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J.C. Penney swings to loss as sales slide (-7.83% pre-market)
Very nice article. Thank you.
$WFC Results in-line or just above estimates: EPS $0.82, Revenue $21.3B.
Hi zepled,
Thanks for bringing this up. It, indeed, is off. I will submit a correction request.
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Hi, Boog,
Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, it indeed is off. It was sourced from Yahoo finance as trailing annual dividend yield. It should be 4.15%. I will submit a correction request.
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Hi, Sander,
I appreciate your opinion.
I guess, it depends on what you are looking for. This is an earnings preview article with the goal to summarize what analytics are expecting from the earnings release, historical EPS actuals vs. estimates and what happened during the last fiscal quarter. There are some investors who play on earnings. My goal is to provide a good all-in-one summary for those investors. If you are looking for a long term investment strategy, then I suggest you look into company valuations and other information.
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LibertyBelle, thanks for bringing this up. This is a good point.
More info about the split:
Interesting article, thanks!
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Oracle Corp. surprised investors Monday afternoon by reporting results for its fourth fiscal quarter three days earlier than planned.
Yu Pan,
Thanks for the compliment and for reading my work.
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Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): FQ2 EPS of $1.15 in-line with the estimates.
VeriFone falls 7% in premarket after Q2 2012 results.
Hi, Carlos,
Thanks for your comment. Could you please elaborate on where you get the $19.4 equity value from?
$39.50 is the outcome of my calculations. Do you refer to the wording or to the formulas?
Thanks for bringing this up. It is sourced from Marketwatch:
It looks like a mistake or it is referring to another ticker. I have double checked with other websites, average target price should be $62.02. I have submitted a correction.