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Long/short equity, deep value, special situations, growth
Unbigoted Research
Long/short equity, deep value, special situations, growth
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Very well said blackhawkbob, I couldn't agree with you more, your last paragraph sums it up very clearly. Thanks
Achieving earnings CAGR of 25%+ in the next 5 years will certainly require international expansion. But this sell side estimate is already inclusive of margin declines on the global front, which (I completely agree with you) will be inevitable.
Hi derf nenhob! Thanks for liking my article.
"Bottom line revenue" is just another way of saying "income or net profit"
Proper Def: "Bottom line revenue is net profit which can be calculated after deducting all expenses and losses."

Bottom line "on an Income Statement" is of course income.
I couldn't have asked for a better comment! Thanks Bigpapa70!
Thanks! glad you like it.
AEL's RBC is expected to remain above 300%.
Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
Looks like stock is clearly getting more tastier than the product. Massive move up today.
Same as PEG, you just add dividend yield to growth rate in the denominator. Till 2017.
Yeah agreed.
$6 bid coming soon
Huge pop on huge volume
What will be interest coverage ratio after the deal ?
Brilliant to say the least! Thanks.
Pay $1 billion to Kraft and get over it.
I think when announced both stocks will pop.
"I think Verizon Communications as well as Vodafone seem valuable because they have shares in the growing business of Verizon Wireless."
OS diversity is probably a good thing. It makes a massive virus attack less likely because the program would have to be able to infect multiple OSes.
You expect people to toss who should use what ? But an interesting thought.
I think capitalism will eventually collapse ! LOL Not that I believe in Hitler's socialism, but as said companies and countries have no friends or enemies, only interests.
Ok folks, I have done some serious DD, and have turned bullish on Intel. Writing a new piece with my views why.
"I tend to believe that Apple's competition is much less to blame for its stock price free-fall than Apple itself " IS NEVER ADDRESSED!
I'm writing a new piece on it.
HTC one has got much better reviews than Samsung's S4. I use HTC EVO by the way. Sony's new phone will survive under water.. The Point is too much competition, a diverse portfolio is needed.
I have ordered S&P's report. Will write a new one completely focused on Ford's Debt position.
Buy WFC first before you buy any other bank stocks, Period.
I like WEN a little more than MCD, but MCD remains a good stock as well.
Big fall today on pricing, many other REITs down as well
Impact of FTC's challenge on Ameristar acquisition ?
Impact of FTC challenge on Ameristar acquisition ?
Pipe sales not looking good
How much was the margin decline in the recent quarter?