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My Watchlist For The Week Of 04/22/2013

  1. SPG - Look to go long
  2. ISIS - Go long after the dip
  3. PPL - Possible long after the dip
  4. GGP - Look to go long
  5. DUST - Long Inverse gold
  6. CVS - trending up. Exit at 52 week hi when DOJI appears
  7. GSK - Uptrend
  8. DTE - Uptrend
  9. PFE - Uptrend
  10. GSK - Uptrend
  11. EXC - Uptrend
  12. K - Strong uptrend
  13. NI - Strong uptrend
  14. CPB - Strong uptrend
  15. WHX- Downtrend
  16. WAG- Downtrend


  1. ANV
  2. UGL
  3. NUGT
  4. GDX

The shorts are all gold stocks. I will look for other stocks to short and add to the list.

These stocks are all trending. Can I jump on a trend and make some money this week? I'll let you know.

I like to buy calls or puts instead of shares because the gain is magnified so much, and you risk much less money to get the same effect as buying a lot of shares.