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In regards to beta, sometimes we see differing figures from sources so we choose not to include them.
You are true to your name, Buyandhold ;-)
Hi Tuliptown - we don't actually create any analyst reports - we get the data from FinViz.
Yes - our policy is to not make buy recommendations. We only aim to generate ideas for further research.
All of our data was sourced from FinViz when the article was written.
Thanks for you questions. We're not an investment firm - we are a media company focused on writing financial news articles, and our motivation is to find under-researched stocks that hold potential, or spur ideas for investors. We're glad you liked the article.
Thanks for contibuting, Bob
You're both correct - we'll get it fixed
You're right - we'll get this corrected
You're right - we'll get it fixed.
Thanks for not calling us a nut job ;-)
Our articles aren't written for every investing style, and especially not for short selling - they're meant for generating ideas and starting your own research and analysis.
Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes our data is out of sync, because we rely on third party sources ( Finviz.com, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance ) - we will submit corrections to SA.
Thanks for the update David
We're glad you found the article useful - good luck on your search.
Where are you getting that from? http://bit.ly/RDkqNK - if the link doesn't work, add a '/' to the end and hit refresh.
Interesting analysis. To answer your question, as we always state in our articles: Financial data was sourced from Finviz.
Thanks Healthythoughts :-)
Thanks for sharing Dean, that's a very interesting perspective.
What a painful reminder of 'irrational exuberance' during the tech bubble.
We're glad you found the article useful, DividendInvestorLA
Thanks for the analysis, as well as the disclosure, Dean.
Very interesting analysis, Liberty.
Thanks for your feedback Harry.
Thanks for pointing that out Alan. It looks like the acquisition will go through despite some shareholder disagreement. We will put in an article fix request to SA.
Thank you. You're correct - it should read NEW England. We'll submit a correction to SA.
Nope. We just want to write articles people like, and in the case of TGS, there was just lots of negative feedback, so we pulled the article.
We actually asked SA to pull the article.
Who is pumping XIN? Our articles are not 'Buy' recommendations - they are 'Research' recommendations.
To answer your question, yes we read comments.
Feel free to share what those opportunities are.
We think dividend investors should know about TGS and opportunities like it.