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  • Facebook Technology Just Made Content More Personal

    Who ever wanted to be a movie star?  Well now may be your chance with the launch of ‘Aim High’, an original piece of content co-produced by Warner Brothers Digital (TWX) and Dolphin Digital Media, Inc. (DPDM.ob). The program is the first Hollywood studio produced series that not only sports such A list players as McG (Terminator Salvation), Bill O’Dowd (Zoey 101), Thor Freudenthal (Diary Of A Wimpy Kid), Jackson Rathbone (Twilight Saga), Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights’) and Greg Germann (Ally McBeal), but it also utilizes a technology that now includes “you” in the cast. This new, hip and state of the art Hollywood studio production will be aired on both Facebook and AOL Inc’s Cambio (AOL) on October 18th and will run for six episodes. 

    The storyline of ‘Aim High’ is based on high school student Nick Green (Jackson Rathborne) who spends his days as a normal high school student and his nights as a high-end government operative who partakes in exciting adventure.  Though this initial storyline may sound like other television programs or movies that you have seen, that is where the similarities between those programs and ‘Aim High’ ends.  What makes ‘Aim High’ different from other Hollywood studio productions is the fact that the original content is exactly that!  The content in this web series will be original to the end user.  This will be accomplished by pulling information from the end user’s Facebook page and incorporating that information into the web series.   For example, if an end user has their favorite picture, music or parks on their Facebook page, the web series will be able to pull that information from the Facebook page and incorporate it into the actual web series.   This first of its kind original content will allow for the end user to feel a part of the action as it will allow for them to personally be able to relate to the scenes, pictures and music being played during the program.

    When we first heard of the interactive technology being used by Warner Brothers and Dolphin Digital Media in the series ‘Aim High’ we were set back.  The technology has taken the media experience to the absolute next level as now we can truly say that the program is interactive with its end users.  When was the last time that you were watching a movie and got excited about seeing a familiar park or familiar building? When that scene occurred in the movie, I am sure you left with a memorable experience.  When was the last time you watched a program and listened to a soundtrack tailored to your preferences and saw pictures of your loved ones and friends on the walls and billboards? I think it would be safe to say for most of us that has never occurred, however, if it did it would additionally leave you with a memorable and enjoyable experience.  Let’s also not forget the opportunity to be essentially “featured” in the same program as your favorite stars, which we believe is attractive to the tween, teen and yes you adult communities out there as well.

    In addition to providing a fun, entertaining and exciting experience for the end user, this type of media additionally leaves the content producers and distributors with many ways to generate lucrative revenues. Looking at the media world today there are two revenue drivers that excite us about such original content being aired in the online environment:

    Direct Advertising and Sponsorships

    -          This type of “original content” will draw consumers and advertisers / sponsors alike. In this case the content producers and distributors will be able to synergize their capabilities to ensure that ad sponsors will be able to accurately and effectively determine not only the interest in the web series, but the types of pictures, music and demographics that are specific to the end user.   Having the ability to have very targeted ads significantly increase the premiums that such advertisers and sponsors will be willing to pay. 

    Distribution Outlets

    -          In addition to creating the online web series, the content producers and distributors in this case have the ability to up sell their product in the future through different verticals (DVD, TV and potentially even feature status).  This can lead to significant upside potential for all parties while also significantly reducing the risk profile of such upstream movements due to having a previously established audience and fan base. 

    We believe that the talent of the producers, directors and actors in the ‘Aim High’ series will in itself allow for the program to be a great success.  However, we believe that the talent, quality of production and technology of the content producers and distributors will allow for the ‘Aim High’ series to be a game changer.  If Warner Brothers and Dolphin Digital Media and can continue to produce content of this quality, while also being able to combine with the latest technology and distribution by the pairing with the likes of Facebook and AOL’s Cambio, they will be companies that will be a major factor in the online original content sector for years to come.

