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The new Nook Tablet vs the Kindle Fire

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The specs on the new Nook Tablet have leaked over at Engadget, and clearly the new Nook Tablet, albeit slightly more expensive than the Kindle Fire ($249 vs $199), is a much better device from a hardware point of view.
This is how it stacks up (only the important specs that differ)

Nook Tablet
1.2 Ghz OMAP4 double core CPU
1 Gb RAM
16 Gb internal storage (flash)
Up to 32 Gb in an SD Card

Kindle Fire
1.0   Ghz OMAP4 double core CPU
512 Mb RAM
8 Gb Internal storage (flash)
No SD Card
There is still no news on microphone or gyroscope, which the Kindle doesn’t carry so there’s no way for the Nook to be worse there. Both don’t have any cameras.

All in all, the Nook Tablet seems a much superior machine. Although marketing material keeps saying that the Kindle Fire can carry 80 apps + 10 movies + 6000 books in its internal storage, this is baloney, a movie encoded in Divx at somewhat aggressive settings comes out at 0.7-0.8 Gb, and not all of the 8Gb on the Kindle Fire will be free to begin with. 8Gb really is too little for a device supposed to hold media including video. Never mind the Cloud storage, which is not really available when outside a wifi zone.

Also, the flexibility provided by the SD Card on the Nook cannot be overestimated
– not only such a cheap card can allow you to increase internal storage by 32Gb, to a full 48 Gb or a full 6 times more than the Kindle, but it also makes it MUCH easier to get your content into the device without going through hassles or having to buy it from

As spec’d, the new Nook Tablet should be competitive with the Kindle Fire, barring lousy software integration. The Nook will have books, video and music just like the Kindle Fire, only the video will be provided by partners (Netflix, Hulu) and the music by Pandora and others.

This could mean that BKS's early demise that was somewhat speculated when the Kindle Fire was announced might have to be postponed. At the same time, it might also steal some of Kindle Fire's speculative spark, even though fundamentally there isn't a whole lot of reason to believe AMZN stock is worth much more because of it anyway (never mind the "lifetime value" that has been bandied around as of late).

The official presentation of the device by Barnes & Noble will occur November the 7th, the Nook will have dedicated areas in their stores.

The Kindle Fire is supposed to start shipping on November the 15th.

Update 1: The Nook Tablet has a microphone - the Kindle Fire doesn't. This makes the Nook Tablet an even better choice, as the microphone adds the chance to use such apps as Skype, which the Kindle can't run.

Disclosure: I am short AMZN.
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