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George Acs Just Doesn't Get It!

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George, your condemnation of Apple & Cramer just shows how little you understand the issue. In case you did not notice, the most important news about Apple today was not about Apples' iPad Mini show. The real news was that the US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has switched to iPhones. Why, because Apple uses a "closed eco system". Business and schools want the added security of the closed system. This was an approved Homeland Security issue. Do parents want their kids on a secure system or on Google's "open source system"? Do businesses want their internal communications protected by Apple or Google? Even Microsoft is moving towards a closed system (too late).

It is that very "closed system" that has Apple breeding future customers in our schools while successfully killing off the competition for corporate customers. Apple is just getting started.

You also clearly missed why the new iPad mini fills a huge void. Women can now put an iPad in their purse. An iPad now fits in your jacket pocket. Kids can hold it. Competition - none! This is a fully functional tool, not just a toy used to buy things, talk to friends or read copied print text. The screen has the same number of pixels as the iPad 2 fit into a much smaller screen which takes the existing programs plus this screen is way bigger in the same size package as it's supposed competition.

As a user and an Apple investor, I know that Steve Jobs would have made this new tool. He just wasn't any surer that the original iPad would sell than he did that the Newton would (father of the Palm Pilot). As an investor I see larger profits margins in the price. Yes, it may be more expensive, but who else saw the need to replace the most commonly used business tool … the 5 X 7 note pad? And oh, it talks to the office Apple Computer or to the home Office without asking it to!

I can't wait to see how books and magazines use the new "free" iBook software.

Phil Paymer

I own the stock because of the people behind the company who have a vision. Steve did but Jonathan Ive was already there when he returned from exile.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL.

Additional disclosure: I am not a professional investor. Retired and investing in the future.

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