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  • THE 3 PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD 31 comments
    Jun 19, 2013 7:00 AM | about stocks: JPM, BLK, BOND, C, BAC, WFC, FNMA

    * Note the difference between the True Arab-Like Uprisings and the Fake Arab-Like Uprisings.

    1-Central Banks:

    They have embarked in plans called Quantitative Easing and Lending Schemes, aiming to provide low-interest rates money to large financial institutions, without checking if these institutions are using the cash to invest on the real economy.

    Loans to private sector in Spain are plummeting:

    2-Large financial institutions:

    -They are utilizing the financial media since 2008, mainly CNBC and Bloomberg TV, to create market turmoil so that they can purchase attractive assets trading at fire-sale prices from imprudent investors (the poor indebted guy), utilizing the low-interest rates borrowing provided by the Central Banks. It's quick profit rather than lending to the boring SMEs.

    -They are also manipulating the price of assets trading on the financial markets, by creating fake enormous volume bid/ask at the same time. This way they drive the price up or down when they want in depressed assets.

    3-Corrupt politicians:

    -In many countries there are governments that intentionally are driving down their economies and creating social unrest (a sense of anxiety in a depressed economy on indebted citizens), by increasing taxes and fares all across the board or approving the construction of a Mall on the only park of the city center.

    -With market turmoil and social unrest, their crony large financial institutions can purchase cheaper the assets mentioned above.

    -The corrupt politicians are receiving bribes from the financial institutions for this work.

    -But they don't want their privileges and dominance to be threatened (control of the population with the creation of multiple layers of indebted Administrations, multiple subsidies everywhere and setting up thousands of public enterprises), and they maintain them through increasing the sovereign debt.

    -Crony capitalism: After the privatization of public services (i.e. the enterprises that grant the opening licence to a new business), that private enterprise charged of doing the public service should be deemed a public enterprise, because its revenues depend 100% on taxpayer money. This is another example of politicians securing the returns on investments to private investors (crony capitalism). This is also a backdoor hiring of the politicians' family and friends, because the employees in these private enterprises doing public services, don't need to have a hiring process with equal opportunities, like the civil servants.

    The politicians are obsessed with privatizing every public service, arguing that they will be more efficient, but that's false, it's a shadow crony capitalism (A private enterprise is more efficient competing with the other players, but not operating a public service with no competition. I caught you). In an economic crisis, now the multiple layers of Administrations don't have tax-revenues to pay for the returns on the investments to these private enterprises doing public services, increasing the Deficit, and thus, the Public Debt.

    -Fake Arab-Like Uprising: If the corrupt politicians see their dominance threatened, they instruct a group of people to march on the streets to protect their subsidies, public enterprises and multiple indebted administrations full of politicians on every tiny town or city. The demonstrators are part of the regime. We saw a fake arab-like uprising recently when the greek government announced to shut down its money-losing-machine State-broadcaster. Soon appeared people from the regime rallying, accompanied by the subsidized trade-unionists trained in urban guerrilla, threatening to provoke social unrest on the entire population.


    1-Central Banks:

    -They must return to the traditional expansive policies: through interest rates and intervention on the stock markets and currency markets.

    -Halt the QE and lending schemes. There is enough liquidity out there.

    2-Large financial institutions:

    -The JPM, PIMCO, Blackrock and Blackstones of the world are so large that are a menace to our society and ought to be broken up into a dozen pieces.

    -Shut down CNBC and Bloomberg TV: they are utilized by the large financial institutions to manipulate prices, along with WSJ, etc…A lot of corruption on the financial media.

    -A 6% transaction tax on every publicly traded security including ETFs, currencies and derivatives instruments, to be reimbursed in full if the security is held for more than 3 years after the purchase. EXCEPTION: Mutual Funds, so that all the speculators trade at the closing price.

    -They are not lending to SMEs. It ought to be implemented a fixed percentage of the total assets invested on SMEs, and prohibit them to purchase sovereign debt, playing the politicians' game (maintaining their privileges and dominance on the population).

    3-Corrupt politicians:

    -The IMF should give to those involved in the True Arab-Like Uprisings around the world, what they demand: better governance of the State, lower taxes, lower fares, and more freedom and free-trade (less subsidies, less administrations, less politicians, less red-tape and less public enterprises that affect the competition). This will boost the economic activity and thus, employment.

    -The politicians are now embarked on a campaign to tackle the tax-evasion theme. They want to divert the attention and appear to be working on the matter. But that's not the main reason of the low tax-revenues, but a lower economic activity due to the three problems of the world. Focus.

