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  • Wilson Wang
    Peter Misek is probably one of the worst Wall Street Analysts I've ever seen my whole life.
    19 hours ago
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    • TFCAB: Wilson. Pls inform Mr. Misek that 3-D black tulip bulbs are no longer fashionable and that he must catch up w/ the times.
      15 hours ago
    • Wilson Wang: God he's horrible lol.
      15 hours ago
      • Wilson Wang
        $CMG, only way for companies like Chipotle to control margins effectively is to grow their own supplies. Short $CMG.
        22 hours ago
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        • Energysystems: That reminds me..gotta get my pork/steak burrito! Delicious eats but deliriously expensive stock, but delicious lol
          14 hours ago
          • Wilson Wang
            Amazon acquires Sears? $SHLD $AMZN
            Thu, 2:44 PM
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            • Wilson Wang: And change the name after he sells all the real estate assets and get a wad of cash.
              22 hours ago
            • MSF INVESTMENTS: .........don't think so, but your opinion................
              15 hours ago
              • Wilson Wang
                Huge purchase by Mr. Tisch. $SHLD 475k shares.
                Thu, 12:32 PM
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                • AContrarian: MSF - I hurt your feelings? WW just said the same thing... gonna turn him in too? Maybe I need to say Lahiem after I post too...
                  Thu, 3:59 PM
                • MSF INVESTMENTS: Long one share until Eddie buys.
                  Thu, 4:44 PM
                  • Wilson Wang
                    $TWGP, the spread is getting a little too large...
                    Wed, 6:38 AM
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                    • Special Situations and Arbs: If the deal fails TWGP is likely to trade to a price below 1 1/2..perhaps zero as Chris mentions as a possibility. If so long calls still 0
                      Thu, 11:13 AM
                    • Wilson Wang: Haven't finished my research, but not very appealing company to say the least.
                      Thu, 11:42 AM
                      • Wilson Wang
                        $SHLD, Eddie Lampert on the recent spinoff. $LE
                        Mon, 12:06 PM
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                        • Wilson Wang: I'm not going to waste another word explaining to you why. But if you aren't going to take my word for it, then so be it.
                          Tue, 3:47 PM
                        • MSF INVESTMENTS: Oh.....OK.
                          Tue, 3:54 PM
                          • Wilson Wang
                            Great article! A must read!
                            Mon, 11:36 AM
                              • Wilson Wang
                                Bargains of a lifetime? Yes,
                                Mon, 4:06 AM
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                                • sheldond: But you still have the mortgage that will foreclose on you.....not as easy for those that don't know real estate in and out.
                                  Mon, 8:24 AM
                                • Wilson Wang: Yeah. Exactly. But you get the previous equity from the owner.
                                  Mon, 8:49 AM
                                  • Wilson Wang
                                    As of the last SEC filings, 4 owners own 93,595,165 shares in $SHLD, and there are 15.75 million shares short. 106 million outstanding...
                                    Mon, 1:19 AM
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                                    • jaginger: Are these guys all wrong or all geniuses? Inquiring minds... I've avoided $SHLD so far, but it sure is getting cheap. How much cheaper?
                                      Mon, 9:19 AM
                                    • MSF INVESTMENTS: Yes, you trade the squeeze,
                                      Mon, 9:22 AM
                                      • Wilson Wang
                                        Really harsh article on $LE and $SHLD over the weekend by WSJ.
                                        Sun, 1:54 AM
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                                        • MSF INVESTMENTS: What's you average.
                                          Tue, 2:30 PM
                                        • Wilson Wang: 32
                                          Tue, 2:31 PM
                                          • Wilson Wang
                                            Not good news for $MU, Apple's iPhone 6 will only stick with 1GB Ram... Not good.
                                            Apr 11, 1:16 AM
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                                            • cooples03: agreed. I bet the 6 will do pretty well though too. It should be an interesting year for both. hell, it already has been for MU...
