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Articles by CFA Charterholders

  • The First-Quarter Earnings Rally And The Stock Market's Coming New Highs
    Kevin Flynn SPY, DIA, IWM Thu, Apr. 17
  • AAII Sentiment Survey: Optimism Falls To Lowest Level In A Year
    AAII SPY, IVV, VOO Thu, Apr. 17
  • EM Tail-Risks Are Rising
    Cam Hui SPY, QQQ, DIA Thu, Apr. 17
  • Positive Signals For European Small Caps
    WisdomTree DFE Tue, Apr. 15
  • A Case Of 'Risk Exhaustion'?
    Cam Hui SPY, DIA, QQQ Tue, Apr. 15
  • Crash In 2014? Not So Fast
    Henry Ma DIA, QQQ, SPY Tue, Apr. 15
  • Goldman Sachs: Hunter Or Prey? What Market-Maker Appraisals For DJIA Stocks Tell Us About Its Price Prospects
    Peter F. Way AXP, UTX, GS Wed, Apr. 16
  • 2 Major Players Graduate From MSCI FM 100: Is It Still Worth Tuning Into?
    Russ Koesterich EEM, VWO, EDC Wed, Apr. 16
  • Every Portfolio Has Faith
    Smead Capital Management PRF, VV, SCHX Wed, Apr. 16
  • Trading More Than The Average Daily Volume
    WisdomTree CYB Wed, Apr. 16
  • Down Market Ahead? What Do Leveraged ETFs Tell Us?
    Peter F. Way UDOW, URTY Wed, Apr. 16
  • The Downside To Chasing Prior Winning Strategies
    David I. Templeton IBB, IWM, SPY Mon, Apr. 14
  • Fast And Furious Dividend Growth To Start 2014
    WisdomTree BAC, WFC, JPM Thu, Apr. 17
  • REIT Focus: Weingarten Realty Investors
    Joseph Ori ROST, WRI Thu, Apr. 17
  • Gulf Banks Excited About MSCI's Emerging Markets Upgrade
    WisdomTree GULF, IPF, MES Tue, Apr. 15
  • Beware Of Overreaching For Yield
    Russ Koesterich HYG, JNK, HYLD Mon, Apr. 14
  • RAIT Financial - At 7.625% Their Debt Is Attractive
    Rubicon Associates RAS Mon, Apr. 14
  • How To Tame A Bear Market Like A Champion
    Eric Parnell ADM, ADP, AIG Wed, Apr. 9