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Apple doesn't think they have a problem,
DP has an in depth review of the camera here
maybe people should use a camera for pictures and a phone for phone calls?
Hi, Johnragin,
below are some links referencing "purple haze," including Apple's response, some saying it's a problem, some not. Of course, problem or not perception counts.
Thanks, Budd, glad you enjoyed it....I did, too.
You're very welcome! I got a lot out of it, too.
google search has dozens of entries reporting the viewership of the 2011 Super Bowl.
certainly the entire world cup series would have more viewers versus the discussion here regarding one television show
Albertarocks, thanks for the well thought out comments, explanation and amplification of this material.
Best for a wonderful Holiday and New Year to you all.
Spain Guy is correct.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
My apologies for the error.
None. I don't like the 3X ETFs because of their daily reset and consequent tracking error. These are suitable if you're a short term/day trader.
I do, too
Thanks, Snake Driver, I will send your message along to him. I was an Air Force pilot and shared the same experience you had.. Best, John
Thanks so much for your good wishes. God Bless America.
Best wishes, JOhn
Thanks for writing. I know you're very proud of your son and thank him for his service during these difficult times. I agree with your assessment of the markets. Best, John
Thanks for your consideration and thoughtful comments. I agree with your outlook and opinion. All the best,
Good commentary, as always, Matthew.
For a long term view of gold and oil see seekingalpha.com/artic...
excellent commentary
for a long term view see seekingalpha.com/artic...
thanks, Bill,
good analysis
I, too, see little connection between fundamentals and market action. And I agree on the point of the death crosses. I see this period as a short ray of sunshine in the "eye of the storm."
Going up on bad news is always a "good" sign.
In my opinion, I don't care if it's high frequency trading or sun spots that's making the market go up. The fact is that internals continue to strengthen in spite of the gloom. As you know, the news is always worst at the bottom.
However, I am certainly not a bull by any means. There is more very rough water ahead. This market will require nimble and competent abilities for success and those who posses those have the opportunity to profit mightily.
All of 2009 was on low volume. The retail investor has left the building, maybe for good. Everybody needs to get used to more volatility and whipsaws ahead,
Definitely touch and go through here. Everyone's watching for the 200 Day Moving Average to be broken and held. If that happens, I suspece we'll see something of a buying stampede. FedEx on Wednesday will be big
Thanks for the comments and compliment.
Regarding Ultras, I would refer you to David Fry's recent excellent article regarding these vehicles. I have read many of the negative articles, as well, and certainly there are strong opinions on both sides of this issue.
On Jul 12 04:04 PM kagame wrote:
> Overall an excellent article.
Let's say that in a $100,000 trading account you usually risk 1% of equity, or $1,000 per trade. In a standard ETF with a 10% stop loss, you would invest $10,000 for a risk of $1,000.
In a leveraged ETF you could invest $5,000, use a 20% stop loss to account for the 2x movement compared to the underlying index and achieve the same 1% portfolio risk, thus effectively achieving a 1x portfolio risk with a leveraged ETF.
By cutting your position size in half, you can get 1x portfolio exposure risk to these markets.
On Jul 01 02:05 PM morph366 wrote:
> "Position size needs to be carefully considered if an investor wants
> just 1X exposure to this market."
> I'm not sure that I understand the remark above from your article.
> The two short leveraged funds you mentioned will carry twice as much
> volatility risk as a non-leveraged holding and with twice the potential
> reward/loss. How would position sizing address that?
Hi, Reluctant Quant,
thanks for your very good comments.
I agree completely,
John Nyaradi
Thanks for your comments and shared feelings,
On Jun 08 03:13 PM TheHague wrote:
> Thanks for the little bit of humanity at the end of your post! They
> all drive down the street and out of our lives all too soon. Mine
> just moved into her first new home. Her room empty. Yet oh so full!
> Thanks again!
Thanks so much, silverwood,
On Jun 08 12:01 PM silverwood wrote:
> Congrats on your boy's driving accomplishments. Your little boy will
> never be gone you just have to be able to see him inside the man
> your boy is growing into. As for our economic dilema trying to tinker
> with the controls of a failed system(read monetary) will never be
> successful. It would be better to remove government from free markets
> and let free capitalism work by itself.
All the best to you and your family through this trying time.
Money doesn't matter next to health and I know that Francie will find her way back to a healthy future.
All the best,
Thanks very much, Proximo,
On Mar 16 02:37 PM PROXIMO wrote:
> Congrats on your son at the swimming Championships. Here's hoping
> he has many rewarding and safe years in competition.
Thanks, John
On Mar 11 02:06 PM John Lounsbury wrote:
> John Nyaradi - - -
> I should have offered an inadvertently truncated article (by SA)
> as a possibility in my previous comment. I apologize for assuming
> you were to blame.
Only a part of this article was published. I have contacted the moderator.
John Nyaradi