                                              Apr 11, 4:12 AM
                                            • Pogoh: The 5c wasn't disappointing. It did exactly what Apple wanted it to do. if it out sold the 5s then that would be bad news
                                              Apr 11, 6:22 AM
                                              • Wilson Wang
                                                $BFCF, Mr. Levan, I know you are selling, I'll take shares at $2.8 sir. Thanks.
                                                Apr 10, 11:08 AM
                                                  • Wilson Wang
                                                    Hawking $SHLD like no others. I will be whaling on this if it hits sub 30.
                                                    Apr 10, 5:59 AM
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                                                    • MSF INVESTMENTS: He's a fruitcake.
                                                      Apr 11, 2:14 PM
                                                    • Wilson Wang: Lol. MSF you turned from the biggest bull to the biggest bear in a matter of months. It seems like your emotions fluctuate with the stock
                                                      Sat, 12:40 AM
                                                      • Wilson Wang
                                                        $GM, Morgan Stanley downgrades GM to underweight with PT of 33. Same guy has an overweight on $TSLA PT 320. Stupidity at its finest.
                                                        Apr 9, 4:59 AM
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                                                        • kadison: Wilson, I would recommend latest Whitney Tilson's newsletter. He has laid out some supporting arguments for his TSLA short there.
                                                          Apr 10, 4:16 PM
                                                        • Wilson Wang: Cool. I think Mr. Tilson's a very very smart guy. But it's just very obvious that TSLA is overpriced by a lot.
                                                          Apr 10, 4:23 PM
                                                          • Wilson Wang
                                                            $GY looks cheap on all valuation metrics.
                                                            Apr 8, 12:13 AM
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                                                            • abes292: What's your take on GY's non-monetized land holdings? Do you see this as a near term catalyst? It's hard finding some good info for DD...
                                                              Apr 8, 8:13 AM
                                                            • Derrick Lilly: They report very little on their land holdings and valuations. Consider it a bonus on top of everything else they're doing right.
                                                              Apr 11, 10:33 AM
                                                              • Wilson Wang
                                                                $LE, I'll wait to bite the bullet. On all valuation metrics, $LE is much more expensive than other retailers.
                                                                Apr 7, 11:58 PM
                                                                  • Wilson Wang
                                                                    $BFCF, big seller at 3.6. Traded a few blows, and he still has shares to sell. I'll wait.
                                                                    Apr 7, 1:34 PM
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                                                                    • gsterling: Yes that trader's name was Alan Levan
                                                                      Apr 9, 3:18 PM
                                                                    • Wilson Wang: I knew it! My fill for 10k shares got filled in less than a sec. I'll wait.
                                                                      Apr 9, 9:19 PM
                                                                      • Wilson Wang
                                                                        $GCVRZ! What a shiny star today.
                                                                        Apr 7, 10:31 AM
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                                                                        • Wilson Wang: Thanks SSA. At the time of the rejection, i calculated EV to be .55-.65 without FDA approval. At 0.32, it was too good to pass up.
                                                                          Apr 8, 12:48 AM
                                                                        • sheldond: I remember when it went to .33 a few of us gobbled some up...good call...
                                                                          Apr 8, 9:30 AM
                                                                          • Wilson Wang
                                                                            $OTIV, why did Jeffrey Eberwein resign from the board? He also terminated his 10b5-1 plan. Only holds 300,000 shares...
                                                                            Apr 7, 2:41 AM
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                                                                            • kingry: Sorry for hijacking the original thread topic, thanks for your input.
                                                                              Apr 7, 4:33 PM
                                                                            • sarichter: NFC will be a huge market, but you are right... they will have to really push to get a hold on the market!
                                                                              Apr 7, 11:41 PM
                                                                              • Wilson Wang
                                                                                $OTIV looking mighty cheap after the huge selloff on Friday. Fingers on the trigger, still analyzing.
                                                                                Apr 6, 11:52 PM