Long only, dividend investing, value, investment advisor
Long only, dividend investing, value, investment advisor
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Girls! Girls! You're ALL pretty!
Nothin' wrong with adding to an oil giant trading below book
I'm thinking long game...deep value
Thanks! Good to be back!
Good to be back! Thanks for noticing!
Depends on the country and the agreements it has with the U.S.
Currently, there is no foreign tax due on ordinary dividends from UK stocks.
Google Finance..S&P Marketscope...Thompson Reuters..
I'm all about freedom of speech..but let's keep the discussion politically agnostic. M'kay?
So noted. Thanks for your feedback.
The "fudging the numbers" quote came from a reply to a comment, not in the original text of the comment. I just don't believe their numbers.
Girls...girls...you're both pretty. Let's comment on the article.
I believe the quote is "no one can be that good for that long". If they've been fudging the numbers for say..five years..then it would all eventually unwind.
No one can be that good for that long. Something's not right.
I think the timing is pretty good. A third reason to lighten up..
Sorry..my math didn't include the one time return of capital.
ummm...he wasn't talking about buying the BAC common shares...he was talking about buying the bonds and preferreds. Read.
So noted! It was a very long time ago...thanks!
Thanks for the feedback.
I love under the radar stuff. Will continue to try to root around for it!
Legg Mason's common symbol is LM. LMI is the preferred. CUSIP#524901-30-3.
DRE-PK per Yahoo finance. NYSE traded. Duke Realty's common symbol is DRE.
5 days? Settlement is T(trade)+2. Typically, depending on the kind of account one has (everyone usually has a margin account whether they know it or not) you can get money the next day if you have a MMA attached with a check book. I'm actually referring to moving money from Vanguard to another firm like rolling over a 401(k) etc. In my experience (yes...I'm an evil..dreaded financial intermediary...ooooh. And...believe it or not our clients...at least the ones who will listen...have made money and beat the market) they take longer than any other firm out there the no-load complexes and full service brokers alike. It's a pattern (I've been observing it for 15+ years) and at times seems almost conspiratorial. There's always a form that wasn't signed or entered correctly or the wrong one. The behavior is similar to the kind I've seen from insurance companies who are awful as well.
Eventually, the class action attorneys, or the government will get a whiff of it.
Here! Here! Glad someone else avoids the Bogle Kool Aid. Ever dealt with transferring $$$ from Vanguard? They drag their feet like crazy. If you're only making 25bps...you've got to keep it in the boat as long as possible.
Very good points. I still think he's there to do the deal. But it's one man's opinion. Nevertheless, love seeing the mega-pharmas with single digit multiples.
Sorry...our mistake. 1.03% yield. Corrected on our blog.
Great! Thanks...I'll check it out!
Same tax treatment: K1 rather than 1099. Therefore guilt by association.
My pleasure! Go to the blog and check older posts for other deep value ideas. Some are still relevant, in my opinion.
Also remember...1000 S&L's or so failed during the S&L crisis. Why the gov't hasn't created some kind of RTC for our current mess, which is real estate driven also, is beyond me.
The FDIC has always done that. Less disruptive than a weekday. And do you rely want a local, hayseed bank run?
your key phrase was.."reinvent themselves as a software company".
Microsoft is a software company, thus the reinvention.
Hopefully they'll get some growth too. 2.5% isn't enough to keep up with inflation if there's no upward.
This is an old stat. It was apparent when the wheels started falling off in 2007.