Long/short equity, value, growth, growth at reasonable price
Long/short equity, value, growth, growth at reasonable price
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No, this is among the 4 major Australian banks- Westpac banking
Well, once the real economy takes steam (expected in CY2016) this will be a the front end of bull run within Indian equity markets, however I agree to its underperformance on a relative basis to few of its private sector peers.
However, I believe over next two-three quarters this will regain its outperformance.
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This was some poor wording, but the H1B risk is something that could very much affect the company in the upcoming year.
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That is another important factor to consider for investors. While not included in this article, investors must be aware of how hedging strategies will affect companies in the future.
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We have presented the bull case on oil here, but there are other factors that could still affect the industry.
Hi R Sink, the number used reflected sovereign states.
Glad to hear it oil rich, it may still be worth the investment at current levels with the expected catalysts in the coming year.
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I think most of those anecdotal notions about the company being back on track could just be about the Christmas season. The company has made some gains on the right track, but we just believe the risk is just way too high for this company.
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We focus mostly on long-term value plays, therefore we wanted the focus on this article to be more on that we don't think this company will reward investors. We would also recommend a short position for investors who have those types of positions as part of their portfolios.
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DuPont has been frustrating investors for years, but recent years have allowed investors to realize capital gains. The business model streamlining should further allow for increases, in our opinion.
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It will be interesting to see whether or not Aetna decides to use free cash for share repurchases or for acquisitions.
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Agree with all of your points, and is still very early to tell with some of these products. Wanted to make investors aware of some of the potential catalysts for the stock.
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We wanted the basis of this article to be more a macro outlook, but those individual company specific metrics are other reasons that contribute to the poor outlook for UPS and its expensive valuation.
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NPV projects are net present value projects. When a company see an opportunity to expand through investment, they check and see if the net present value of this investment is positive. That is the present value of the cost cash flows is less than the present value of the return cash flows. If a project has a positive net present value than it is worthwhile for the company to invest.
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The $200 amount is the number frequently quoted in Costco warehouses by the staff. Because some other purchases have yields above 2%, employees of Costco are trained to tell members that about $200 a month in spending will pay for ones membership each year.
We agree completely dgotshalk, Costco has been building their economic moat since the 70s and have been reaping the fruits of their labour as of late. It will be very difficult for any of their competitors to replicate this model. Be sure to check out the Vuru website for other companies that have entrenched themselves just as well as Costco has.
Right you are Costcofan, for most cardholders it is 2%, but there are some services that receive 3% in Canada.
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The thought process behind PG has been to drop brands that have been struggling in recent years. While Duracell has been profitable in the past, PG has decided that this brand will not align with their strategic future goals.
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Target seems more of a long-term bet for investors. The company has only recently committed to improving things in Canada, and this means we may not see the company performing at its best for the coming holiday season. Expect the results for the next fiscal year to be much better than the current one.
Appreciate the support, Portage MI
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We haven't looked into AAL other than for quick comparisons for the basis of comparing DAL. AAL is also not currently covered on Vuru because there isn't sufficient enough data. Due to the highly volatile nature of the airline industry and the amount of debt AAL is carrying, we would be hesitant to recommend investing.
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Thanks for the correction, we have sent the article to be edited.
With yields above 4% its hard to not warrant investing in both securities
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Furthermore they've taken steps to mitigate against Ebola related risk, and with lower fuel costs they can afford to lose some demand.
High price is good for previous investors, but it will take a drop in price to entice new investors with a more attractive entry point.
Thanks for your work to check into these numbers, it seems odd that google and yahoo would show differences. We'll be sure to reflect this in future articles with additional due diligence
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Google Finance quotes the dividend at $0.38, thus giving us the yield at 4.02% (based on the share price when the article was posted).
That may be true TCG,llc, but the 4$ dividend yield is a nice return for holding the asset with chances or realizing capital gains in the future.
Appreciate the support, luckylalo. CVXs yield is a strong catalyst for investment. Make sure to follow us to keep up with some other large cap companies with potential for investors
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CVX can fight off decreases in the oil price with increases in capex and changes in production levels. As long as oil does not decrease to the 2009 recession levels, which likely won't happen, (this articles sites why), CVX shouldn't drop below 100. Buying any time in the near future will allow investors to realize large gains as the price of oil rebounds over time, along CVXs share price.
We completely agree with your thesis, and its one of the main reasons we have buy ratings on some large cap energy companies. Check out our article on why the time is now for CVX