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USB is likely at the top of the list. Thank you
Avoid getting lost in the proverbial weeds on this one.
Fertilizer demand (Fd) moves up as outputs that use it increase in quantity or value, generally.
Fertilizer demand is not affected by competition unless that competition drives down price to a level that induces more demand.
Location is also irrelevant because it impacts transport costs which apply to substitutes and also end up percolating through to end products like corn.
While your additional factors are good, they are not that relevant.
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We shall see on this one.
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Yahoo finance is incorrect. Thank you for your comment.
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"However, in the wake of local government actions, YPF has been highly volatile - a negative when oil prices decline as they did for much of 2011."
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Yes, I caught that. Thank you for your comment. Yahoo finance is unfortunately not completely reliable.
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Not quite, but this is one to keep an eye on.
Great comments. Is anyone buy these names at these levels?
Great comments.
Where do you think Hecla's share price will be in one to two years?
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Do you want to opine on what you think 1st and 2nd quarter numbers will show?
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The 4 "winners" are RENN, SIRI, OPEN BIDU. Thank you for your post and good luck investing.
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Please see the comment above.
This was accidentally calculated using HPQ's price. In the preceding sentence I compared CSCO and HPQ's valuation. This is a standalone error. As a value investor, past returns are not part of the analysis of whether a stock is a good buy or not.
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MO of course pays a dividend of 6%.
Mo does pay a dividend of 6%.
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