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  • Citigroup Just Hit A Home Run [View article]
    I don't understand your point that even though profit was down revenue was up y/y so that makes a case for better margins? And you don't care about the stress test - where it is skewed to the benefit of the bank - and their failure at all? I believe they made their numbers by assessing their credit reserves kindly, i.e. it's a juggle not a beat. All the real numbers like loan writing and fixed i. trading were weak. But this is what makes this bull market - keep lowering analyst expectations til you can beat them and then cut and paste the balance sheet. The real banking number was JPM's which reflected overall economic distress because Mr. Dimon is being awfully careful not to cook the books in his current tenuous position. And we now can presume C is as corrupt - of course that's all Mexico's fault, C's CEO is "shocked" I tell you.
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  • Report: Tesla, Sinopec to hold talks about charging network in China [View news story]
    I guess the "transformational" Mr. Musk recognizes that fossil fuels will still be selling for IC cars that people will still be buying, and of course the access to chargers will be beneficently provided by Sinopec out of a moral imperative - i.e. free? We are only starting to see that the costs of running a real car co. with dealerships and fueling stations and new manufacturing plants (batteries) and capital raises seem remarkably similar to less inspitational, traditional car companies. And not only do you need the subsidies that governments have provided to sell a bunch of novelty cars but you need the help of established corporate old cycle providers. And most of you think this is ok?
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  • Tesla Shorts Are Running Away [View article]
    Finally a sort of recommendation from Mr. Maurer - which unfortunately reveals why you do not take positions in stocks you write so much about. The fact that in a stock like Tesla you suggest there is any difference of substance between a 200 entry point and 215 point speaks of total misunderstanding of growth stocks. If this is a way over-valued, highly leveraged, very risky molotov cocktail then 200 is a poor entry as is 175 or 150... If it is Google or Apple then 215 will prove to be a terrific entry. You don't write covered calls on this vehicle.
    Apr 10 07:57 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Silence On Gigafactory Partnerships Suggest Tesla Might Be A Near-Term Short [View article]
    Apr 10 07:44 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Keurig Green Mountain Will Definitely, Surely, Assuredly, Certainly Not Be Trading At $108 When 2015 Starts [View article]
    And guess what, you could pick perhaps two hundred high beta issues to do the same trade without wasting time doing any research. Should the market drop 25% as some predict they will drop 50% and put your straddle in the money. Of course you could just do a similar trade with S&P options. At some point the market will value GMCR, TSLA, FB, LNKD,AMZN, NFLX etc. with more reason and the vol trade will disappear, but requiring 50% moves and not having a strong idea as to which way one leans sounds to me like GAMBLING, not investing. Good luck blackbird.
    Mar 30 04:12 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • All eyes on Tesla's Gigafactory [View news story]
    So phony financials and no battery factory partner are in your best interests? Someday soon you will be calling for his head I predict.
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  • Why Tesla's 'Not A Recall' Victory Will Crush Q1 Earnings [View article]
    This is the same Musk who humbly worries that the stock price is ahead of itself? And who disdains GAAP earnings as if they were the illegitimate standard? And the same Musk who floated the AAPL absurd buyout rumor? And who all but swore Panasonic was in on the Giga deal? And , of course with all of this numbers razzle dazzle there would never be any out and out lies beneath the numbers would there? If the SEC were alive Musk would perhaps not be - proverbially speaking. I still think the fund raise may wind up as working capital or warranty capital or Space X capital .... etc.
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  • All eyes on Tesla's Gigafactory [View news story]
    If you get to the bottom of all of your comments - and they are that because if you all knew how to build a battery plant you would, etc. The amazing thing here is that he raised this money through the corrupt MS promotion and a bull market and CNBC hype - the amazing thing is he raised money for a plant without disclosing if or who he had as a partner and where the rest of the money was coming from. What if he never builds the plant - not in ca, nev, nm , az like all of you WHO KNOW - and uses it for working capital. This business plan is insane, amateurish, totally irresponsible and buttressed by phony financials, an early stage car. The Tesloans presume this is the first company in history that will never have a glitch or bad year or product liability or competition and it is the first company I can remember raising three billion dollars and saying we will tell you who will bring the other billions later. It's insane and the SEC is useless. He is building space X to colonize Mars so he has somewhere to escape to when the s hits the fan.
