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Long/short equity, value, growth, contrarian
Xin He
Long/short equity, value, growth, contrarian
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I want to know whether you think RCKY has too much exposer to oil industry?
I am buying CMCM as it is clearly out of the favour at the moment. However, its mobile games just recently occupied the no.1 place on many coutries' app store.
The actual reason is that QIWI reduced its kiosk contractors and terminals under the pressure of the central bank.
How do you think of the latest earnings report?
CMCM hasn't really turned full monetization yet.
Hi, I am not currently long oil or energy directly. However, I am long YNDX and RSX in this case. As you know, Russian stocks are hardly hit by oil price and currency problems. What are your thoughts?
May I ask what energy companies you are holding right now?
Hi Matt. I have been following you for sometime because of MAT. I have around 30% of my position in MAT and my avg price is quite high at 36$ a share I gotta say. Currently I have no other major holding, but I have been watching some fantastic targets(for example, YNDX QIWI GPRO CMCM RCKY TIF) closely. The problem is MAT now seems very cheap at the moment, I am a bit confused if I should add more to MAT.
MAT does have healthy dividend and still "ok" brand effects to work with. It is impossible to guess how long it will eventually show that it's turning around. DC comics cooperations seem like a good move as everybody in the industry is trying to look for movie exposer in order to boost their product sales. However, Barbie occupies too much of their revenue, which means that DC cooperations aren't likely to have a very meaningful impact.
What are your opinions for my doubts? thank you!
Thank you very much for the adding calculation. HI's fundamentals are very stable so I think EPS of $3.69 is quite likely to be true. Besides, dividend should be safe as the death rate comes to a fairly predictable range.
There is a clear mistake that you made in the Coolpad phone market share stats. I clicked the link you provided below, and I found out that the Chinese website states that it is actually anticipation number but not market share. In terms of market share, there is no way that Xiaomi only occupies 2% of the market.
should have mentioned DC movies cooperation.
i would put a three year time frame on MAT for now, stockton is gone, that's not a bad sign to me at least. and plus, the stock price is actually wiping out all the early loss, guess people aren't so unhappy about stockton's resignation.
What do you think of the new Barbie strategy? They have hired the old CBO back and he seems like a pretty good guy modifying brands.
He doesn't like toys for a reason...but indeed MAT should do well in long-term. I am wondering why he hasn't tried to acquire any oil companies.
This is really the time when patience is the most crucial element... Barbie needs bigger exposers on mobile end and screens. DC comics cooperation seems like a good deal for long term. I am LONG MAT.
Why is this company growing so rapidly? I see that they are buying lands that are somewhat far away from urban areas.
Well said
Would you short it?
I think what you meant is that they didn't really embrace the Internet... they could acquire some online content providers or gaming companies...but I personally would think that conventional toys aren't always. After all, companies don't run to please us, they run to make more profits. Acquiring digital companies don't necessarily mean profits right away and I think they have been considering these options as the management has well managed this company for quite a long time. I long MAT.
I said do your own logics, by that I really mean use the numbers and make a story of your own. Most people are idiots because they only see what's happening right now. I cannot argue about the whole thing here because it is simply pointless. Most people thought GMCR was dead, especially the wall street people. And now they are cheering it up. Shall I slap their faces and tell them that they are liars? They don't need to pay for their comments. They make money for writing up stuff.
Objectively speaking, MAT's board is excellent. I always hate to see emotional or subjective comments out there. Think like a robot and you win.
I think every investor should do their own logics. Media are just spreading emotional things, good or bad. Worrying about positive news or negative news that might have an affect on the stock isn't going to help. I don't think toy industry will be dead, Mattel is still the biggest player in the sector. It is much like the debate that Amazon is going to kill almost all retailers. Especially after a cold winter... you are clearly being affected by emotions. Not a good time to make a call.
I think greed comes in both ways. Either higher or lower. If the price drops under 30, the dividend will spike to almost 5%...
Check your iPad Entertainment category. You will see Barbie Fasion Design Maker is on No.2 right now. When you have a strong brand, it is always possible to transplant that brand's value to other platforms when you work on it. I have heard news about Barbie the movie under development. They do need to make a change to the old traditional Barbie model, but just that Barbie itself will not simply die out.
better not challenge the mainstream parents ...
Mattel had up and downs before as well. I don't think virtual apps will replace actual toys as toy companies also come out with new innovations.
I would say CYOU is hard to judge at this point. CYOU's downside is limited due to the structure of the online gaming market in China. CYOU has some pretty stable games and possibly some good performing ones coming down the road. On the other hand, SOHU TV's success will never nothing to do CYOU. I would recommend SOHU at this point. It's like BIDU or QUNR. Definitely BIDU.
Apparently, those two departments are valuable asset to competitors. So, YES, they are deeply undervalued in a weird way. However, people aren't feeling ok with the fact SOHU TV is not making any profits, yet. Just like any other online video business, you need to invest a lot of money before it pays off.
Speaking of American Doll... I actually observed something far more interesting. It seems Mattel is injecting its brands into Mega Bloks. Mattel will compete with Lego directly but with different brands. I know that Mega Bloks isn't a real threat to Lego, however, as the market grows, Mega Bloks will gradually gain more market shares.
Some people accuse Robin Li copying Google. I have asked some programmers and they have told me that Baidu's search engine algorithm isn't the same as Google. He might copied the business model, but the technology itself is the very thing that makes Robin so legendary. At a time, I thought Baidu was lack of ambition and innovation. I don't think that's the case anymore. LONG BIDU.
Yes. Your concern is understandable as well. I would try to look at Baidu vertically rather than horizontally.
Yes. That happens sometimes. Hmm, I would say Baidu will eventually break 200 dollars per share. $250 per share within 2 years if it keeps itself right on the current track.