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Data for the put/call open interest and implied volatility came from ivolatility.com. Symbols are for the securities that trade in the US (PBR, VALE, ITUB). Hope that helps.
Yes, the company does have some gold assets. After all, the company's full name is "Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold."
According to the company, estimated reserves include 102 billion pounds of copper, 40 million ounces of gold -- plus some molybdenum, silver, and cobalt.
There's more information on the assets page of the company's site:
Appreciate the deeper perspective, pmguru.-- both what you noted out about the smaller miners and your take on the more diversified companies. Thanks for pointing that out.
Thanks for pointing that out. While some ETFs may be rebalanced frequently, according to the summary prospectus, the MTK ETF is rebalanced annually (in December).
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We wanted to build on your post Kurtis, and adressed the writing of monthly covered calls on the S&P 500 index, as tracked by the BuyWrite Monthly Index. Have a look:
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Rvantass, yeah I sort of figured that grey = white in the precious metals space. I was just being a bit sarcastic. I have heard that some silver is actually plated with rhodium to make it more "silvery," so I guess that's a "white metal," too. Richard.
For your reference, we posted a follow-up to the ZeccoPulse post that is the source of the graphs used by Sean. Have a look:
Platinum vs. Palladium: Which Is The Best Autocatalyst?
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It appears as if the images in your post were taken from our article here: pulse.zecco.com/2010/1.../
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May we suggest this:
A New Proposal For Rating Bonds
Thanks for the information Robert. I’d assumed that the newer carriers had lower labor costs, but obviously my assumption was wrong. Richard.
Thanks for the post Bill, and good question cyclingscholar. We tried to answer it here:
Single Stock “VIX” Levels: Comparing Two Sets Of Data
Thanks for the comment Papli. Please have a look at this follow-up post: pulse.zecco.com/2011/0.../
Does that address your points?
Thanks Ray, I noted that in your Instablog post you also mention QuantumOnline as a good source for information on these income-oriented stocks. I agree. I just wish the industry could agree on some standard symbols for preferred stocks. Everywhere you look, they’re all different.
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Yes, it appears that Mark Smith says he made a “mistake” when using the term “bubble.” He now says “I don’t believe that there is a bubble.”
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In response to your post, Richard Bloch posted his theory about the record low of the VIX:VXV ratio at ZeccoPulse. Have a look:
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We would appreciate higher journalistic standards when reporting on a sensitive issue like this. Insinuations that Zecco Trading pulled a bad April Fool's joke are factually inaccurate and complete misinformation.
Here's the real story:
Setting The Record Straight