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In The Green

|Includes:Apple Inc. (AAPL)

I am $1,200 in the green after divesting myself of Apple shares once and for all last week. I own 3 Apple puts, and that position is $300.00 in the green.

Apple Bulls, of which I was one at this time last week, are still in denial. Another puff piece article about the fantastic possibilities for Apple just appeared today on SA.....this despite another 2.48% drop on the most recent trading day.

Apple has now dove 39%, and they're all applauding the article, which is giving them false hope.

Wake up, Bulls! The party is over, for 6 months running now.

If you're long Apple, get out!

Don't fight the trend. You will lose every time.

You can't trade on hope, people.

You have to have a plan.

Simple, right? So why doesn't everyone do it?

I'll keep you posted how I do in this post Apple life I've created for myself. I'm excited!

I also have a small position in ACI that I shorted last Thursday, I added to it Friday and it's gained 3.45% in 2 days. Time to add to that position.

And you know how I found ACI? It was a random chart I saw at that looked like it was in a strong downtrend, so I shorted it. Didn't look at the fundamentals at all. Don't even know what the company does. I based it purely on how the chart looked. Gotta ride that trend, Ya Know?

The rest of my balance is cash until I find a good trade to invest in. I'll take my time and make a good trade. And follow my plan, above all else.


Stocks: AAPL