Articles by CFA Charterholders

  • Market Update: After The Brexit Vote - Which Type Of Stocks To Buy Now (Video)
    Vahan Janjigian, CFA BWLD, TSLA, SCTY Today, 11:31 AM
  • The Boogeyman Is Under The Bed!
    Peter F. Way, CFA UUP, FXB, FXE Yesterday, 3:13 PM
  • Rebuttal To A Fellow Contributor: Yes, Stocks Are Very Expensive
    Adam Zingg, CFA Yesterday, 12:52 PM
  • The Brexit Ball Is Now Rolling
    Owen Williams, CFA Yesterday, 8:40 AM
  • Brexit Boogeyman Bellows 'Boo!'
    David Merkel, CFA DBUK, DXPS, EWU Yesterday, 7:38 AM
  • 'BLeave' It! The U.K. Is Out - Now What?
    Eric Parnell, CFA EWH, EWI, EWJ Yesterday, 7:35 AM
  • Brexit Is Beautiful
    Broadleaf/Doug MacKay SPY, DIA, QQQ Today, 10:15 AM
  • Evaluating Strategic Beta ETFs: Do The Old Rules Apply?
    Benjamin Lavine, CFA SPLV, USMV Yesterday, 12:03 PM
  • Why The Time Value Of Money = The Money Value Of Time; What To Do About It
    Peter F. Way, CFA AMZN, TWTR Wed, Jun. 22
  • Invesco Van Kampen Senior Income Trust: A Good Way To Benefit From Higher Interest Rates
    George Spritzer, CFA BKLN, VVR Tue, Jun. 21
  • Asymmetric Lemmings: Policy Makers Create Bias Too
    Adam Zingg, CFA DXJ, EWJ, FXY Mon, Jun. 20
  • Equities Or Bonds? Where To Turn Now?
    Owen Williams, CFA EMLC, LQD, IEF Fri, Jun. 17
  • REIT Focus: W.P. Carey, Inc.
    Joseph Ori, CFA WPC Wed, Jun. 15
  • FRED Adds Term Structure Model Series
    Brian Romanchuk IEF, PST, RINF Mon, Jun. 13
  • Which Would You Rather Own?
    Eric Parnell, CFA ASHR, EWG, EWI Fri, Jun. 10
  • Why Dividends Matter
    Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA Thu, Jun. 9
  • High Yield Plays A Supporting Role
    Matt Tucker, CFA HYG, JNK, HIX Thu, Jun. 9
  • Can Alternative Investing Rescue Your Retirement?
    Nicholas Vardy, CFA Wed, Jun. 8
  • Book Review: Enterprise Risk Management In Finance
    CFA Institute Contributors Thu, Jun. 23
  • Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA Tue, Jun. 21
  • Fedex Earnings Preview: Substantial Tailwinds Dissipating For FedEx, Stock Still Looks Fairly Valued Across Various Models
    Brian Gilmartin, CFA FDX Mon, Jun. 20
  • Book Review - Economics Rules
    Brian Romanchuk Sun, Jun. 19
  • S&P 500 Weekly Earnings Update: Which Sector's Prospects Have Improved For 2nd Quarter And Full-Year 2016?
    Brian Gilmartin, CFA XLE, IBB, XLF Sun, Jun. 19
  • 3 Ways To Identify Governance Risk
    CFA Institute Contributors Thu, Jun. 16