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@ Sheeple123jump: If you read carefully, its Petroleo Brasileiro SA at the Sao Paulo Exchnage (PETR4:Sao Paulo). (FYI: The stock indeed slid 2.2 percent to 25.30 reais, the lowest price since March 3 last year.
Hope this clears your confusion.
Thank you all for your valuable comments.
Another vital point to keep in mind is that this report on China market is essentially for a long term investor and fund managers who oversee large chunk of invested capital in these and other emerging markets.
We are not saying that CHINA is about to fall or decline into oblivion obviously. Point is that there is a limit of remaining so hot all the time. No entity or country or economy can remain constantly hot and hot and hot. There is a limit.
Some naive and innocent China pushers believe that any thing negative about their favorite subject means outright criticism or so. It is not that.
YES China has done great but the economies and all markets go in waves. Having no retracement or correction creates doubts. In our research we found that CHINESE authorities do play a significant role in manipulating certain segments and their bully approach can kill or make a stock overnight by the stroke of a signature.
If we are thinking in terms of London, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Tokyo or NY we may be wrong in relation to Shanghai. There is no clarity and no real openness that is required for a sane and solid investing.
It is not question if Chinese market will have a correction or bubble burst but WHEN.
And the rest of the stuff is so much associated with geo-politics and other issues which may eclipse or lift the markets. There are so many variables and we discussed all possible issues that are being discussed in hundreds of forums.
Just by our living in denial or keep remaining on long or short side does not mean much because markets do turn around. All bubbles do burst at the wrong or least expected times. Hence what we suggest is more attention and thoughts for large and long term capital movers.
Thank you all for great comments and your contributing thoughts to this vital issue. We indeed can make a huge change in our lives by promoting the alternate sources of energy. As rightly said this can prove to bring about the next big stock market boom in near future.
We must take this issue to mainstream media, officials and all people for it is an urgency and a necessity. It is not merely a new industry or sector but an absolute opportunity to turn around our misfortunes and down turn of economy into a new wonderful success story.
Let us work all to make new ideas and new start ups successful to pave the path for a brigther and greener world around us.
India is one of the largest potential and growing market for RIMM. While Smaller Gulf markets may be insignificant from a market size view, India is a very big market to ignore and it appears there is some compromise from Research in Motion.
Reuters reports from India a few hours ago that Research In Motion has promised India a technical solution for decoding encrypted BlackBerry data, a senior official said on Friday, a step that could allay Indian security concerns about the smartphone and avert a shutdown.
Indian authorities, who met with RIM officials on Friday, also pledged to go after other companies -- including Google GOOD and Skype -- to protect the country from cyber-spying and attacks planned over the Internet.
They have assured that they will come with some technical solution for Messenger and enterprise mail next week," said the senior Indian government source, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "Our technical team will evaluate if it works."
After the meeting, Robert Crow, a RIM vice president, expressed optimism that the company would resolve India's worries. "It is a step in a long journey," he said.
Addendum: There is another unposted article on dairy industry where Saputo SAP.TO is listed. Hope that is publilshed soon. Thanks again to mention it.
Dear Nojus Sir how are you?
You are so right. Will you please kindly add this comment on the article. There are some additional comments and stocks mentioned in the article below. Indeed US stocks related to cheese have good potential.
Dear UK Farmer
You are so right about mentioning of Margarine which is obfuscated and sold as butter in many places when it is essentially the worst lard or even worse.
Natural Butter and Cheese are wholesome foods that are only possible to create in good old slow mode.
Dear MexCom Sir
You are absolutely right about the Cheese markets. Great to know that you had a career at USDA. We follow many of the analysts and specialists at USDA regularly. They have pretty good knowledge of their fields.
You are right the futures of Cheese are essentially non speculative and are used for genuine hedging by the providers and the industry users. We think that these futures have great future and we hope some company launches a good ETF on them.
You could contact a few large suppliers and buyers who will be very pleased to have your experience and knowledge of the industry. Cheese continues to be a very specialized field and the USA has bright future as an exporter/supplier to the world, where demand is growing exponentially more specially in Asia specially India and many other world destinations.
Dear Wehew Sir
Thank you very much for mentioning Saputo Inc SAP.TO whch has had a very impressive performance recently.
Our analyst covering Cheese did not have full information on Saputo a the time of writing but we will include and analyze in our next report on the industry. Another thing is we have been focusing mainly on US quoted stocks and ADRs or a few emerging areas stocks.
We hope readers who trade on Canadian exchange can look at SAP.TO for it appears to be a good stock.
The biggest difference between these two markets is that China is no longer an emerging market but an emerged and developed one with its own velocity and it probably has reached a medium term peak. Whereas Russia is one of the most fascinating emerging markets to watch irrespective of Russian "Oligarchies" which essentially are state corporations, but Russian private business growth will present opportunities that will surpass any other market.
Further to our report on Dubai, In a news filed today by Zahraa Alkhalisi of Bloomberg News writing on Middle East Markets reported the following :
Dubai’s benchmark DFM General Index declined 1.4 percent, the most since June 29, to 1,506.95, led by Emaar Properties PJSC and Dubai Financial Market PJSC as earnings disappointed.
Emaar Disappoints
Emaar, the builder of the world’s tallest tower in Dubai, retreated 3.6 percent, the most in almost two months, to 3.25 dirhams after profit fell short of analysts’ estimates. Emaar has 26 percent weighting on Dubai’s benchmark index.
Net income was 802 million dirhams ($218 million) after a loss of 1.28 billion dirhams a year earlier, the Dubai-based company said July 22. Analysts predicted a profit of 958.7 million dirhams, according to the average of six analysts in a Bloomberg survey.
“Dubai is pricing in earnings,” said Ali Khan, head of cash-equity trading at Dubai-based Arqaam Capital Ltd. “Emaar earnings were lighter than expected and the DFM slightly weaker. That is pulling the market down.”
Dubai Financial Market, the only publicly traded Gulf Arab bourse, declined 3.3 percent, the biggest drop since June 29, to 1.47 dirhams after second-quarter profit dropped 80 percent.
In a news filed today by Zahraa Alkhalisi of Bloomberg News writing on Middle East Markets reported the following:
Egypt’s benchmark index rose to the highest in almost a month, leading Middle East markets higher, as concern about the global economic recovery eased and earnings in the U.S. boosted investor confidence. Dubai shares declined.
Orascom Telecom Holding SAE of Egypt, the Middle East’s biggest mobile-telephone company by subscribers, advanced to the highest level in two weeks. Naeem Holding, Egypt’s third-largest investment bank, gained the most in more than a month. The EGX30 Index gained 1.4 percent to 6,111.95 at the close in Cairo, the highest level since June 29. The Bloomberg GCC 200 Index slipped 0.2 percent.
“We’re continuing to catch up with the positive movements in the U.S. and European markets,” said Cairo-based Amr Elfeky, head of technical analysis at Cairo Capital Securities.
Egypt’s Orascom Telecom gained 2.7 percent to 4.99 Egyptian pounds, the highest since July 11. Naeem Holding rose the most since June 17 after it said it received final offers for 90 percent of its Web-based brokerage arm Arabeya Online.
user303206: Its not about sitting in a coffee shop. Its about the investments people had made in the Dubai RE and bought properties with inflated rates and are now struggling to either pay the banks or dispose them. either way they have burnt a lot of hard earned capital all because of inflated realty talks without having strong fundamentals.Do yo have any position in Dubai? have you invested your saying in Dubai RE and feel safe, or are you safe that you skipped the RE and invested in your coffee?