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Long only, dividend growth investing, large-cap, mega-cap
Vin Colby
Long only, dividend growth investing, large-cap, mega-cap
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I love this stock, I recommended it back in 2012!
they are importing criminal gangs from Russia and mercenaries from Russia into sections of Eastern Ukraine.
I am Croatian, and we too were accused of being nazi by Belgrade when we struggled to become a free country 1991-1995. It is the same MO
And BTW, if they stop getting euros for their gas, that regime will crumble in 2 months, a slightly elevated gas prices are a small price to pay for a free Europe.
'He did not start it'
He is invading currently a sovereign European state,
Russia should be denied any western investment until it adopts law and private property, then we can talk again.
A GRAVE MISTAKE is caving in to Putler's mafia blackmail !
They should exit Russia.
what about the political problems, corruption and all that in china, 2000 stores is rather a low number for such a large country. YUM I THINK IS ALSO A GREAT COMPANY.
here are the links about ambience, I linked to it in the article:
well, then investing is VERY easy...
I think that with all these problems with putin, USA might try to depress the price of oil to weaken him, i think that's distinct possibility, Reagan ordered Saudi king to pump in the 1980s to destroy USSR...
buffett rarely buys 2 competitors, sold all his PEP when he bought KO. I think there's a reason for that..
in my previous article I dealt with negative same-store sales of WMT This is worrying. I think people will increasingly turn to the internet for shopping, but for groceries, they still MUST go to physical stores. This is where the strength of WMT, COST, TSCO and the likes is. If the grocery business goes online, they're dead!
this puzzled me also, but then i found out that Costco's earnings consist ENTIRELY of membership fees, in other words, it functions as a giant cooperative channel to get goods from producers to consumers.
i shall NEVER sell my BP, why should I?
update on BP
This article purports that Putin screwed BP to get in bed with Exxon
I AM GLAD to hear that Buffett regrets selling MCD, considering the explosion in price since 1998, it must have lost him billions and it's the best stock you can buy right now
i think MCD has such high yield because investors find fast food distasteful, but people seem to love it..
btw i don't live in america so sadly don't have a feel of these companies on the ground--
i don't like smaller retailers because so many things can go wrong...
wish i listened to munger droning on about costco in the nineties and bought it then...
with wmt you know you are in with the waltons, who knows who controls these small companies and a bad ceo can wreak havoc...
FDO is a good pick! i don't think 15 p/e is overvaluation, it is the fair price, of course it would be better for us investors always to pay less.
FDO had a pretty sharp drop in cash from operations in 2012 and net income is stagnant for the last quarter..
yes, but i buy and hold forever, and i believe this stock can be held forever. usa is becoming a socialist country and that implies industrial monopolies. tell me another retail stock to buy (just don't say costco as its valuation is through the roof
you have to have retail exposure in your portfolio and this company has 10 bill in free cash, are there threats to the cash flow, i think it will continue to grow..
calling for selling of wmt is rubbish! it has a stranglehold on the us market!
Costco to me looks like co-op. Almost only cash flow comes from membership..
PRADA is the KING of luxury! Everyone else is second class to it.
to whom did we sell coca-cola?
short selling is abhorrent to me. to me that is the ultimate get poor quickly scheme.
my program is buy now and never sell. if you are so worried abou that lies about reducing the defense spending, buy half of your indended investment now and hold the rest in cash to jump in later.
these 2 stocks will sell weapons long after we are all dead.
the us government has a printing press they intend to use at full capacity and guess who gets that freshly printed money first - defense conractors!
well, my mouth is really watering at the possibility of further stock price reductions on these stocks. you can't go wrong with these two.
IT appears that COSTCO is a great warehouse, but i just don+t understand what's so better about Costco that Sam's club does not have..
i agree, i have decided to stop buying wmt and will opt for costco for US retail exposure.