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    $AMCC now up over 75% since our positive call in January http://bit.ly/15i5ad9. Top current ideas $RDCM $IMOS $MU $NQ $DZSI more coming soon
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    • maverta: I have asked before and will try again. can you please comment on the weakness in IMOS, what are the near term catalysts.
    • gsterling: New shares being IPO'd in Taiwan should be a near term catalyst. Earnings in mid August as well.
    • Valuable Insights: Yes, re: $IMOS we expect 3Q guide essentially in-line with previous commentary +10%q/q and GM 18-20%. And Taiwan listing. Stock will work.
    • belly_ache: I will hold on to my shares of $IMOS
    • market_contra: whats going on with $rdcm? debating whether to take the loss or wait on a rise...
    • nvesting: I'm asking myself the same thing. Thoughts on the 6-12 month outlook? Positive sentiment or time to eat some humble pie and take the loss?