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  • William Packer
    $MDLY and market has bottomed. Economy is good. $PSEC, $MCC, $PNNT, $MAIN, $ARCC, $AINV, $FSAM, $FSC
    Thu, 11:11 AM
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    • William Packer: BDCs will go back above NAV now.
      Thu, 11:12 AM
      • William Packer
        Why is it that whenever I have a plan to only buy a certain amount... I never stick to it... $MDLY. It's because crazy stuff happens.
        Thu, 9:44 AM
          • William Packer
            Thank for your the buying opportunity under $7 in $MDLY today. Super happy
            Thu, 9:42 AM
              • William Packer
                I just got permission from a client to buy $1,000,000 worth of $MDLY. My appetite is 3000 shares per day until the money is spent.
                Wed, 4:53 PM
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                • William Packer: That said, I plan on buying 3000 shares per day and maybe a bit more at times when/if it goes below $7 again.
                  Fri, 3:00 PM
                • William Packer: I am also trying to raise money from my other clients to buy even more MDLY. I just raised $8,000 today and will put that to work next week
                  Fri, 3:01 PM
                  • William Packer
                    The market is clearly saying to buy $MDLY. Ok,because you have this big sell off the last few days and MDLY has green bars. $MCC,$PSEC,$MAIN
                    Aug 21, 3:23 PM
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                    • William Packer: Market says to buy $MDLY, $MCC, $PSEC, $FSC and sell $TCAP, $FDUS, $HTGC
                      Aug 21, 3:25 PM
                    • William Packer: $MAIN holding up better than most of the peers when it comes to premium names. But it is more tied to market valuations of s&P 500/nasdaq
                      Aug 21, 3:27 PM
                      • William Packer
                        $PSEC is doing well today because you see an environment where the fed cannot raise rates and that means $PSEC income could stay high.
                        Aug 21, 3:15 PM
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                        • William Packer: but be warned.. if the fed raises rates.. expect a divy cut to 0.21.
                          Aug 21, 3:17 PM
                        • William Packer: however, the market is selling $ACSF and I think that is a mistake.
                          Aug 21, 3:19 PM
                          • William Packer
                            I have said this before and I'll say it again... long/short equity guys... $AINV is a short.. you can pair it off with longs in other BDC
                            Aug 21, 3:06 PM
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                            • William Packer: they are overly exposed to oil investments.. they are gonna blow up.
                              Aug 21, 3:07 PM
                              • William Packer
                                In reality, $MAIN, $TCAP and other premium to average BDCs have further room to fall if market conditions deteriorate. Meanwhile...
                                Aug 21, 2:39 PM
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                                • William Packer: Market corrections happen from time to time, but the speed and magnitude of this correction... along with Chinese and world markets...
                                  Aug 21, 2:56 PM
                                • William Packer: The magnitude and speed tells us that this could be the beginning of a bear market for stocks in general.
                                  Aug 21, 2:56 PM
                                  • William Packer
                                    Added to stake in $MDLY for client accounts today. Other long/short positions: $FSC, $FSFR, $FSAM, $MDLY $MAIN, $MCC
                                    Aug 21, 2:36 PM
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                                    • William Packer: Just makes the most sense.. $MDLY is holding up well in this market and looks like it wants to rally once the broader market D-trend calms.
                                      Aug 21, 2:37 PM
                                    • dalatinIJR: PSEC nice an green today
                                      Aug 21, 2:37 PM
                                      • William Packer
                                        Closed $FSC, FSFR short position today and went long in client accounts. Still short $FSAM for them and long $MDLY. $MAIN
                                        Aug 21, 2:34 PM
                                          • William Packer
                                            Shed the $TCAP for clients earlier today bought more $MAIN.
                                            Aug 21, 2:30 PM
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                                            • SeriousCat: solid entry price for the best of breed in BDCs
                                              Aug 21, 2:40 PM
                                            • William Packer: i honestly think it will keep falling but my clients do have hedges so it's not the end of the world.
                                              Aug 21, 2:46 PM
                                              • William Packer
                                                $PSEC will cut dividend within 3 quarters. (my personal analysis)
                                                Aug 19, 2:21 PM
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                                                • WaveRider007: Will be many dividend cuts coming because growth has halted across the board. Stock prices adjusting for this. Get ready for the drop...
