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Patience is a virtue, Head & Shoulders Bottom Confirms Sears in Downtrend, http://bit.ly/1alENr5
Do you currently have any position at all? I am looking to re-evaluate from here, waiting on a few more data points to come in. Let me know if your holding.
Probably Should Have Held, I think here is a good exit point or at least take enough off the table to run with the houses money.
Technical Pattern Signals Move into $60's is nearing, http://bit.ly/12duy0C.
As am I
Essentially as suppliers of materials to 3D Printers flood the market with supply due to increased expansion pricing becomes more competitive to attract business. Right now lower demand forces suppliers to charge higher mark ups to remain profitable. With sales increasing along side demand, suppliers reduce pricing to increase market share. With such a wide divide in market share prices are less likely to be set/controlled by a select few. In other words more 3D players offering different prices slows the rise of material costs keeping it under product growth. The spread in the rate is about 8% meaning over time that margin gets built into sales.
Why do you think that? Thank's for the comment but can you give us more to go on? The stock shed 6%-7% on the announcement of Ullman taking back the company. Any insight is appreciated.
Honestly, I do believe a BK is more likely than a buy out. You never want to promote a BK so i tried not to speculate on it in this piece but it is the most likely scenario IMO, bottom line, the stocks in trouble.
The problem is, every other retailer that's been trouble has "to much real estate and assets" the market is being flooded with those pitches yet investors aren't seeing a dime. Just look at JCP's ROFA numbers. Horrible.
Thanks for the comment. Ullman is permanent for now, but I think it was a rash decision by the board that could be changed. My guess though, Ullman will try to strike a deal a.s.a.p. There is value in the real estate although (JCP) like (SHLD) are far from being able to properly monetize those assets. I did an article on Sears & the Real Estate you can check out. http://seekingalpha.co... & http://seekingalpha.co.... The only value left in (JCP) is the RE imo but will most likely be sold. Doesn't benifit any holder of common stock.
Arena Pharmaceuticals Announces Eisai's Submission of BELVIQ® (lorcaserin HCl) Marketing Authorization Application in Mexico http://bit.ly/XSy8dO
Hey that's great! I hope it does. Easy there, remember I'm recommending a long position.
I think they are just dragging there feet. With the flood of drugs like this coming on the market, the DEA is having to decide how they want to classify them. Remember the DEA is a bureaucracy and their number one agenda is to protect their own skin and seek more funding. If they classify a weight loss drug wrong and some 16 year old rich white girl OD's because she doesnt think she's pretty enough., well, lets just say they want to get it right the first time. But it will happen. Patience is key, but should be before years end.
I'm not really sure the reason, but I do know combining budgetary cuts and bureaucracy always drags things out.
Great comment! Thanks for the insight!
True, but it's a spec play as pointed out in the article. Development stage companies typically don't have + revenue until they can start selling their product.
(SHLD) back below 200D Moving Average
My pleasure!
I agree, nothing wrong with that, however I wouldn't load up to many spec plays. As I pointed out in the article, the reason I like (ARNA) is prospects beyond BELVIQ due to tough competition in this space. Thanks for the comments.
Haha for sure. Thanks.
Absolutely and thanks for the comments.
True I didn't focus to much on the EU point because I think their mentality is different. But Americans statistically have more overweight prescription addicts lol. Thanks for the positive feedback.
Why won't doctors prescribe it? Do you believe the distribution company inked a billion dollar project for a pill they can't sell? Wondering what your argument actually is? Are there doctors saying publicly they won't prescribe it? Let me know.
Thanks for the great comments everyone. Please feel free to add to the discussion. Planning follow up towards year end.
If you didn't take your profits on (PANL) i suggest doing so, double top confirmed Friday signal's possible dip down to $27-$28 range, still like the stock long term, just a word of caution.
Right now yes, but got stopped out on about 15% of position @ 51.50 though, covered another 5% to free up some margin.
Lot's of CEO's making shifts this quarter, nothing out of the ordinary. ULTA has well rounded management overall, I saw no major reason for concern in this. Their board is extremely intent on shareholder value.
(YHOO) Close above $22.71 today breaks major resistance level.
There it goes +1.38(1.84%) 10:30AM EDT
I agree, if you can pick it up under $75 there's some serious delta on the way.
Options or stock?
Yes, lower for 1 quarter ONLY. That's the point.