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  • Enteromedics - Looking At The Numbers [View article]
    The other comment that I have is that at the 2 year mark patients that had the lap band and gastric bypass surgeries have gained back a lot of the weight loss. Vbloc is actually pretty close in weight loss at 2 years to these anatomy altering procedures.

    There has been a lot of talk recently about the recently approved balloon. Weight loss is great, but the balloon can only stay in for 6 months. I know someone that went down to Mexico to have this balloon implanted and lost a lot of weight but gained it all back and then some after it was removed. She went back again and had another balloon implanted but gained back the weight again when it was removed. IMHO it is the most ridiculous weight loss procedure as almost everyone gains all the weight back within a year of having it taken out.
    Nov 18, 2015. 01:32 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Enteromedics - Looking At The Numbers [View article]
    Hi Spencer, you should look back at the SEC filings for the $25 million financing... it is not a straight debt deal. The company may elect to make payments in stock instead of cash. Not saying that it was an ideal financing (I am actually voting against the r/s and financing and recommend that all shareholders do so as well) but your assumption that they need cash to repay the 'loan' is incorrect.

    If we vote down the financing, the company will have approximately 1 year of cash runway with the initial $5mm that already funded from the financing. This deal was too dilutive and management should look to sell the company in the next year rather than raising so much money at such a low valuation. I suspect that Medtronic & Cyberonics would be interested in the product, tech, the IP portfolio and the NOLs.
    Nov 18, 2015. 01:15 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 2 Takeover Targets For 2014 [View article]
    Always a nice feeling to make people money! :-)
    Jan 6, 2014. 02:49 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Face [View article]
    ININ is not experiencing BSFT's softness - maybe ORCL will buy them instead.
    Nov 6, 2013. 01:46 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AudioCodes: Trick Or Treat? [View article]
    Great work on your constant updates. I'm going to follow your work here with a takeover piece as there's no question the company is positioning itself for an outright sale. Watch for deep accumulation.
    Nov 6, 2013. 01:35 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • One Way To Play Microsoft's Growth Curve: AudioCodes [View article]
    To all,
    I'm very bullish on Audiocodes.

    i met with the company recently and imo the company rests on solid ground in front of key events. First, Sonus has sparked a renewed interest in the UC and SBC markets since APKT was acquired. Secondly, MSFT and Lync are doing very well and will announce Skype's integration shortly. Thirdly, but not lastly, mobility is not priced into the shares.

    Note, Previously I was short equites, but we have since reversed our thesis to long only small cap investors.
    May 30, 2013. 05:23 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Is ZAGG The Target Of An SEC Investigation? [View article]
    ZAGG is the most promotional company on the planet. In my opinion they definitely would have issued a press release to deny an SEC Investigation if they could. I expect the stock to continue to drift lower today.
    Sep 26, 2012. 10:34 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Zagg: $1 Billion Market Cap Is Within Reach [View article]
    A little advancement called Gorilla Glass destroyed screen protector business, but the fraud goes on and gets bigger.

    Just realize being long this stock that some time soon the real news is going to come out, either through the auditor resigning or the FBI raiding their offices and WHEN it does this stock is going to be halted eventually reopen a penny stock where it belongs.
    Mar 2, 2012. 03:11 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Zagg: $1 Billion Market Cap Is Within Reach [View article]
    Nice analysis of the completely bogus numbers! Screen protector business growing like crazy???? Find a shield on a iPhone before you believe these guys.
    Mar 2, 2012. 02:58 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • ZAGG Starting To Go Parabolic With Smartphone And Tablet Market Growth Through 2015 [View article]
    "Since inception, ZAGG has grown at a 100% annual rate as the accessories market has exploded."

    Wow. What has their cumulative cash flow been since inception? Negative.

    Commodity product. 2 star reviews on average on Amazon. Unlimited growth with great margins but always burning through cash. Fraud. 100% certainty.
    Feb 21, 2012. 10:44 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Forecasting Zagg's Earnings [View article]
    Huge inventory write down coming. Most of the inventory is just an accounting scam to make ZAGG look profitable. To the extent that there is real inventory most of it is made up of old, obsolete InvisibleShields that ZAGG took back from Best Buy in exchange for free new iPhone shields. These obsolete shields should have been written off as worthless but instead of taking huge charges that would completely wipe out all the historical earnings ZAGG has been having Integracore put them back on the shelf at the original value. Integracore has played an invaluable role in facilitating the ZAGG scam as they have helped to shield the true inventory from the auditors.

