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ping! :)
apple had more serious issues than corning did. Corning is considered the best and most innovative glass manufacturer in the world right now.
the real risk here is plastics which are making inroads into glass, but their commitment to bendable glass helps alleviate that + plastics are not ready for display tech.
do u think we can do a ddm after the put in a dividend?
and to shareholders its not fixed if even one shareholder elects for the cash, i'm glad you did the work.
where's youre ebitda valuation comps? did you do them yet or no?
if your not going to do any work, you might as well not participate
because it shows your wrong.
nok is a pretty tiny position but thanks for the look.
lol then why are shares trading above the cash offer price that you mentioned?
thanks for pointing out the obvious as usual buddy. you obviously did not do any work and read the terms of the offer and takeout options to GEOY holders.
funny you didn't send a comment over when geoy made its offer to buy dgi
the right way to look at it is to say pricing/demand has gone down but this utility makes its rate case as a % of equity in the business (PCG for example, which has practically won all its capex programs - resulting in higher equity down the road). So maybe that makes it undervalued now.
with regards to unreg, energy prices are hitting lows - which should be making their operating spreads wider. Per your research you'd prob want an unreg utility to take advantage of this.
Per most of anyone who's done any research in the utilities space, they'd prob be doing the contrarian thing here.. (buy the regulated).
for regulated utilities - your article has no meaning. you need to split up a utilities unregulated businesses (often interstate and which are cyclical) from regulated (which in state and are determined by rate cases between the utilities and states they operate in)
well by your ev/ebitda measure makes it worth $45 or more isnt it? or are you unable to do even that much work on your own?
as for banking - you seriously have to be kidding me right? lest you forget all the mistakes bankers and PE firms made in LBO deals in 2006, 2007, 2008..
have you ever talked to David Einhorn? or visited his firm?
uhhh fairness opinions are almost always flawed lol (thanks that was pretty funny). RRD would be trading 2x its current price if you used a fairness opinion valuation. Thank god I'm not a valuation expert, I'm an investor.
If you do your own EV/EBITDA valuation for the 2 - then you can explain to me why GEOY is worth over $45 a share.
And as for EV/BV, it is unorthodox - but I don't like giving credit for leveraged businesses and that's what MC/BV does (unless there's a lot of cash it makes EV very low, but that's a problem I'd rather deal with). Both are actually flawed measures, EV/BV is generally more conservative - so whatever floats your boat buddy..
no but i'm willing to take a price of $33 today vs a price of $37 in 2-3 yrs.. but I do think GEOY is better managed despite the publicity of the issues and can garner even a higher bid.
I think the failure of DGI to negotiate a deal is also going to trip them up a bit management-wise, especially if the GEOY comes in with another offer..
uhh sold long ago once it was evident that kirchner socialist programs were not only staying but becoming stronger.. they also have not pushed capital spending from govt programs to banks, and kirchner got reelected - don't advise on any investment in argentina till one of those 3 changes
yea the govt is also sharing in the cost of the satellite at GEOY - do you think they'll cut back the program where they have more invested capital at stake or the one with 0 invested capital at stake?
catch 22
your wrong and you've clearly not done your homework, go do your work - only one $2.5mil goodwill charge off in 2011. In 2011, DGI took $50mil charge on debt.
I do not care about something that causes less than $1mil in penalties.
Do your valuations on adjusted EBITDA, you tell me what you get. My method is more conservative. Companies with big depreciation that are required to replace assets generally should not have depreciation added back. You'll probably get a price target much higher and I will be willing to bet you any amount of $ that my valuation will hold more accurate in 1-2 yrs time
I think there are several differences in there, none saying that GEOY will get a large cash payment!
I will second the posts on IMOS undervaluation, its quite exceptionally cheap..
As a short you may be able to pull out a 1-5% type of trade, but the upside for value is to the tune of 100%+
It's all subjective - I'm not a fan of KSWS.
$20mil on $200mil is 10%, that's a meaningful position.. in any portfolio.
Apologies for a potential typo - I've been notified that ATSG utilizes 767 Boeings, not 737's. That is probably correct since 767 are newer than 737.
Thanks to the fellow for the correction
thank god i found the "stop following" option.
uhhh its not just the sec mandating lower leverage to REITS. it's the treasury/sec checking in on BAC, C, MS, GS assets and leverage.
if there's a need for the banks to raise equity.. these short duration repos could be a place to go. I would not be surprised to see leverage levels decline in the coming quarters because of govt's peering eyes.
to compound matters are inflation, loose monetary policy, europe, european banks, and crappy chinese lending practices. One hiccup, will cause reason for banks to pull credit.
your welcome.
this is now a growth story, im not really a growth investor and sold out around 8, once I saw they werent making as much as I thought they would. Normalized income of about 7mil in 2010, whereas I was hoping something closer to 10mil.
Short term analysis for sure, but I figure its volatile enough that maybe I'll be able to buy it again at a cheaper price anyways.. maybe if that happens I'll update my thesis.
how about i just say that your a racist and then publish it on a newswire for everyone to read.. i'll say that your a racist because you have ecd in your moniker which I'll assume to stand for European-Chinese are Demented.
if that's fair.. i'll send you over a legal doc saying you can't sue me for libel and I'll go ahead and pay the $1k out of my pocket to publish just that on a newswire.
seeking alpha... this article is terrible. I think more needs to be done on your part on how you rate factual articles from non-factual articles seeking attention
do you really want to be the Fox News of online financial reporting?
the put/call is a liability, but one that holds tangible equity when/if they convert in the money - not sure why you'd really want it to punish your EV calc with it?
best would be to ask the folks at schwab
sorry typo in 2nd to last paragraph should be "40% for any taxes" not takes..
because its actually in shareholders interest for the company to minimize tax payments.
VNDA, case in point - jumps up in value with approved tax defferal
jesus this is intro to finance 101, to sell bonds = to incur debt.
Sorry but I will no longer be tracking this article anymore. I hope your not at the end of your mba education... you would've gotten much more bang for your buck taking the cfa.