    -Crony capitalism. If a public service is privatized, the customers (taxpayers) should be allowed to choose among several private players offering the public service. In the case of no competition, no privatization.

    -There are multiple countries carrying out a silent True Arab-Like Uprising, that shouldn't be left apart.

    -The protest rallies of those of the regime that want to maintain the dominance of the politicians, should take place in a place that doesn't disturb the normal life of the citizens.

    -Setting up an independent Corrupt Politicians Court on every country.

    ********** THIS POST WILL MAKE HISTORY ***********

    Please, send this post to everyone and you will make history as well.

    Stocks: JPM, BLK, BOND, C, BAC, WFC, FNMA
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  • Ebano
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    Author’s reply » Awaiting the decision of Erdogan...
    In case he decides to go ahead with the construction of a mall in the only park of the city center, this is my recommendation:


    The mayor of the town where I live, destroyed a small park with trees and a green zone to build a granite square and rent it out in pieces to a bar with terrace, and multiple mechanical rides. At the time there was a sign that read: "The green zones won't be destroyed, we are just transferring them to other place in the town".


    20 Jun 2013, 11:28 PM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    1. The self-employed receive a brand-new unemployment subsidy since more than a year ago.
    How do they consider that one self-employed has been unemployed one month? And the next month?
    Do they show in the unemployment statistics? I guess not.
    This looks more like a backdoor handout to guarantee a basic income to the self-employed that is allowing them to pay for their Social Security payment (285 euros per month), so it's a subsidized SS payment.
    This could be the reason of the recent increase in the Social Security affiliates regarding the self-employed. They are the family and friends of the regime signing up as self-employed in order to receive the unemployment subsidy, and not, as the government argues, due to the measure announced one and a half years ago contending that the new self-employed will pay for their Social Security just 50 euros the first 6 months(Wow!).
    2-The last cabinet meeting of July before the August summering the government approved a measure contending that the employers will have the SS payment on behalf of their employee subsidized if they hire a young person.


    Question: Are they planning to nationalize the private pension funds like Argentina did in 2009?
    People want to know.
    12 Oct 2014, 05:35 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Author’s reply » November 11th 2014
    Lawsuit filed in the Court of Justice number 1 from Málaga city against the National Police and Local Police from Málaga and Madrid cities, and towns of Torremolinos and Arroyo de la Miel, accused of daily psychological harassment (bully) since two years ago.
    I'll provide to the judge 10 videos recorded that prove every accusation. I'm still awaiting the Court to summon me.
    The funds received will be used to create private sector jobs.


    The foundations of Spain's democracy are shaking.
    I urge The WSJ to echo my lawsuit.


    Stay tuned. You don't want to miss it!
    20 Nov 2014, 03:22 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Author’s reply » SCANDAL


    The temporary jobs are long-term jobs but with their holidays paid for by the unemployment subsidy.
    They work just 1 year, but they are entitled to get several months of unemployment subsidy and later they come back to the same job. Also there are people that get unemployment subsidies for working just 6 months like gardeners or waiters in some regions.
    Therefore, the employers don't pay neither for the social-security payment on behalf of their employees if they hire a young person, nor for their employees' holidays.
    But this doesn't translate into higher profits for the businesses, because they are willing to pay an extra-fare (i.e. a fare for every TV-set in each bar or restaurant) in order to fund the local administration. In exchange, the businesses, usually owned by several owners of the regime that own at the same time more businesses of the same type in the city or town, receive protection from the local administration, that is, the protection of not having competition.
    They rotate their young employees during the month in order to make them earn the minimum salary, so that they get the unemployment subsidy and once you're entitled to the subsidy they rotate to other employee so that more young people are added to the social security system and added to this bullshit vicious cycle to illegaly fund the local administration, at the expense of the unemployment subsidy.
    This abnormal abuse of the temporary jobs ought to be cut off immediately. Only those with a long term job (+3 years) should be entitled to get the unemployment subsidy if they haven't worked for the same business in the previous job, in order to force people to move geographically throughout the country because now they don't travel outside their region even during their holidays, and force the employers to pay for the holidays of their employees.


    The current politicians see the State as a pot of funds to distribute to their family and friends.


