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Long only, value, contrarian, dividend investing
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Thanks for the fact check. Insiders know best.
Have not had chance to read earnings report. We know the shares are down, but we have faith in the major food companies. There is too much value in MDLZ and insiders know it. We own the shares and will continue to hold.
Have not had a chance to look at it, but if you have any opinions please feel free to add them here.
We made 3 to 4% in dividends along the way, so yes we were too early in the stock but we are still seeing a return.
You have to be able to recommmend a stock at its darkest hour to make real gains.
While we agree with you we were positive with COH for the last 2 years through thick and thin. Last summer you published articles saying COH could drop 50% (which it never did) and that their dividend could be cut in half (which never happened). You may have scared investors away from COH back then and now pushing them into it at a higher price. P.S. We also note your habit of almost never responding to commenters.
None from us. We own the shares for several years now. Seems like you have some good ideas.
There are studies. Look it up.
Thanks for the exception to the rule. There are commenters like you on every insider purchase article.
You are right overall. We may have meant a subpart of the company's business such as oil and gas, hence the doubling up on spending for restructuring. We did a quick skim on earnings and on the high level you are correct.
"Tips for beating the market tend to come and go quickly, but one has held up extremely well: if executives, directors or others with inside knowledge of a public company are buying or selling shares, investors should consider doing the same thing. Indeed, much research shows that insider trading activity is a valuable barometer of broad shifts in market and sector sentiment. But, before chasing each insider move, outsiders need to consider the factors that dictate the timing of trades and the factors that conceal the motivations."
There are always exceptions, but generally insider purchases are a strong signal to individual investors. A comment such as that is a scare tactic. We see it on every article we ever write on insider purchases.
Comments such as yours always choose the exceptions, but never acknowledge all the circumstances where insiders are correct with their purchases.
No particular price target at the moment.
No problem....Good luck.
Thanks again for the information.
Thanks for the information.
We do not have a TV, but will trust everyone's opinions on the new commercials.
Thank you for your positive opinion.
10% of Americans make over $100,000 a year and about 3% of Americans make over $250,000 a year. This country is in big big trouble. Most people in the U.S. have no money and the bill will come due. No doubt about it.
That is another issue, but thank you for the comment.
The past is the past. We are talking about the future ... intermediate and long term.
Thanks for the positive enthusiastic comment.
Yes, he was a big buyer years ago. Not now.
Thanks for the direct comment.
It is hard to say when such a pull back can occur. It may be when less defensive stocks show some kind of recovery. With current market volatility, investors move towards food stocks such as SJM and push up the price. We bought our SJM shares in 2004, but we bought GIS shares on weakness in early 2014.
Tyco is taking on billions in debt to make this convoluted tax dodge to work. I wish we would stop making excuses for poorly run companies.
Because they want more, more and more.
It isnt exorbitant. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. There are many company's that pay zero tax. THe rate your refer to is the base rate before deductions.
You are 100% correct. Hard to believe that if we took cash for the buyout we would get $35 when the shares were trading at $45 a couple months and at $54 within the past year.
You are going to have to pay tax whether you take cash or shares.
Institutions will vote with management.