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Time to get back into the game

|Includes:CHL, CVX, INTC, ITW, JNJ, KMP, The Coca-Cola Company (KO), MCD, MO, O, SO, T

What to do, what to do?  That has been my mantra for the last week and after yesterday's turmoil, I decided that for my IRA I was tired of just sitting on cash, sure I've flat for the last 3 months, but too many stocks where getting very attractive.  So yesterday I put my toes back into the water, I'm still sitting on about 25% cash, but the rest of the money is now in dividend stocks.  My time horizon is way long term (25-30yrs), so I'm setting these up to reinvest the dividends.

So I put together the following portfolio together to ride out this current storm and collect some dividend along the way.

KO - 8% of portfolio
MCD - 8% of portfolio
CVX - 9.3% of portfolio
SO - 4.5% of portfolio
KMP -  7.6% of portfolio
O - 6.3% of portfolio
ITW - 10% of portfolio
MO - 7.5% of portfolio
JNJ - 10.6% of portfolio
T - 9.2% of portfolio
CHL - 7% of portfolio
INTC - 12% of portfolio

The average dividend yield on this taking in consideration MCD new dividend is 4.36%.  So I'll see how this does after a few dividends and rebalance if needed.  I don't want to be over 15% of any stock or 20% of any one sector the way that I have them laid out. 

Disclosure: I am long KO, MCD, CVX, SO, KMP, O, ITW, MO, JNJ, T, CHL, INTC.