                                                  Aug 19, 4:47 PM
                                                • dalatinIJR: Not likely..
                                                  Aug 19, 5:31 PM
                                                  • William Packer
                                                    Update on $PSEC. Personal rating: $7.29: Strong SELL. CLO valuations significantly impaired. JNK bonds trading at lows.CLO is leveraged big
                                                    Aug 19, 2:07 PM
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                                                    • William Packer: No,no... Psec is even worse because of the CLO on a leveraged basis. It takes more than 200 bp to break even.
                                                      Aug 19, 7:49 PM
                                                    • dalatinIJR: CLOs gonna get spun off in about 6 months
                                                      Aug 19, 7:51 PM
                                                      • William Packer
                                                        Disclosure: My clients have short positions in $FSAM, $FSC, and $FSFR. Long Positions in $MCC, $MDLY, $MAIN, $TCAP
                                                        Aug 11, 5:21 PM
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                                                        • William Packer: Also, the public float available for sale is shrinking. From both stock buybacks and dividend reinvestment of institutions+LT retail
                                                          Aug 18, 2:14 PM
                                                        • William Packer: So you have an environment that is now very supportive of higher prices due to low supply.
                                                          Aug 18, 2:14 PM
                                                          • William Packer
                                                            $MDLY declared 0.30 dividend for Q2.
                                                            Aug 10, 6:10 PM
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                                                            • clrodrick: Still, even if the dividend stays at $0.20, seems weird MDLY is trading at $8 while FSAM is at $9 with a $0.16 dividend
                                                              Aug 11, 3:26 PM
                                                            • William Packer: I am right there with you. FSAM is at $9 and it pays 0.17.
                                                              Aug 11, 4:10 PM
                                                              • William Packer
                                                                $MDLY could raise dividend this quarter... but I would be happy @ 0.20 rate. I expect 0.28 to 0.31 earnings though. Analysts@0.25 est
                                                                Aug 10, 10:43 AM
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                                                                • clrodrick: Good call on earnings, reported NII of $0.30. Seems like Medley is being over aggressive with their dividend raise though. No room forerror
                                                                  Aug 10, 8:29 PM
                                                                • clrodrick: Are you loading the boat today with more MDLY? Yielding close to 15% now. I may have to buy some tomorrow, just a bit as a spec. position
                                                                  Aug 10, 8:30 PM
                                                                  • William Packer
                                                                    BUY $MCC ahead of earnings. The stock will rip higher like FSC but instead MCCs will begin new trend. $FSC will fizzle.
                                                                    Aug 10, 10:30 AM
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                                                                    • dundey: Keep posting Packer, enjoy your updates. I for one am holding FSC for awhile. All BDC's have been beaten down and Im NOT a trader usually!
                                                                      Aug 11, 5:53 PM
                                                                    • dalatinIJR: Very nice delayed reaction to MCCs miss. Greener by the hour
                                                                      Aug 14, 1:44 PM
                                                                      • William Packer
                                                                        For you guys that own $FSC... SELL IT. buyback is gonna be tiny. Analysts thought it was gonna be big. Stock will go down $6.50 price now
                                                                        Aug 10, 10:22 AM
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                                                                        • William Packer: Win for manager and for their managed fund MCC.
                                                                          Aug 10, 10:23 AM
                                                                        • William Packer: Very exciting time for both companies.
                                                                          Aug 10, 10:24 AM
                                                                          • William Packer
                                                                            Don't miss my article on $MDLY ! $ARCC, $PSEC, $AINV, $BDCL, $FSAM, $FSC, $APO.
                                                                            Aug 6, 10:17 PM
                                                                              • William Packer
                                                                                $PSEC volatility risk is high. We don't know if the dividend will remain constant. Risk could be to upside or downside at this point.
                                                                                Aug 5, 1:54 PM
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                                                                                • dalatinIJR: We did what you didn't like.. We got some cheap BDCL
                                                                                  Aug 5, 2:00 PM
                                                                                • dalatinIJR: But, buyback solidifies payout a bit
                                                                                  Aug 5, 2:00 PM