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Yahoo Finance getting into blogging game, like Forbes but different

Just penned some thoughts about the recent news that Yahoo Finance is getting into blogging and curation over at my book’s website (migrating much of my writing over there — head over and sign up!).

Money quote:

This is a risky strategy.  In essence, the financial portal is pitting itself opposite all its content partners — many of whom pay the portal for the firehose of traffic it throws off.   I’d be less willing to partner with a company that is introducing a product to compete directly with mine.  And this is a common problem with channel marketing for any platform — and Yahoo Finance is certainly a finance platform — in that the platform, given where it sits in the whole matrix of supply-demand, can always just mimic other offerings that are working.  This is the fear of developing any tools that work on Twitter of Facebook – that the social media platform can quickly just put you out of business.

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