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Winthrop Smith  

Winthrop Smith is the president and founder of Win Analytics LLC, an independent company of finance experts. The firm provides litigation support, analysis, and research to participants in structured finance and related markets. Mr. Smith is currently working with one of the pioneers of financial theory on problems of long-term investment.

Mr. Smith has been CFO of a $7 billion education finance company and has developed groundbreaking financial optimization techniques. His career has centered on quantitative finance but has had many facets: investment banker, financial advisor, expert witness, conference speaker, writer, programmer, modeler, analyst, teacher, mathematician, and inventor. Mr. Smith has ...More
  • Description: Independent financial planner/advisor.
  • Interests: Bonds, Retirement savings
Win Analytics LLC Win Analytics LLC, an independent research and advisory firm. Mr. Smith founded the company in order to provide financial advice, transaction structuring, cash flow modeling, portfolio valuations, research and litigation support to participants in markets such as mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed ...More
The Well-Tempered Spreadsheet The Well-Tempered Spreadsheet is dedicated to raising the quality and efficiency of financial analysis. Topics include modelling tips, mathematical insights, economics, and original financial puzzles.
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