• Vash Patel
    Only investment I ever made based completely on emotion? $VVUS at $25 a few months ago. Needless to say emotional investments are a bad idea
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    • phemale60: Maybe--maybe not.You did buy it pretty high but w/investment firms aiming at high targets of $70+ how could we know so many problems ahead.
    • phemale60: I am still holding at 14.72 but believe the drug will win in the end - excellent treatment for obesity. True believer here.
    • Vash Patel: I don't sell at a loss but it may be a long wait! Go big or go home.
    • phemale60: I had hoped to buy more at $10 --average down. May have that chance if fall off fiscal cliff end of year, or market reacts sooner.
    • phemale60: Vash, VVUS steady and stable. Keep on keepin on!!