediately at a dividend change, your losses will be minimal if your keeping an eye on it. Unless you would rather have your money some place else then put it their, to each their own.
Nice comments Scottish Dough, thanks!
Thanks for your comments maybenot. Your correct many stocks are good for some but not for others. I like to buy high yielding dividend stocks and I keep them if they turn around and collect a nice yield and if they don't, stop the dividend or cut in substantially I sell and get out taking minimal to no losses. Here are a couple examples where I did this and WIN is another one I will do the same with.
RSO - Resource Capital Corp: Bought in 08-09 when the market was tanking and everyone was down on real estate and saying to get out they are going under. Well I bought liking their dividend yield. In this case I won because I bought around $2-3 a share and its now over $6 and paying near the same dividend it did in 09, I have already received over $5 per share in dividends on the stocks I own.
OXF - Oxford Resource Partners, bought a few months back because of the high yield for around 3 something a share, then heard of the stoppage on dividends and sold for 3 something a share and took a $100-$175 loss. So it didn't work this time but I am still ahead with RSO and the next one.
BGS - B&G Foods again bought this back in 09 as a gamble they had cut the dividend, the stock had tanked to $5 a share but was still paying a yield so I bought some figuring I would collect a few dividends and if they stopped them I would just sell, well now the stock is over $30 a share and paying a larger dividend then when I first bought it, so I won with this one as well. I have had pretty good luck, I know everyones strategy is different and the chunk of my portfolio are larger dividend growing companies, but its still nice to hit some of these once in awhile, but you do have to watch your portfolio daily for news of any dividend cuts so you can make sure your losses are as minimal as you can make them. Thanks everyone for the comments and good luck with your ideas and strategies as well!
Thanks for your comments DrJim, it was great reading your information and thoughts.
Thanks for your comments David Crosetti, one of the great things about seeking alpha is getting to hear everyones thoughts and opinions. It very hard to blanket a comment to everyone since almost everyone's strategy or reason can be slightly different, its great to hear from everyone.
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Thanks for the comments Fuebel. Usually no need to worry about any shares you currently own. The last 4 times Pepsi has split since 1977 the shares have only increased in value several months after the split. Also, since Pepsi has yet to announce a split there is usually some time between when a split is announced and when it actually splits to make any decisions. Thanks again.
Thanks for your thought gregt.
Thanks for the comments timddeb. I have been eyeing this stock for some time just haven't made the buy yet. I am probably going to make a purchase in the next few months, but you can only claim that you own shares or that you are not going to buy it in the 72 hours, not very many options when submitting an article. I can only speak to my situation however and not others. Thanks!
Good comments Stevethehawk and jaych79, good example to try and explain your point more clearly. Thanks!
Thanks for your comment lundstromw. Thats a question whose answer varies from person to persona. It all depends on where you are in your investing life. It will give you twice the shares for the same price but sometimes can provide momentum upward because its affordable to more people. For someone who bought in 1977 they loved the splits and price gains between splits and have probably built a nice fortune on the stock. For those who are looking very shor term or have a short investing life ahead of them, it may not mean much. But someone who is long-term and sees this as the middle of the road for pepsi could be looking forward to many more years of stock valuation and splits by 2045. But for the company near term it would reprice the stock lower for new beginning investors to be able to get in and room for the stock to increase into the future without getting so high that new investors shy away from it, or all those college students without much to invest can still buy some shares. Either way from the history of its stock splits, they haven't hurt Pepsi for the long term. Hope this helped some. Thanks Again!
Good comments, thanks DrJim. I too hold T and VZ as well. Thanks for the info and thoughts.
MWinMD, looks like we might hit your $30-$33 entry point before late spring or summer after today's price drop. Again thanks for your comments.
Thanks for the comments rw1270. Great points. I suggest people keep a close eye on their actions. Take the dividend money as long as possible, then bail when it changes. The one question I would have for management would be, if they are running on tight profits and any of multiple changes could bring the dividend crashing down, then why keep raising it, why not pay a more stable dividend of .17 or.21 for a longer period and build up a reserve then possibly cutting it sooner and killing the consistency, only time will tell. Thanks again!
Thanks for the comments Crunching Numbers, I agree, the pullback may not be far enough down yet for most/some but wanted to at least make people aware that a pullback was occuring and to keep it on their watch lists. Since many have different investing strategies and price points wasn't sure if I should wait to write on it or put it on peoples minds early. I am just hoping that they can keep the good acquisitions going and at the same time reduce costs, time will only tell. Thanks again!
Thanks outcastsearcher for the great comments. I think you make many great points. I love to get feedback as it always seems to affirm or bring up thoughts I haven't spent a long time thinking about.
1. Many will argue either way on the government and its issues or lack of issues, haha... However, I probably wouldn't make my decision to buy GNRC on this alone, but is an interesting point.
2. Warming could dramatically alter/change things for us on earth, if it occurs like some say maybe more so, but if it doesn't you always have those that want to be prepared in case things do change so will make purchase to reflect that.
3. I totally agree with the aging US demographic, this should result in higher generator sales in areas that have reliability issues, however, makes me also wonder is there is a large enough population with deep enough pockets to make a difference, guessing the government checks won't help pay for it so hopefully these people have all saved, I just know too many people in their 30's that don't know what a savings account is yet.
4. Good point with this one, convenience and upkeep costs will also rule people decisions, I expect the other suppliers will fix that if they are seeking it an issue with their sales, but obviously in your case Generac has won this point in your area so far.
Great Comment and Points, Thanks Again!
Thanks for the comments Myer
Thanks for the comments bgentgm, that was an excellent place to have bought it. Good point, with a company like this to always keep an eye on your investment and what the company is doing.
Thanks for the comments Robert. Good points, I would agree if they don't continue to make good acquisitions for the company that this could fizzle out, was wanting to just point out that if they continue on the road they have been by making good acquisitions, then shareholders should see continued increases to the dividends. Thanks again!
Good comments feenst, thanks for sharing. I agree there is risk involved.
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