    Always remember that the regions and local administrations don't abide by the Central State's laws (i.e. regarding the minimum threshold to be entitled to get the unemployment subsidy), Supreme Court's rulings (i.e. Catalonia hasn't abided yet by a ruling that forced it to allow people write the name of their business in spanish and not just in catalan like nowadays), or the Constitutional Tribunal that prohibited Catalonia to do a referendum recently, but it took place.


    Now, say with me:
    What a shame!!!


    12 Feb 2015, 01:24 PM Reply Like
  • Ebano
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » CORRECTION
    Permanent jobs, not long-term jobs.
    16 Feb 2015, 10:18 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
    , contributor
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    The measure to reduce drastically those entitled to get the unemployment subsidy to those after a 3-year job if they haven't worked for the same business owner the last 10 years (only 1 month of subsidy and 1 more added for each year of work until a maximum of 6 months of unemployment subsidy), ought to be accompanied with the elimination of the regional gasoline tax (0.45 euros per liter), because it's exactly what makes the different with the gasoline price in the United States, and what makes the difference between U.S.'s businesses network and Spain's (Apple has the same market capitalization than the entire Spain's stock market). Also, it's what is crowding out the private sector.
    This, along with the reduction of the transaction tax for the property market, will boost the economic activity and thus, jobs.
    13 Feb 2015, 04:38 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
    , contributor
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    I've just widened the lawsuit to one judge, two District Attorneys, one forensic doctor, two psiquiatric doctors, etc... The case is very easy, but not in Spain.
    You can imagine what really happened in August 2.013, for utilizing my freedom of speech writing in blogs and internet message boards. For instance, my father counterfeated my signature in a health application in order to be health insured and asked a judge and a distric attorney to imprison me in a psyquiatric center insured by the company I didn't know I was insured because my signature and application was counterfeated.


    Always remember that I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING. They just love to do performancies.
    I do not belive the recent opinion polls and next elections in Spain that give a high ranking to a newly created bolivarian leftist party called Podemos, comprised for a few students from the Politics University of Madrid and Málaga. Two years ago I said that in Spain there aren't far-right parties, that's why they've come up with the idea of this fake leftist party as a second political force in Spain.
    The communists in Spain have never had more that 5% of the votes, so this new bolivarian party, that didn't exist one year ago, can't have 20% at the present moment, with the communists still having their 5% of the votes. What a joke!
    We know who really are carrying out a quiet bolivarian revolution in Spain, the conservative PP party and the socialist PSOE party, that now want to appear as our salvators vs the menace of the bolivarian Podemos Party.
    In Spain we don't have oil like Venezuela, that's why they implemented the usurer regional gasoline price tax commented before.
    Now, say with me:"WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    13 Feb 2015, 05:22 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » District Attorneys means prosecutors.
    18 Feb 2015, 04:15 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Author’s reply » A SOCIALIST EUROPE
    In Spain the VAT now stands at 21%, much higher than an estimated corporate profit margin average of less than 10%.
    Therefore, how is it possible a government earning more cash selling a product of a company, than the company itself?
    That's why the Googles, Ciscos, Apples, Coca-Colas, Samsungs of the world will never be created in Spain, we don't need them if other countries create them and we earn more money with the VAT than the enterprises themselves.
    The VAT shouldn't stand above 10%.
    Spain is a merchant nation, not a developed nation.


    In allowing reduced competition (i.e. the obscure un-listed large department-store El Corte Inglés doubled its size after the purchase of its only competitor Galerías Preciados when it was illegally seized by the socialists many years ago. It should be forced to massively dispose assets because it has no competition whatsoever. Their delinquent loans and unpaid credit card debt later is sold to Banco Santander in order to hide its loose credit standard policy) or oligopolies (i.e. the electricity prices have risen 80% in the last 9 years, wow!), translates into high prices and subsequently higher VAT revenues in the short-term, that will be used mostly to grant handouts to people (i.e. there are more than 4 million families with their electricity bill subsidized, property tax subsidized, etc...).