    Disclosure: I am long AAPL, AOL, OTCPK:DPDM.
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  • Cambio Re-Launches with Industry Heavy Hitters Mark Burnett, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, Dolphin Digital Media (DPDM.ob)
    Slate Financing Deal with Dolphin Digital Media Signed at $10-$12 Million Annually

    Original Content, Live Programming and Enhanced Interactivity Boosts Teen and Young-Adult Online Entertainment Property

    LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Cambio, an interactive online entertainment experience aimed at teens and young adults, announced today their re-launch with a variety of strategic deals, including Mark Burnett, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Dolphin Digital Media for the AOL, Jonas Group and MGX Lab joint venture.

    Cambio and Dolphin Digital Media have entered into an exclusive content deal, in which 4-6 original scripted webisodic programs will be financed per year. In this deal, Dolphin Digital Media has committed a budget of $10-12 million annually. Dolphin Digital Media and Cambio will collaborate to identify original material to produce, with an emphasis on established screenwriters, actors, directors and producers. Cambio holds exclusive rights to distribute the content in the United States.

    The new Cambio will be built around four pillars of programming: Premium Originals, Breaking News and Editorial, Live Events/Chats and a daily entertainment show.

    Cambio's exciting new content line-up through the first month of its launch includes:

    • "CliffsNotes Films"Mark Burnett, in partnership with Coalition Films, has developed a series of comedic video shorts based on CliffsNotes® Literature Guides, published by Wiley. This new partnership will bring video versions of CliffsNotes to the online masses by presenting classic works of fiction in humorous, irreverent, animated shorts that still manage to present the plots, characters, and themes to the viewer.
    • "Aim High" - From Dolphin Digital Media, Executive Producer McG, Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, "Aim High" is an innovative original web series integrating the best of teen angst storytelling with rich transmedia content elements. Starring Jackson Rathbone ("Twilight") and Aimee Teegarden ("Friday Night Lights"), the six episode series will premiere on Tuesday, October 18 exclusively on Cambio and Facebook.

    "We're excited to welcome all of our new partners to the Cambio family as we move into this new chapter of our brand," said Nathan Coyle, General Manager of Cambio. "We're in great company. With Dolphin Digital Media, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Mark Burnett's stellar reputations in providing quality entertainment content, we believe they'll help catapult us to become the eminent destination for teens and young adults."

    "In step with our commitment to create high quality digital content, we at Dolphin are eager to join forces with Cambio in these upcoming new web projects," said Bill O'Dowd, CEO, Dolphin Digital Media. "This deal aligns us with major strategic partners and top creative talent in this exciting new medium."

    The Cambio community can also look forward to enhanced social networking and interactive features that allow users to share their profile, photos, videos and other interests. If a Cambio member's photos and videos trend, they will automatically be featured as "What's Hot" on every page of the site. Members will also earn highly-coveted points, badges and levels with the ability to share via Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, +1 and Stumble Upon.

    Cambio is pleased to relaunch with its ongoing alliance with AT&T, a collaborator since Cambio's original launch in 2010. Cambio has also forged relationships with a variety of other advertisers, to be announced.

    About Cambio

    Cambio is an interactive online entertainment experience, connecting teens and young adults to their favorite celebrities and professionally-produced original content programs. This iconic destination fuses information, social interaction, exclusive video and compelling entertainment content together to bring our passionate audience from fans to friends. Cambio is a joint venture between AOL, Jonas Group and MGX Lab. For more information, visit

    About Dolphin Digital Media, Inc.

    Dolphin Digital Media, Inc. is dedicated to the production of high quality digital content and safe, engaging websites for children. Please visit for more information.

    About Coalition Films

    Coalition Films is an independent film production company committed to the craft of storytelling in all mediums, specializing in independent film, documentary, television, and branded entertainment. Coalition Films is headquartered in Hoboken, New Jersey, and was founded by Joseph Castelo, a screenwriter, director, and producer.


    SOURCE Cambio

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  • Our Thoughts for a U.S. Austerity Plan - Our Bill of Rights
    Our country is in trouble and without change will be in more trouble.  The playing field needs to be leveled. Here is our thoughts on how to do it.

    1)    President Campaigning: A president should not be allowed to campaign on behalf of his party for congressional elections while acting as president

    a.     Results: The president is representing America, not his political party.  Enough of the campaigning.  U.S. Politics is beginning to be one big campaign from the minute it starts to the minute they are out of office. 

