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Valerie Wood

Valerie Wood is President of Energy Solutions, Inc. and editor of The Advisor, a weekly and monthly natural gas publication that provides specific insight into natural gas pricing trends. With 26 years of experience in the natural gas industry, she is a well-known industry veteran, particularly in her ability to break down large amounts of complex information into an easy-to-understand format. In addition to the publication of The Advisor, Valerie Wood has also authored a number of natural gas-related analysis ranging from the ABCs of a Natural Gas Risk Management Plan to her most recent, Natural Gas Price Outlook. Her work has been featured in publications such as Gas Daily, Platts and Natural Gas Intelligence. In ...More
  • Description: Newsletter author.
  • Interests: ETFs, Options
Energy Solutions, Inc. Energy Solutions, Inc. provides straightforward, trustworthy, timely information and personalized recommendations to businesses on when and how much natural gas to purchase for their heating and manufacturing needs. The tools and resources provided by Energy Solutions, Inc. allow customers to reduce ...More
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Natural Gas Price Outlook Natural Gas Price Outlook is an in-depth, educational analysis that concludes that the natural gas marketplace is entering an entirely new pricing regime — one that may take many by surprise. Learn about ... The pitfalls of using historical natural gas price references for future buying or selling decisions. ...More