    (A country where the police psychologically tortures its fellow citizens)
    19 Feb 2015, 03:31 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Author’s reply » Tourism is recorded as exports.
    19 Feb 2015, 03:32 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    The Public-Private Partnerships have several formulas.
    The zenith occurs in Spain, where they privatize public services (i.e. water services) but they still call the private company Municipal company and they even issue bills from the Town Hall. Yes, you read correct. A private company issuing bills from the Town Hall. Examples:
    Town of Torremolinos. Private company called Astosam (Aguas y Saneamientos de Torremolinos Sociedad Anónima Municipal) owned by a large utility group I don’t recall the name. Sociedad Anónima means company. So, the private company writes the name Municipal in its corporate name. But in this world there is no notion of municipal private company, it’s private company or municipal company, so it denotes they have a flawed ideology and have set up these private enterprises to hide the real number of municipal workers.
    Astosam Water service-bill breakdown.
    1-Astosam: Water consumption: €23.27 + General services: €14.95 + General water treatment: €7.79 + Regional water treatment: €4.36 . +VAT, Subtotal: €55.41
    2-Torremolinos Town Hall: Garbage:€69.76
    TOTAL: €125.17
    Even bellow the company name, it’s drawn the Town Hall Shield.


    The same occurs with the El Espinar Town Hall (Segovia province).
    Private company: AQUONA, owned by large utility company Aguas de Barcelona.
    Bellow the company name it’s written in the bill : “El Espinar Town Hall, Municipal Water Service”. Again, they write it’s a municipal company when it’s a private company. Bill Breakdown:
    (No mention of Aquona and its fiscal ID)
    1-El Espinar Town Hall, fiscal ID....: Water consumption: €13.01 + Sewers: €5.04: Total:€19.05
    So, here the private company directly issues a bill in the name of the Town Hall. It’s drawn also the Town Hall’s shield.
    In this town they don’t charge for garbage services.
    Comparing both bills we can see that in Torremolinos they inflate the quarterly bills to charge more its citizens in order to create a vast net of pseudo-municipal workers.
    All the privatizations of public services must be nationalized.


    Remember, HIGH PRICES+HIGH VAT=SOCIALISM (a vast net of municipal workers + people with all their expenses subsidized: school books, children’s school meals, electricity bills, water bills, etc…)
    24 Feb 2015, 07:33 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Author’s reply » FAKE DISABLED PEOPLE


    Two of my neighbors in their thirties surprisingly are brothers, but my building has a Official Protection Housing status (VPO in spanish) and they are supposedly allocated by a lottery process (all lies). They don’t work and surprisingly also, they were granted two years ago a parking spot for disabled people in the street. I’ve seen them in the outdoor swimming pool of the building and driving a car, so they could work in certain jobs, if not all.


    The central government ought to send a group of people always from outside the region because they act as a gang in each region (i.e. sending people from Catalonia) to scour every person declared disabled and with a lifetime pension, in order to sue the person, the doctor and the civil servant from the Administration that approved a lifetime pension to people with a small disability, if any, for working.


    This fraud to the taxpayer could happen in many regions, but the current politicians do nothing as part of their “redistribution of wealth” socialist policy, using the Social Security for granting lifetime pensions for pre-retirees and fake disabled people, the unemployment subsidy to make young people with a temporary job have several months a year of holidays and illegally fund the local administrations (they fine the bars/restaurants regularly, charge a fare for every TV-set, etc…)


    In other words…EVERYTHING IS FAKE.
    25 Feb 2015, 04:28 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Author’s reply » Movie: "Take the Central State's money and run"
    (Coming soon to theatres)
    7 Mar 2015, 07:15 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    The director of La Razón newspaper said a few days ago in a TV talk-show that the National Police chief, Jose Manuel Villarejo, was living in one of the most beautiful house-palaces in Madrid. He referred to him as the Almighty National Police chief. Where did he get the money from for that house-palace? So, I initiated a 5-minute probe.
    It turns out that he is retired but has appeared a few weeks ago related to the "tiny Nicolás' case" (where a 20-year-old boy was working with top politicians, businessmen as a lobbyist, but all was a scam, counterfeiting official documents, etc..., he also said was working for the spanish CIA called CNI, and for one of the private spy-enterprises owned by this police chief, etc...) and last week, the Madrid region's President, accused him of extortion after the police chief summoned him in a bar in order to make him withdraw a lawsuit against policemen. So, he is still active.
    And according to El Público newspaper, he was chief of the National Police Secret Services, a kind of CIA for the National Police. And adds this paper: "during his days at the police, it was unveiled his contacts with the Syrian weaponry dealer Monzer Al Kassar. He testified as witness for the defendants (in a case against the Syrian) in the Supreme Court".


    I bet that he is behind the policy of massive harassment to ordinary citizens in Spain by the National Police and Local Police.
    WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!
    11 Mar 2015, 03:44 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    The United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.


