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All I can tell you is that I spent years working in the mortgage business including during the bubble days. Everyone at every point in the chain knew what was going to happen. And I do mean everyone.
Its mantra was simple: whatever it takes...a land of winks and nods.
Tragic really considering all of the pain it has caused
Nothing more than a scam writ large.
Al Fin,
There is not one reference to President Obama anywhere in this article. Instead, I refer to Uncle Sam in the passage you quote.
No one person or party is responsible for this mess.
Thanks for reading and for writing,
Steve Christ, Wealth Daily
Judy, I agree with you totally. JNJ is one truly great company.
MPW is one that I am familiar with. And yes it is quite similar to OHI.
It does have a pretty strong dividend history behind it and I generally think its solid.
Thanks for reading.