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Mid-cap, biotech, macro, long only
Zhen Lu
Mid-cap, biotech, macro, long only
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Hi to clear things up, I did not state that the reason to invest in Pandora is to play a short squeeze. I agree that is a gamblers game, but I do believe that a short squeeze will occur once investors realize that the CRB may cut rates and Pandora may begin to monetize their mobile ads by two fold. When this occurs, and the company's revenue doubles along with additional users. Furthermore, with the possibility of a buyout from Apple, Google, Comcast, Facebook, or any of the other companies in the talks, you sure as hell be ready for a short squeeze. In the time being, I am going to go long because I believe they can lower CRB rates and monetize their mobile ads to a greater degree.
But nevertheless, there are plenty of risks to this company. I have no holdings currently as mentioned.
I agree that the ad rate will close and hopefully the computer ad rate stays constant whereas mobile rise up and not vice versa. However, I do not think Pandora is playing games. I believe Pandora is actually struggling to monetize their ads to a greater degree. I am betting that they will figure out incentives to generate larger ad revenue
That is optimistic but I like it!
Yes they do, I apologize for that. A correction has been sent. Thank you
I think there are other companies that would like to license CEMI's DPP technology, and CEMI could potentially benefit greatly from the royalty fees. CEMI may actually seriously investigate this strategy as the company could increase revenue yet spend no additional costs on capital spending or development. However, if they do this they are setting themselves up for a risky future because if the third party licensees decide to one day disown the rights to DPP bc there are better technologies or they go out of business, CEMI will have no viable source of revenue. I think royalties may be a supplement, but CEMI must implement its own OEM.
will corporations be as successful after the end of QE? Serious question, not rhetoric
prayers to Boston and a reminder to hug your loved ones
Furthermore, the 2, 389 stores in Europe are going to be majorly suffering from sales revenue at least well into 1H2013. Strong short
bby does not make sense. irrational behavior
SHORTING it big time over hear. betting on its correction soon
no problem. its a little pricey but from what I hear, this device is well worth your money. its more powerful than the laptop i have right now
the q10 is another wild card that could pull incredible numbers
looking at the past, the profit margins sure do rival both the giants
that is a good point concerning the Playbook- despite zero marketing for the BBRY tablet, the company is receiving 300, 000 sales per quarter. This leads to the excellent margins we see. margins, in my opinion, are more important than gross revenue
Yes thank you for adding this information. I overlooked the markets Blackberry has in emerging markets.
Look at this 8-k http://bit.ly/YfhcSl
its nonsense, how can you be long this company?
As much as I love the NFL, let's not forget the CEO and chairman of this company- he is an ex-nfl player who played 3 seasons as a kickoff returner and went to University of North Colorado. I don't know how business savvy this guy could be and I would be skeptical until further evidence of this guy's adequacy to run a company
With $127 billion in equity, a stable sales revenue from current products, and talks of movement with its large cash flow, I am about to go long on the fruit
The high cost of direct revenue was due to the promotion Groupon gave during the last quarter that allowed consumers to receive free shipping with a purchase of a certain amount. Also, Groupon is expanding its infrastructure, transportation, and storage for the groupon goods business for an even larger return in the future. Groupon goods will generate large margins in the next quarters as people realize that they can buy good products for a discounted price.
disney comes in 2016, even more for your kids
Yes, unfortunately we all have to suffer the consequences from such irrational behavior
Thank you 7009481 for addressing those questions. I would add that there will be no more negative earnings reports starting from now on. Earnings will be increasingly black. Be prepared to see Groupon cross into double digits.
IF they can get that contract with Fresenius, they will have a future
the corrections have been sent in
it is simply a categorization, even if it has no meaningful implication
I do not think the same thing that happened to Apple will happen to Google. Apple's downfall was in its divergence from innovation. Google, on the other hand, is just beginning its expansion
ZNGA is climbing today from news from Nevada
Yes it has paid down debt but it still has lots of high yields to pay off, how's it going to do that? With more revenue from future movies, right? What if future movies don't perform as well as expected? What happens then?
thanks for the comment....