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Vahan Janjigian, CFA  

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  • Market Update: Cars Are On Fire, But Jobs Are Ice Cold (Video)
    Sat, Oct. 3 GNTX, SPY, DIA 1 Comment
  • It's A Yogi Berra Market
    Fri, Oct. 2 CVX, TSLA, XBI 5 Comments
  • Market Update: Investors Get Fed Up With The Fed While Major Corporations Announce Massive Deals And Layoffs (Video)
    Sat, Sep. 19 SPY, DIA, QQQ Comment!
  • The Fed Chickened Out
    Fri, Sep. 18 3 Comments
  • Market Update: Volatility Rocks Stocks... And For Apple, While Nicely Valued, Sentiment Is Changing (Video)
    Sat, Sep. 12 AAPL, SPY, DIA 5 Comments
  • The Economy Just Got A Nice JOLT
    Thu, Sep. 10 1 Comment
  • Market Update: Two Car Stocks Grabbed Headlines - But Only One Is Worth Buying (Video)
    Sat, Sep. 5 HTZ, TSLA, SPY 2 Comments
  • Market Update: Fear On Main Street... Loose Lips At The Fed... And Big Trouble For ETF Investors (Video)
    Sat, Aug. 29 SPY, DIA, QQQ 4 Comments
  • China's Currency Moves Rattle Markets, Put U.S. Outlook On Alert And Prompt Fed To Pause (Video)
    Sat, Aug. 15 CYB, CNY, FXCH 4 Comments
  • Currency Wars Heat Up
    Thu, Aug. 13 CYB, CNY, FXCH 1 Comment
  • Market Update: Large-Cap Growth Stocks No Longer Leading (Video)
    Sat, Aug. 8 USO, OIL, BNO Comment!
  • Market Update: Why Earnings Are Overrated - And How The Saudis Will Help You If You Let Them (Video)
    Sat, Aug. 1 1 Comment
  • Market Update: Amazon Vs. Wal-Mart And Gold Vs. Oil - Who Wins? (Video)
    Sat, Jul. 25 AMZN, WMT, GLD 4 Comments
  • Market Update: Warning About Tech Stocks... And 3 Smart Ways To Invest In Oil
    Sun, Jul. 19 USO, OIL, UCO 1 Comment
  • Don't Wait Too Long To Invest In Oil
    Thu, Jul. 16 USO, OIL, UCO 4 Comments
  • Market Update: What A Crazy Week It's Been (Video)
    Sun, Jul. 12 GREK, SPY, DIA Comment!
  • Stocks Are Not Milk - So Don't Invest Like They Are
    Thu, Jul. 9 BRK.A, BRK.B, AAPL 11 Comments
  • The Distinction Between Good Companies And Good Stocks (Video)
    Thu, Jun. 25 Comment!
  • Is The U.S. Economy In Really Bad Shape? (Video)
    Thu, Jun. 25 2 Comments
  • Fire The CEO, Then Buy The Stock?
    Fri, Jun. 19 TWTR, MCD 5 Comments
  • The Real Reason Why Stocks Are Down
    Dec. 14, 2014 DIA, SPY, QQQ 24 Comments
  • GoPro: Not A Pretty Picture For Shorts
    Oct. 7, 2014 GPRO 18 Comments
  • The Fed Is More Hawkish Than It Seems
    Sep. 18, 2014 TBT, TLT, TMV 4 Comments
  • How To Make Money From A Weaker Euro Using ETFs
    Sep. 5, 2014 FXE, EUO 1 Comment
  • The Recent Rise In Volatility Could Be Lasting
    Aug. 11, 2014 VXX, UVXY, TVIX 1 Comment
  • Stocks Rise As Economy Falls
    Jul. 9, 2014 SPY 11 Comments
  • Is The Next Recession Already Here?
    Jun. 25, 2014 18 Comments
  • Low Global Interest Rates Are Not Consistent With A Low VIX
    May 29, 2014 VXX, SPY, DIA 5 Comments
  • ANSYS Simulates Reality In A Virtual World
    May 12, 2014 ANSS 2 Comments
  • Value Makes A Comeback
    May 11, 2014 SPY, SH, SSO 6 Comments
  • Apple In The Dow?
    Apr. 24, 2014 AAPL 28 Comments
  • A Convergence Of Amazon And Staples
    Mar. 17, 2014 SPLS 15 Comments