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Thank you for your opinion.
Boring, indeed. Good comment, thanks.
As I note above, however, I still expect shares to go beyond $7 this year.
The verdict is still out. Thank you for your comment.
Thank you for adding your comment.
Great addition, thanks. Median does not mean everyone. The mean survival duration could be higher, and it's also likely there are several outliers to skew mean results upward.
Great comment, thanks. We shall see at the earnings call. Get in touch with FTR IR and see if you can get a reassurance.
Thanks Matt. Can you provide links? I'd like to take several looks at this activity.
I'm keeping a close on on this one. Thanks for your comment.
Agreed. Thanks for your comments.
Agreed. Thank you both for your comments.
Any comparisons are not just on an operations basis but more broadly from an investor's standpoint. Most investors take a look at Dell shares before jumping into IBM.
True, and I think the cash flow increases will continue post-Mobile.
Yes, thanks for catching that. Thank you for your comment.