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  • William Packer
    Early look@ $MCC NAV estimate for Q1... $11.92 per share, up from $11.74. Increase caused from buyback, 0.04-0.06 out earning divy, spread
    Fri, 3:17 PM
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    • William Packer: Range projected $11.87 to $11.96. Middle of road scenario = $11.92.
      Fri, 3:19 PM
      • William Packer
        $FSAM to cut fees on $FSC back to the 1.50% base or lower. Good for FSC, bad for $FSAM. $8 PT @ FSAM. Divy slash to $0.15 to 0.20 range FSAM
        Fri, 2:47 PM
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        • William Packer: Again, this is all word of mouth rumor mill and no PR. Take it for what it's worth.
          Fri, 2:51 PM
        • Macreeze: Thank you.
          Fri, 3:28 PM
          • William Packer
            Press Release: Medley Management Inc. Hires Mark Smith as Managing Director and Member of the Institutional Fundraising Group. $MCC
            Wed, 1:24 PM
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            • William Packer: This should help MCC drive more investor demand to their funds.... The guy hired has a lot of institutional connections.q
              Wed, 1:25 PM
              • William Packer
                Added 852 shares of $MCC today. Total holdings of 92,852. No margin debt. MCC remains deeply mispriced by the market.
                Wed, 12:52 PM
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                • William Packer: Sounds like a plan, riot. Oil prices are also up significantly over prior lows... Near $49 now.. Trend is definitely up.
                  Wed, 1:37 PM
                • William Packer: I see this as a positive for MCC's oil servicing companies... Perhaps EBITA declines there won't be very much...
                  Wed, 1:38 PM
                  • William Packer
                    I still believe in everything I said about $FSC, but feel $MCC has become the better deal based on the price. Swapped to $MCC in full,92,000
                    Mar 20, 3:57 PM
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                    • IndyPEG: appreciate the disclosure
                      Mar 20, 3:59 PM
                    • Wine Maker: Long FSC and liking the mopay over quarterly along with what I believe is more cap gain potential along with possible special dividends
                      Mar 21, 6:57 AM
                      • William Packer
                        $MTGE downgraded this AM... don't buy.... BADDDD IDEA. never buy on a downgrade. #1 rule.
                        Mar 20, 9:26 AM
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                        • William Packer: There is not a lot of reason to buy.. and plenty of fear to sell... big discounts are not unusual and the ROE @ book is not that good
                          Mar 20, 10:17 AM
                        • William Packer: ROE @ book is near 9%... the preferred stock of MTGE is yielding 8% I believe... so.. what a bad deal for the common equity.. considering...
                          Mar 20, 10:19 AM
                          • William Packer
                            $17.53 is 80 cents on the dollar... Probably come down and touch that level on $MTGE.. But we will see.
                            Mar 19, 10:29 PM
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                            • William Packer: If they don't give it us today.. Don't fret.. You can always buy sometime after ex divy and maybe get $17.30s.
                              Mar 19, 10:33 PM
                              • William Packer
                                $MTGE declares $0.50 dividend like I said they would... I told you so....
                                Mar 19, 4:06 PM
                                  • William Packer
                                    bought 46,000 shares of $MCC @ 9.53. Long 61,800 FSC @ 7.03.
                                    Mar 18, 3:10 PM
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                                    • WillWister: Thx :)
                                      Mon, 2:28 PM
                                    • WillWister: Also, I think my objection to Saratoga is that they did so poorly from 2007 to 2009. It makes me question management.
                                      Wed, 12:57 AM
                                      • William Packer
                                        I am projecting a dividend cut on $MTGE to 50 cents per share, a move to realign the dividend with taxable income. Just giving heads up.
                                        Mar 14, 11:15 AM
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                                        • William Packer: Well... Read FSC article that goes to the open public tomorrow and let me know what you think. And GL
                                          Mar 16, 9:26 PM
                                        • Dividends#1: I SOLD my FSC and will not reenter. Good luck to you. I think you will make money in FSC. Not for me. I am done with BDC's.
                                          Mar 16, 9:28 PM
                                          • William Packer
                                            $MTGE sales $18.10 to $18.15 range $FSC buy average $7.033, 121,000 shares I sold my MTGE @ profit and bought back my FSC, 121k shares.
                                            Mar 10, 2:47 PM
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                                            • William Packer: Nice... Grats
                                              Mar 10, 7:17 PM
                                            • Wine Maker: Likewise, William... thank you for the continued guidance.
