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  • Wilson Wang
    $LMCA sum of the parts discount as of this moment -20%.
    Aug 13, 1:55 PM
      • Wilson Wang
        $WAG is looking real cheap.
        Aug 11, 9:44 PM
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        • Bruce Burnworth: If WAG is looking cheap, then RAD looks real cheap. They are probably both great LEAPS right now.
          Aug 11, 9:59 PM
          • Wilson Wang
            Why is $LMCK trading at a premium to $LMCA????
            Aug 6, 3:58 PM
              • Wilson Wang
                $LMCA, Liberty Broadband will be a steal of a lifetime if one figures out how accretive $CHTR 's deal with $CMCSA is!
                Aug 5, 2:56 PM
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                • roybuckley: Wilson, hope you write some in depth articles soon. They are always a nice read.
                  Aug 5, 10:24 PM
                • Wilson Wang: Check out my spreadsheet on this link. Wilson-TPC is my name.
                  Aug 5, 10:31 PM
                  • Wilson Wang
                    $TWX, if $NFLX is worth 28 billion with its all mightly 50.05 million subs, then HBO would be worth 84 billion by itself. HBO has 147mil sub
                    Jul 21, 8:41 PM
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                    • Wilson Wang: To my estimates, HBO juices out 1.84 billion in annual EBITDA by itself. It's growing at 11%. 17x EBITDA would be appropriate, 31 bil.
                      Jul 21, 8:42 PM
                    • Wilson Wang: In my opinion, $TWX should create a tracking stock for HBO. Let the public market evaluate it, and then decide on an appropriate price.
                      Jul 21, 8:43 PM
                      • Wilson Wang
                        $AMCX already trades at 13-14x EBITDA. What do you think a reasonable buyer would pay for it? 15x? 17x? 10x?
                        Jul 18, 10:14 AM
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                        • Wilson Wang: Where was the pro forma? Is it possible for you to send me the link? Thanks!
                          Jul 18, 12:59 PM
                        • Ted Barac: In the Q1 report, the show a leverage multiple using TTM EBITDA, pf for Chello. You can back out the pf EBITDA number from that multiple.
                          Jul 18, 1:15 PM
                          • Wilson Wang
                            $STRZA is a bite sized comp for a media juggernaut. $45-$50 buyout this year. $55-$60 next year.
                            Jul 18, 10:12 AM
                              • Wilson Wang
                                $TWX, HBO prints about 1.6 billion in operating profit a year, and it's growing at 11% with a gross margin of 65%. $STRZA $CBS
                                Jul 18, 12:23 AM
                                  • Wilson Wang
                                    This is hilarious. $ATHN used the word "adjusted" 56 times in its press release and the word "cloud" 5 times. So it's an adjusted cloud comp
                                    Jul 17, 9:08 PM
                                      • Wilson Wang
                                        I like the new top pro idea section. It looks like the editors took into account the quality and the conviction levels of each idea! Awesome
                                        Jul 17, 9:05 PM
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                                        • Maulik Patel: I'm looking at my homescreen now, where do you see this?
                                          Jul 17, 10:14 PM
                                        • Wilson Wang: Well it's the top idea section, but the ideas are a lot more refined.
                                          Jul 17, 10:22 PM
                                          • Wilson Wang
                                            The things happening at $ALCS is getting really interesting. CAS wants an overhaul of the board.
                                            Jul 15, 3:37 AM
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                                            • Special Situations and Arbs: Too much value here. Painful to hold but would love to see new blood. Lot of smart investors in $ALCS as well
                                              Jul 19, 1:57 AM
                                            • Miguel Marecos: For $ALCS current management the peer group is good to compare salaries but not the stock price... go figure!
                                              Jul 22, 11:58 AM
                                              • Wilson Wang
                                                Who else thinks $SODA is really cheap right now?
                                                Jul 15, 2:05 AM
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                                                • Ron Reed: Acq. more now through put sales.
                                                  Jul 15, 10:54 AM
                                                  • Wilson Wang
                                                    $SPLS looks way too cheap. Too cheap to ignore.
                                                    Jul 12, 8:08 AM
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                                                    • Special Situations and Arbs: Also like $COH
                                                      Jul 19, 1:53 AM
                                                    • Wilson Wang: Exactly. I've been keeping an eye on it.
                                                      Jul 19, 4:07 PM
                                                      • Wilson Wang
                                                        Feel bad for all the retail guys buying $CYNK. What a scam.
                                                        Jul 9, 9:17 PM
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                                                        • th3Chartist: I wouldn't feel bad until it drops. In the mean time they're sitting pretty.
                                                          Jul 9, 11:51 PM
                                                        • connellybarnes: I always feel guilty about my counterparties. Occasionally I lose some money and then I think, 'Good for you, you sly dog [Mr Counterparty]'
                                                          Jul 10, 7:23 AM
                                                          • Wilson Wang
                                                            Anyone know how I can short the Spain bond market? And the high yield bond market through an etf of some sort.
                                                            Jul 9, 6:40 AM
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                                                            • Atlanta Equity Professional: I don't, Wilson, but I bet that Michael Pettis does. He's an SA contributor. Good luck!
                                                              Jul 9, 8:23 AM
                                                            • losbronces: How about those new 3-year Greek bonds expected to yield under 3%? Spain actually produces some things...
                                                              Jul 9, 9:21 AM
                                                              • Wilson Wang
                                                                I love how $MONT didn't file both its 10Q and 10K.
                                                                Jul 6, 3:03 PM
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                                                                • JLucky: Feels like Nasdaq and SEC are giving them a free pass. Let Chinese taxpayers take back their bill of goods.
                                                                  Jul 7, 5:16 PM
                                                                  • Wilson Wang
                                                                    GS's report on $NFLX almost made me puke in my mouth. The assumptions used is just absolutely mind boggling. #bubble #ohyouknowitsabubble
                                                                    Jul 1, 3:40 PM
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                                                                    • kadison: Wilson, agree. However what about forced liquidation due to no availability of shares to short?
                                                                      Jul 2, 8:16 AM
                                                                    • Wilson Wang: Position sizing is important. Which is why a short sellers success is really hinged on portfolio management.
                                                                      Jul 2, 1:08 PM
                                                                      • Wilson Wang
                                                                        Why would someone want real estate value updates every 15 minutes? Do real estate prices change that fast? What a pointless feature. $Z
                                                                        Jun 30, 2:16 PM
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                                                                        • NLTInvestor: i'm not shorting this until i see a catalyst
                                                                          Jun 30, 11:39 PM
                                                                        • jaginger: Catalyst?
                                                                          Jul 24, 2:16 PM
                                                                          • Wilson Wang
                                                                            Citron's report on $Z barely dents the stock price. Unreal.
                                                                            Jun 27, 11:46 AM
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                                                                            • Bull-Market: Yeah, when it came out I pulled up the 1 minute chart and was also amazed at the resilience of Z to withstand that attack.
                                                                              Jun 28, 4:18 AM
                                                                            • AContrarian: Stay solvent and you'll make plenty on it.
                                                                              Jun 29, 12:33 AM
                                                                              • Wilson Wang
                                                                                $Z up another 6%. Unreal.
                                                                                Jun 25, 3:52 PM
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                                                                                • Atlanta Equity Professional: Wilson, everything about $Z is magnified because of the short interest. A 2% stock gain at another firm is a 6% gain at $Z.
                                                                                  Jun 26, 9:03 AM
                                                                                • Atlanta Equity Professional: Although I've come to the conclusion that this rally is by no means just a matter of shorts covering. There is something else going on too.
                                                                                  Jun 26, 9:04 AM