    2)    Equal Rights for Congress Man and Citizens: All congress men and women should have to live by the same laws, rules and regulations that they pass for the citizens of the country

    a.     Results: They will think twice before passing bills about how it affects their bottom line as well.

    3)    Congressional Pay: All members of congress shall receive a 10% pay cut until the budget is balanced and current deficit begins a meaningfully decline.

    a.       Result: They should be motivated to perform for the country versus party politics.  I am pretty sure they will not be focused on doing what is only good to get the votes and will be focused on doing right by the country.

    4)    Bill Reading: Congress men and women should have to read the entire bill before they pass it.  If bills are too long then shorten them and simply them so that they can actually be followed and practiced.

    a.     Results: Fluff will be removed and American people can actually understand what the bills say, where money is being spent and what is being done to better society. 

    5)    Criminal History: If you have anything over misdemeanors, for any reason, you should not be able to run for congress or governor.

    a.     Results: These individuals are supposed to be the best that America has to offer.  We need to get it back to that state.

    6)    Congressional Focus during Debates: Congress men and women should not be able to have laptops open during congressional testimonies, debates or hearings as they have abused their privilege.  They should have to pay attention and focus on what is being debated.

    a.     Results: Things might get accomplished quicker.  If they do have their internet all games should be removed and no internet. We pay them to represent us not play games or read internet.

    7)    Social Security Balancing: If an individual waives all rights to social security they can begin withdrawing their 401k without penalty at the age of 40, yet still must contribute to social security.

    a.     Result:  Helps bring the social security deficit back in line and help influence individuals to contribute to 401k and save

    8)    Retirement Age: Increase retirement age for those currently approaching:

    - 0 to 5 years away from retirement:   0 years

    - 6 to 10 years away from retirement:   2 years

    - 11 to 15 years away from retirement:   5 years

    - 16 or greater years away from retirement:   9 years

    a.     Result: Helps bring the social security deficit back in line and help extend tax generation

    9)    Pre Tax Secondary Education: Secondary education paid for with pretax dollars for everyone.

    a.     Result: Promotion Education as the U.S. has to realize that we are a service economy and must regain our edge as we will never be able to compete at a manufacturing level, unless we go through one of the worst depressions ever and lower wages by 5 fold given there will always be a developing nation able to do it cheaper and faster. 

    10)  Third National Party: Create a federally funded third party by dividing federal funds three ways versus two ways.

    a.     Results: We will become a new democracy versus a two party system that constantly just votes in favor of their party. 

    11)  Welfare Drug Testing: States must drug test those that are on welfare in order to receive aid. 

    a.     Result: Will 1) hopefully reduce drug usage, 2) will stop a drain on tax payers dollars whereby we are purely funding drug addicts addictions

    12)   Tobacco / Alcohol: Increase federal taxes by 5% for both products.

    a.       Result: Will raise capital to pay down deficit as it is fairly price inelastic.  If consumption goes down it will reduce healthcare costs as well increase productivity of society.

    13)  Tax Breaks: Reduce Corporate Jet tax deductions by 35%.

    a.     Result: Will eliminate a tax break that is frothy. 

    14)  Corporate Foreign Income: Provide a onetime tax holiday for corporations bringing income generated offshore that paid offshore taxes back to the U.S., by reducing the corporate tax from 35% to 10% in a onetime program.

    a.     Result: Will bring capital migration into the U.S. for growth as well will raise capital from the tax that otherwise the U.S. would never receive as companies will just continually spend in offshore development if not enacted

    15)  Energy Program: Offshore Drilling / Alaskan Drilling – open up drilling in Alaska and offshore for providers that have a strong safety record – award safe operations - focus on natural gas alternatives given our abundance of the low cost, safe and clean energy.

    a.     Result: Help reduce reliance on foreign oil

     16) Natural Gas: Natural gas is a cleaner safer more abundant resource that is under utilized. We need to tap this resource for automobiles, homes, industrial etc. 
                 a. Result: This is not only an environmental, but a domestic security opportunity.

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