                                              Mar 11, 7:04 AM
                                              • William Packer
                                                I still believe in $FSC but I sold all of it anyways. Trading call. Bought 24,000 shares of $MTGE @17.99. Rest of portfolio in Cash.
                                                Mar 9, 1:21 PM
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                                                • Rob1492: Look at combined dollar roll and ERTI covers current dividend... I do think they will cut at some point though... maybe 55-60 cents range
                                                  Mar 9, 2:17 PM
                                                • pokalolo: The passion of Packer strikes again..
                                                  Mar 9, 2:55 PM
                                                  • William Packer
                                                    Blow-out jobs report. You want to be long $FSC, $MCC, $ACSF (i am long FSC) to capture benefits of rising rates. Change of cycle upon us.
                                                    Mar 6, 10:48 AM
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                                                    • William Packer: By the time you get to the rate increases, the stocks will factor in them ahead of time... And you will have already lost value.
                                                      Mar 6, 4:26 PM
                                                    • William Packer: But that is your choice and GL to you.
                                                      Mar 6, 4:26 PM
                                                      • William Packer
                                                        I moved my funds into $FSC from $MCC at the close today. I believe in both companies though. I will update in an article on why i switched.
                                                        Feb 26, 5:35 PM
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                                                        • pokalolo: I'm buying most BDCs on bad news.I don't acre where the share price goes.I just want payouts &buying after cuts usually works well over time
                                                          Mar 1, 2:57 AM
                                                        • Wine Maker: Thanks for the link, William. I got FULL after cut at $3.81 and will hold for the last two old dividends, then see where they are in April
                                                          Mar 1, 4:38 AM
                                                          • William Packer
                                                            $5.35 price target for $TICC. Around 60 cents on the dollar. That is what happens when you lose 8% of your NAV in one quarter as a BDC. SELL
                                                            Feb 26, 9:39 AM
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                                                            • William Packer: The objective would be to buy near $5.30 to $5.50 and then sell near $6.50.
                                                              Feb 26, 11:11 AM
                                                            • William Packer: Another good trade is $MCC here at $9.50 ... you should be able to flip out of it above $10 maybe as early as next month. nice little trend
                                                              Feb 26, 11:14 AM
                                                              • William Packer
                                                                "The Risks of Medley Management..." $MDLY, $MCC, $PSEC, $FSC, $AINV, $TICC, $ARCC, $MAIN, $TCAP
                                                                Feb 25, 9:57 AM
                                                                  • William Packer
                                                                    $NRZ rally is overdone. It is a SELL if long. $14.25
                                                                    Feb 23, 6:18 PM
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                                                                    • hanakookie: I think there is a migration from HLSS to NRZ evolving seeing it is a cash deal.
                                                                      Feb 26, 4:58 PM
                                                                    • William Packer: You may be correct. Pure speculation of course, but that is part of our business.. Comes with the territory of investing.
                                                                      Feb 26, 8:13 PM
                                                                      • William Packer
                                                                        Something feels wrong about $HLSS and $OCN, if you are long.. Consider selling... Especially if you are up on your investment... imo
                                                                        Feb 10, 8:30 PM
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                                                                        • William Packer: Sometimes you just know.. Like a hunch... I have a terribly bad feeling about those companies.
                                                                          Feb 13, 10:58 AM
                                                                        • William Packer: That is fine since I bought in the 12 range and sold at $15.40 to $15.60 range on my shares. I have since changed my mind on the stock
                                                                          Feb 13, 4:19 PM
                                                                          • William Packer
                                                                            I no longer own any shares in $HLSS. I sold all above $15.40. I went long $MCC today. Full position.
                                                                            Feb 9, 1:11 PM
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                                                                            • William Packer: Thanks and to you as well
                                                                              Feb 9, 6:08 PM
                                                                            • Cahaba Research: Going back to the dark side? ;)
                                                                              Feb 10, 7:55 PM
                                                                              • William Packer
                                                                                My estimates, $MCC. NAV 11.85 to 12.10 range, 0.33 to 0.35 NII, 0.30 dividend declared.
                                                                                Feb 8, 11:27 PM
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                                                                                • pokalolo: 25 cents ? Drive an army though that spread > Seems you div at 30 should allow u to get a tighter spread. IMO
                                                                                  Feb 9, 4:16 AM