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Hump Day....2pm

|Includes:Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM)

Almost 2 in NY and the market is up.  YUM came out with earnings that appear good, but investors seem concerned with operating margins.  I think everyone is starting to realize that Chinese growth will be tamped down by the rise in labor costs.  The Chinese workers aren't much different than American workers; they want raises so they can buy some Nikes and Ipads.  YUM will be okay as long as chickens keep reproducing like rabbits, but they need to get same store sales in the U.S. turned to the positive.  I saw somewhere that the Senate now has Obama's job bill and is tweaking it; looking to add a 5% tax on income over $1 million.  I don't make over that much, so go ahead and screw them.  That jobs bill is such a joke; this ain't the 1930s anymore.  Building infrastructure is not going to give people a good job.  I know many people who would rather work at Walmart than build roads.  Can't blame Obama for trying, lame duck and all.  Still laughing at yesterday's news that politicians are none too happy with banks raising their fees.  What did you think was gonna happen?

Stocks: YUM