    The reality is that this is the first year that KPMG has been able to do a real audit as last year they came in on January 30th and were not there to do a year end inventory count. KPMG should really resign as ZAGG's auditor rather than work with ZAGG to clean up the books. By now they have to know that ZAGG is not just bad at inventory management but that they are a criminal investment fraud. By staying as ZAGG's auditor while knowing that the company is a fraud KPMG is complicit in the crime.
    Feb 17, 2012. 08:49 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Short And Distort Campaign On ZAGG: Fighting The Ridiculous Rumors [View article]
    KPMG is going to run away from this fraud. Nice try Joe Barton from White Rock Capital.
    Feb 3, 2012. 09:43 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 8 Severely Overvalued Stocks to Consider Shorting [View article]
    ZAGG is a scam company that is run by some white collar criminals. They always come up with the next hype product to use market their stock to daytraders.

    ZAGGinsurance is missing in action. Waterproofing was a total scam and you will see that it was just a cover to steal shareholder money (or spend earnings that never existed) just like the ZAGGBox and Superhero project. Money went out one door and came back in the other.

    Pedersen is probably getting a lot of the $50 million cash component of the ifrogz acquisition put right back into his pocket. Consensus is that ifrogz wasn't worth more than $30 million and that the margins that Robert is claiming for ifrogz are not even close to reality and likely 1/3 of what he is claiming.

    Why no 8k still giving us the ifrogz financials? Why wait the full 72 days? ZAGG claims that they have audited numbers so it would take an hour to file them... why wait????
    Jul 29, 2011. 03:19 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The ZAGGMate? What's That? [View article]
    Really we can wait and see what the sell through will be and I am certain that I will be right, but I stand by my challenge to Robert Pedersen. If he can prove that they even have a $1 million order and I do all the things that I promised.

    One month ago they claimed $12 per iPhone Invisible Shield full body and now they are saying it is in the $6's. That is the truth, told to many analysts. Things just don't add up.
    Nov 24, 2010. 06:31 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The ZAGGMate? What's That? [View article]
    <p>Tom Feiner,

    Your anger is misdirected. Listen, in my last article I put an exact quote from Robert at the Merriman conference were he said that Best Buy ordered millions of dollars worth of ZAGGMates (if you don't trust my quote there is a replay available). That is a fact. Also a fact is every bit of this article except my opinion (labeled as such) that Best Buy ordered no ZAGGMates, but that they are there on consignment. Best Buy will sell none of these ZAGGMates, so you better hope they aren't producing millions of dollars worth.

    Here is your problem is that millions of dollars of ZAGGMates is not the only thing that you have been lied to about by ZAGG. First they spoke of keystone markups $12 average pricing per shield (dozens of people have been told of $12 per shield even sell side analysts) but I busted them by telling people how to figure out the approximate cost by getting friendly with a salesperson and asking for how much they can buy a ZAGG InvisibleShield full body coverage. This experiment was repeated and people found out it that employees could buy the shield for 6-7 bucks which is cost plus a markup. What does ZAGG management do? just in the last couple of weeks as the truth is crashing down on them they started claiming that they sell the shields in the 6 buck range!

    Why tell people 12 bucks? You are going to reply who cares it is cheap polyurethane, but the whole equation just starts to not add up at 6 bucks. How could the margins only fall to where they did? It just doesn't add up. The cost of the shields is not as cheap as one might think, we are enlisting some help to do some calculations and will report back. The packaging is expensive. Logistics of shipping millions of these things to Best Buy is expensive. ZAGG needs to eat the returns which are fairly high given how impossible this stuff is to install for the people that tackle it themselves (yes there are a lot that try). They probably exchange unsold inventory for different models (also brings into question revenue recognition).

    You should have an open mind and look at the facts and realize that people deserve good things.
    Nov 24, 2010. 02:23 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment