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BlackBerry 10, The Shark Attack Has Happened. What Remains Has Been Radically Disrupted

Tomorrow the world will see whether RIM has what it takes to go forward. I argue the shark attack has already happened. What remains has been radically disrupted.

BlackBerry 10 is revolutionary as it begins life far ahead of where Android, iOS or Microsoft first started.

You may have read surprising reports of how BlackBerry 10 will hit the ground running with approximately 75,000 apps including 600 top apps from major smartphone platforms.

The first question that any reasonable person should ask is how is this possible?

BlackBerry 10 is a predatory operating environment and this paradigm changes the rules.

Deep into BB10's DNA is an extraordinary adaptation mechanism that consumes application code written for one platform and repackages it as a native application on BlackBerry.

Don't confuse this BB10 characteristic with an Android simulator. Once repackaged these apps are full-blown made for BlackBerry apps even taking advantage of BlackBerry's unique features and gestures.

Research in Motion has re thought the operating system and the ecosystem of development tools. They have embraced the Holy Grail of "program once deploy everywhere".

Thousands upon thousands of Android developers are converting their code to the BlackBerry platform as effortlessly as water flowing downhill.

BlackBerry 10's operating system is getting rave reviews for it's beauty and elegance. New gestures so intuitive they will set the standard for the next generation of smart phones.

The last two months have seen as much as 10% of Google's app marketplace arrive on the BlackBerry platform. At that rate 50% of available Android apps will have a shiny new Blackberry version as soon as July.

Blackberry 10 is the Deathstar to the fortress mentality of existing app ecosystems. Should consumers love the phone, the current torrent of Developers creating Blackberry versions of their Apps will become a tidal wave and companies that derive much of their "market value" from the size of their protected App Ecosystems will be in for a rough ride.

From tomorrow forward BlackBerry is cool.

Disclosure: I am long RIMM.

Additional disclosure: My career is as a Software Developer for 15 years.