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Dan – As we have proposed numerous times, why don’t you and I fly over there together and visit the operations independently of the company. We can also take the time to visit their customers if you would like. I would assume this is one of the most important steps one can take to verify ownership, so let’s do it.
If LLEN does not control operations wouldn't I be the one personally at risk.
Clearly we disagree. The local government, including the actual governor of the province, has no problem with letting LLEN own and operate Ping Yi, as they are currently doing. Even for the local government, the evidence is there that LLEN is the proper owner.
"Why can't the ownership documents be published, did you ask them that? That's my only question."
Similar to the US, China's ownership system relies upon executed legal documents by a party and a counterparty. That is the standard of proof of ownership, both in the US and in China. That document specific to Ping Yi has been published as an exhibit in their SEC filings and formally confirmed independently.
I am not sure what you are referring to in your second question.
Joenatural, we have confirmed that LLEN operates Ping Yi. They recieve the revenues from the coal sales, and pay the expenses of the mine. What we provided were, among our many pictures, the photos that actually show Ping Yi as part of LLEN.
LLEN has provided many documents to the public to show their ownership and has several forms of independent verification for the same. If you, or any other investor, do not believe these documents, there are also many more documents on-site to see that further show this.
That is why we invited GeoInvesting to the site; to see the more granular proof if they had questions. They did not take us up on that offer, which in our mind shows their intent.
Maj -
If LLEN does not own the mine than what are you scared of having your team go to the mine with my team?
If LLEN doesn't own the mine, and as you claim the owners are pissed off at LLEN, than wouldn't they be violent towards us and not you?
If LLEN does own the mine and the management and myself are US citizens do you really think we are going to physically harm your team?
The offer stands. If you want to stick to scripted movie productions that's your prerogative. Who produced that wonderful video by the way? Seems the best way would be to go onsite.
Also how did you get a notary office to open on a Sunday given numerous calls say they are closed on Sunday?