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WisdomTree launched its first ETFs in June of 2006, and is currently the industry's fifth largest ETF provider.

The WisdomTree Seeking Alpha profile will feature content by some of our leading analysts including:

Luciano Siracusano:

Luciano Siracusano is WisdomTree's Chief Investment Strategist and Head of Sales. He is the co-creator with CEO Jonathan Steinberg of WisdomTree's patented Indexing methodology and has led the firm's sales force since 2008. Luciano is a regular guest on CNBC and FOX Business, and speaks frequently on ETFs, indexing and global financial markets. A former equity analyst at ValueLine, Luciano began his career as a speechwriter for former New York Governor Mario Cuomo ...More
  • Description: Mutual Fund Manager.
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, ETFs, Forex
WisdomTree Investments WisdomTree sponsors 79 distinct ETFs that span asset classes and countries around the world. Categories include: U.S. and International Equity, Currency, Fixed Income and Alternatives. WisdomTree pioneered the concept of fundamentally weighted ETFs and active ETFs and is currently an industry leader in both ...More
WisdomTree Blog The WisdomTree blog brings direct access to WisdomTree thought leaders and their opinions on what’s going on in the market, unique investment opportunities, and more.
European Small Caps:Sensitivity to Europe's Budding Economic Recovery and Unique Long-Term Performance After the global financial crisis of 2008–09, one of the most maligned regions in the global economic landscape was Europe. Many focused on the banks being perceived as over-leveraged, not to mention the imbalances between different countries. It appeared that certain strong countries (such as Germany, France ...More
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