    Mar 29 06:44 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Apple Going To Be The Death Of Netflix? [View article]
    What it does point out is that whether it is aapl or the rest, nflx owns nothing but subs and they can and may go elsewhere; should nflx have one poor buying season of original content game over = blockbuster. When you buy aapl you get profits, an operating system, hardware manufacturing, multiple products, lots of cash. No comparison and Carl knows this, as do you.
    Mar 25 07:00 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • WSJ's Apple / Comcast Story Not Accurate, News Being Overblown On Wall Street [View article]
    But when Reed Hastings puts out gossip or false leads or no numbers press releases you feel no compulsion to comment. You are not in NFLX's camp? Come clean.
    Mar 24 07:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can New Jersey Harsh Tesla's Mellow? [View article]
    Have you been inside one? Pretty spartan except for a big screen, pretty cheaply appointed for 100k and the exterior is like an old jaguar, very little detailing, not too foreign from a hyundai or a camry or - and I wouldn't want to see the pricing on a front end accident, no cushioning, all slope. Ah but these cars are blessed by Saint Elon - they don't have accidents.
    Mar 12 01:52 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Can New Jersey Harsh Tesla's Mellow? [View article]
    On the face of it this is not big news - Tesla buyers can wander into New York to purchase, am I correct? The real issue is the ma and pa nature of a 30 billion dollar company doing all kinds of things foreign to a very big industry. The controlling nature of running your own distribution, your own showrooms, doing financials your own way do not seem like the style, policies, practices of a real 30 billion dollar co.; they seem more Herbalife than Ford, more Amway than GM. Elon runs sloppy companies - sloppy financials, sloppy data releases and perhaps sloppy cars ultimately and sloppy warranties and leases and fundraises etc. Tesla feels way more like a kit car company than a new American icon. Call me old-fashioned but I think industry experience counts, dealerships where accountability is available matters, having thousands of refueling opportunities as opposed to needing a treasure hunter's map to find a charging station is fundamental. Detroit changes the look of its cars frequently - will this Tesla retro-looking S undergo aesthetic changes, can they afford it, or will it remain like a kit car what it is. EV's are going to be an option but they will not change the world; the keystone pipeline will happen, Mobil will survive, Costco will continue to sell a lot of gasoline, mechanics' shops will fluorish still, Autozone hasn't gotten the message yet either, look at its stock price. If you invest in Tesla at these levels you will be altered - or rather your bank account will. The fact that the sycophants on SA disparage the folks who are telling you that hundreds of cars sold in Europe is the key, not how many hundreds but the lack of tens of thousands as a number for a 30 billion dollar company says one thing - BUBBLE.
    Mar 12 10:31 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Netflix Is No Stranger To The Pivot [View article]
    Netflix really has original content? This article is so old except for its failure to address reality - free cash flow? GAAP free cash flow? How much? And the licensing deals where you don't address or care that they be in the old retail vernacular selling every car or coat or pizza (prvoverbially speaking) they put out at a loss but they will make it up on volume. This company has little cash and no barrier to entry except by committing financial suicide with off balance sheet too-high buys ; anybody can stream - and they do and will. Either you are pumping for the company or so naive as to be scary. Look at the chart - essentially a straight vertical. NFLX 100/share will occur not 500/share.
    Mar 11 09:05 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla Is Out Of Control [View article]
    he already is off grid if he believes the stock is worth 500 now.
    Mar 9 09:33 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tesla 5-Year Target Price $465 [View article]
    What were your biggest losers - before I buy the books and sign up? Obviously you don't completely believe in the charismatic CEO concept alone because I believe Jobs died and AAPL didn't realize Tim Cook was the CEO for quite a while. And do you always just plug in numbers inconsistent with the industry you are covering? And how do you do in non-bubble markets where you can throw darts and pick winners - look at N or SODA (last year) or GMCR (this year). I almost can't wait with the excitement of hearing how quickly you guys forget the name Musk in the next few years. Eton who?
    Mar 5 09:39 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment