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England's Debt Crises

Good Afternoon all,

As you are all aware England had its first fiscal budget of the year yesterday, which was not a brilliant budget with soaring prices and cuts to our welfare system. The is worrying times as our debt currently stands at £ 1,152,654,000,000 and we are borrowing, billions by the day just to cover this how they think this will clear it I never know. Our government has just cut £11billion in spending cuts. Our national debts will rise to a whopping 85% of the UK wealth and we may see it reduced in 2018. How on earth are we going to do. Business with soaring price rises and our deficit is getting deeper and deeper in the red.

It seems to me that although we still use our sovereign currency, the effects which are happening in Europe will happen here, I believe they already have our investment from abroad has slumped and we have also lost money in the euro. Abandon the euro is one theory, question is if that happens what will happens to all the countries that have vast stocks in Europe scary times ahead,

Good day to you all.