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  • AMD Seasonality Does Not Imply Failure [View article]
    And yet so far gaming console sales by Microsoft and Sony have been quite good. Tablets are as likely to see a surprising lack of end demand in Q4 as consoles. Big question is what will console sales be in China in 2014?
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  • 3 More Reasons To Stay Long AMD [View article]
    Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback. The article was long enough just looking at the P/S metric; I agree there are many other helpful metrics. Clearly Amd will remain a controversial stock until it either shows the new strategy can generate huge profits for investors, or follows other tech giants to the dinosaur graveyard. I am betting on evolution, but it's a gamble.
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  • How Important Is The GPU Segment For AMD? [View article]
    I think APUs (combined CPUs and GPUs) are important. Most people have a limited interest in spending money on high-end gaming systems. AMD's APUs do a very good job running PC games. They also give a better graphical experience than Intel's offerings, for non-gaming software, at any given price point. NVIDIA is competing with CPU + GPU combinations in the Android/mobile market, which I think is a smart move.
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  • Very Strong Demand For Mac Pro Makes AMD A Buy [View article]
    I am long AMD. I suspect the Mac Pro benefit to AMD earnings, if any, is mainly from economies of scale. I have owned stock in several companies that have supplied Apple. In every case profit margins with Apple as a customer tend to be very low. That is the Apple model: charge customers a premium price, pay suppliers as little as possible, and benefit from the highest margins in the industry. Still, a win is a win, and many graphics professionals are brand-conscious, so AMD graphics on Mac should have a positive effect on GPU sales, and even on APU sales, which enable many professionals (including me) to do quality work quickly on a low-cost machine.
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  • AMD: Geeks Gone Wild [View article]
    Great article. Hermann Grassmann, the inventor of modern math (vectors, matrices, linear algebra) would be proud. Hope IT departments are getting the message, and not just continuing to buy Intel because it is the cover-your-ass play. Long AMD.
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  • AMD R&D Reuse For New Applications Key To Future Profits [View article]
    Thanks for all the good points, pro and con.

    AMD trailing annual revenue is $4.6 billion. Market cap right now is $2.65 billion. I agree that if margins don't improve, they will remain dead in the water. Going into the industrial, medical market should improve margins.

    Clearly Microsoft and Sony are betting on AMD as a going concern.

    It comes down to a question of the stock price, which should be about future profit streams, which are admittedly hard to predict when a company is going through a major transition.

    I will be watching Xbox One sales in particular. I hope AMD management will break out SoC sales to industrial clients as soon as they become material. Another wild card is ARM based servers, which might be adopted faster than expected, but again that is a 2014 story.
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  • AMD Game Console Triple Crown: Will There Be Profits? [View article]
    Great comments everyone! I had to restrain myself to keep this article from getting unreadably long. An entire article could be written on Intel's process technologies advantage vs. AMD's very clever use of the 28 nm node. AMAT reports foundries getting ready to sample 20 nm this fall, which should help the entire semiconductor industry and consumers.
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  • Another Bad Day For AMD [View article]
    Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I note that some of the Q3 revenue decline is industry-wide, but that does not help AMD. I am worried about employee layoffs because the only way out of this kind of mess is to introduce new technology more quickly. I agree that AMD would be better off as part of a larger company, but the buyer would instantly become an enemy of Intel. A breakup would probably be the short term value solution: spin off the graphics unit and sell the CPU unit to one of the successful ARM space companies.
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  • CFO Resignation And Intel Warning Are Irrelevant: Buy AMD [View article]
    At the very least, desktop AMD Trinity chips will be released on time, on October 2. Hopefully that is a commercial release, not just hype. If so, then execution is going well. If they shipped a lot of APUs for revenue towards the end of Q3, that is great. I know AMD has been developing a lot of killer technology, but that won't matter unless OEMs and consumers adopt the technology. I am long AMD, but I understand the criticism and skepticism.
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  • Advanced Micro Devices: Vindicated After Intel's Warning, But Near Term Pain Ahead [View article]
    Good article, you have covered the opportunities. The main danger is this fall is Intel dumping chips, taking advantage of its large market share and strong margins. Going forward AMD is trying to flow around Intel rather than challenge it head-to-head. AMD's expertise in graphics, parallel processing, and system-on-chip design might turn it around faster than most investors think. I am long AMD, just added more to my position.
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  • AMD Looks To Trinity For Growth In 2012 [View article]
    Thanks for the great comments. AMD is holding its Analyst Day today. I hope they really can drive execution, which right now means no delays for Trinity, and even better yields on all their chips, current and upcoming.
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  • Advanced Micro Devices At An Earnings Crossroad [View article]
    Turned out the yields were so bad AMD was not able to sell all the chips it could have, cutting into Q3 revenues, as they pre-announced. The only upside is that if that can make more APUs, the demand is there. Listen closely to the October 27 analyst conference to find out whether and how soon management thinks yields will improve.
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