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Wesley Abel
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I think this is a buying opportunity only if you are comfortable holding the shares through the next couple of quarters and can look past another bad quarter. Sure, you may miss the train if you don't buy now but there is an entire universe of stocks to choose from that provide more clarity with respect to the near-term. Oracle's great ROE/ROIC metrics are probably safe, but the concerns over new hardware systems integration and poor new license sales could jeopardize them. Regarding CRM, Oracle has great margins in cloud offerings but this segment makes up a small portion of overall sales. I do think Oracle can leverage their current clients into cloud services which would be an advantage over CRM. If you are afraid of missing a good move and really want in, start a position and taper into it. Tread lightly my friend! Thanks for reading, Fredrik.
I would say that does give them a better chance. Ellison rocks!
If you read the end of the article, you would see that I recommended entering at a lower level. Plus, there's nothing wrong with good information.
Great question. VFC is not nearly as vulnerable as brands like LIZ because of product differentiation and direct-to-consumer sales. Products that incorporate VFC's patents can't be replicated. The direct-to-consumer sales partly alleviates the risk of losing marketshare due to brands being swapped out for private labels. Of course, these are competitive environments and VFC must continue to defend its positions. Economies of scale also make VFC a tough competitor. Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading! You make a great point with Nautica and Timberland. VFC has been pushing these brands in Europe but perhaps not as vigorously in China.
The spike in implied volatility would make this position a great short-term hedge. The 1450 puts will decrease at a greater rate than the 1325 would increase, but the magnitude of the loss would likely be limited on the 1450s. There have been a lot of buyers on dips and there may not be much desire for 1450 puts. The key here is execution.
Thanks for reading Stu. eBay has been investing in the technology and consumer awareness of the offline payment network and also in the recent acquisition of GSI which enables eBay to compete directly with AMZN by gaining access to retailers like Toys R Us. By investing in the future, I mean that these investments may not be realized today but they are strategic and necessary for a strong growth company. I encourage you to read to Bob Swans last few statements in the last earnings call regarding margins. http://bit.ly/14BYVj7
Thanks again!