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Since 1998, has been the leader in social media analytics ('crowd sourced estimates') for earnings.

Receive email alerts on those companies most likely to move higher or lower when they beat or miss the whisper number. These are the Whisper Reactors.

When earnings season gets underway, traders, analysts and investors are watching closely to see if companies' results squared with Wall Street's expectations. Of particular interest is the "whisper number".

A veteran in the business, takes a unique approach: its earnings estimates come from regular polling of its members. The site points to ...More

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COMPANY is an independent research firm that collects earnings expectations from the investment public. The "whisper number" found here is unique and proprietary - it is the collective expectation of individual investors, floor traders, investment advisors, and market strategists for quarterly ...More
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Whisper Number Impact: What To Expect From Nike's Earnings $NKE 3 days ago