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  • Troy Racki
    $WMIH reports Q2 earnings of 9 cents a share vs. losses of 1 cent a share a year ago.
    Aug 8, 8:10 PM
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    • jobehro: Good news, thanks Troy, Lets hope we see some movement upwards soon.
      Aug 8, 8:28 PM
    • Troy Racki: $WMIH 10-Q reports float of 243,587,216 shares issued indicating a possible KKR warrant redemption.
      Aug 8, 8:51 PM
      • Troy Racki
        $WMIH sub WMMRC posts -$6.4M monthly loss (contract term fee) but reduces overall liabilities by $12.2M, increasing book value by $5.8M.
        Jul 10, 9:53 PM
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        • 6564051: Troy, any change in your price target for WMIH? Any guess as to when they might close on a acqusition?
          Jul 27, 11:47 AM
        • Troy Racki: No change in price target. In March I suspected six months (Sept). WMIH needs to close by March otherwise $125M credit line may be lost.
          Jul 28, 11:37 AM
          • Troy Racki
            $WMIH up 2.5% on Fri. Expect buy pressure Mon in preparation for Tues's call of $62.58 million 13% notes. Expecting $3.15+/share Tuesday.
            Jun 27, 8:27 PM
              • Troy Racki
                $WMIH calling $62.58 million of 13% notes on 7/1 and $16.5 million on 7/15/2014. Expect cash to roll into WMIH shares. High buy pressure.
                Jun 18, 10:59 PM
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                • Hd4dbeach1: Thank you for the update, do you have any other investment ideas?
                  Jun 24, 9:37 PM
                • Troy Racki: No other opportunities willing to make public at this time. Only wish to promote situations with highest alpha.
                  Jun 25, 12:25 PM
                  • Troy Racki
                    WaMu Seesaws On M&A Speculation $WMIH
                    Mar 24, 12:33 PM