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More Balance Needed For Dividend Growth Investing Advocacy

I think the conversation between the "board of directors" of dividend growth investing (David Van Knapp, David Fish, Chuck Carnevale among a couple others) and David Jackson in David Merkel's article was a great "reality check" on the overall positioning of the articles in the Dividends & Income section. I have also commented on the unbalanced nature of the commentary on dividend growth investing which, if you only read SA, has seemingly become the only game in town for the "Income Investing Strategy" subsection of Dividends & Income. I did not formally count the number of articles that are focused on dividends in this subsection, but I am guessing it is 90%+. Perhaps this is because there is not a specific "Dividend Growth Strategies" subsection, but still it is a telling sign.

I think it is great that David Jackson would try to bring some balance to the conversation even though dividend growth investing is the source of a significant percentage of the "hits" that SA receives. It gives me great confidence in his vision for the future of SA. David Van Knapp, David Fish, Chuck Carnevale and a couple of the other frequent dividend growth contributors are very talented and astute investors. They have spent years honing their craft and learning from their mistakes...but a couple caveats. First, they are at a particular point in their lives and financial capacity where the dividend growth strategy makes sense. I would like to see more discussion and, frankly, warnings from these gentlemen as to how this strategy may not be the best for those with different investment capabilities or of different means. Second, perhaps more controversially, these three gentleman (and others) benefit monetarily from the growth in interest in this type of investing. I am not talking about hits on SA articles, but cross promotion to their books and publications. I do not at all fault these gentlemen for this…it is as American as apple pie and SA provides a great platform for this. I just think that their advocacy for dividend growth investing needs to be considered to some extent with this in mind just as comments and articles from RIA's, CFA's, CFP's, etc. are often "discounted" for being self-promotional.