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  • Fight For Physical Gold Has Started (Just Like 1968)
    Yesterday, 1:49 PM GOLD 7 Comments


    • Gold is making a remarkable comeback into our financial system.
    • Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands are in the process of repatriating gold or discussing it.
    • The current development looks like a remake of the implosion of the London Gold Pool in 1968.
  • CPM Group Needs To Take Silver Investor Demand Seriously
    Editors' Pick • Fri, Nov. 7 SLV, SIVR, SLVO 14 Comments


    • Silver investors have great frustration in trying to track supply and demand of physical silver. Frustration because the leading research groups have systematically underestimated investor demand.
    • The silver market can stay in deficit for a very long time before the price reacts.
    • CPM admits "there are big holes in our data".
  • Chinese Gold Demand Is Twice As Big As World Gold Council Tells You
    Thu, Jul. 3 GLD 29 Comments
  • I Understand The Price Of Gold
    Jul. 23, 2013 GLD, IAU 26 Comments
  • Chinese Physical Gold Deliveries Match World Gold Production
    Jun. 17, 2013 AGOL, DGL, DGLD 20 Comments