    Through the National Police, Local Police, one judge, two prosecutors, one forensic doctor, two psiquiatric doctors, a medical center doctor, one town hall, two enterprises and five individuals identified as defendants in a lawsuit, have caused me an extreme form of cruel and inhuman treatment, it has caused severe mental pain and suffering, and it was specifically intended to cause severe pain and suffering.


    Torture is an act inflicted for the purpose of punishing the victim for an act I committed, the act of writing in blogs, internet message boards of newspapers and yahoo web site and the Industry Ministry web site when the government asked the citizens to submit proposals to solve the disputes among functions of the different levels of the Administration, critics against the territorial problem in Spain, and the mismanagement and corruption of the politicians.


    Torture has been inflicted by or at the instigation of, or with the consent or acquiescence of, a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. I, the victim, have been held in the custody or physical control of the torturer in a psiquiatric center during one month but torture is being inflicted in the form of psicological harassment on a daily basis.
    I’m considering applying for asylum and withholding of removal under the Convention Against Torture in the United States of America.
    Evidence indicates I may be tortured in the country of removal.
    The case against the defendants mentioned is case number 549/15 in the Court of Justice of Torremolinos (Juzgado de Instrucción nº1), after it was moved from Málaga to Torremolinos, but soon it ought to be moved to Granada city to be tried in the High Court of Justice of the region because many of the defendants have immunity from lawsuits in the ordinary courts.


    16 Mar 2015, 06:35 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Author’s reply » CORRECTION. There are nine individuals indicted in the cause, not five.
    18 Mar 2015, 05:58 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Author’s reply » ANDORRA IS CYPRUS
    -Interesting that when they wanted to divert the attention regarding where the Russians have holidays, they picked a tiny place called Cyprus. But we all know they are vacationing in Spain.
    -Interesting that they now picked Andorra as the place where top Venezuelan leaders operate from with their money.
    -Interesting that the Spanish Prime Minister surprisingly traveled to Andorra a few weeks ago in order to explain his Andorra counterpart what his role in the coming performance was about.
    -Interesting that there was broadcasted a video on TV yesterday where a Chinese was briefed on how money-laundering was about. But the Chinese asked the banker if what they were talking abou t was money-laundering, but nobody says that words if you're committing that fraud. The Chinese knew he was being video-recorded and it was meant to be shown to all sorts of TV audience, so he has to say the words "money-laundering" by all means.
    -Interesting that a solvent Asset Management Firm called Banco de Madrid will have its customers' assets under management transferred to a fortunate big bank.
    PLEASE, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!


    20 Mar 2015, 02:02 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Just a few days after the Andalucia president surprisingly met with Rajoy in Madrid, she called on early elections arguing a dispute with the communists in their coalition. But they had just approved the budget a few weeks earlier, so what dispute?
    Interesting that an unknown atheist political party from Catalonia region called Ciudadanos achieved almost 10% of the votes in the Andalucia elections last weekend. Another more established political party called UPyD was a similar alternative but had fewer votes than the previous elections.
    It seems that someone wanted to pump up this party from Catalonia, that has said openly they want to call for referendum in Spain, aiming to change the Constitution, without specifying more.
    The telephone can't be used.


    Anyway, why does a vote from the main secessionist regions (Vasque region and Catalonia) have more representation in the Central Parliament than a vote from other citizen in the country? This is because the spanish politicians have always had the goal to break-up Spain into different regions.
    28 Mar 2015, 07:37 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Author’s reply » LAWSUIT. UPDATE.
    The lawsuit with number of procedure 549/15 arrived in the Court of Torremolinos from the Court of Málaga on March 3rd. I rapidly introduced in Court one extension on March 6th (others on March 9th and 17th), but that day they already had a response from the prosecutors. Why were they in such a hurry?
    So, neither the prosecutors nor the judge took into account the extensions and filed the procedure.
    Today, I've directed my lawyer to appeal the decision arguing that they haven't taken into account the extensions yet, and that's the heart of the matter, where it's better explained all the facts, the unethical behavior of two prosecutors, judge, forensic doctor, etc... because everything I say is based on the papers I requested to the Court on December 14th 2.014 (after I introduced the first lawsuit in the Court of Málaga, now filed), one year and three months after the ruling when I didn't receive any notification whatsoever about what was happening at the Court in a case against me (amazing!).
    The 23-page combined lawsuit that is an extension of the 549/15 is accompanied by more than 100 pages of documentation that prove every statement: comments in blogs, yahoo message board, counterfeited signatures, etc.


    30 Mar 2015, 11:24 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    The first one quit in mid January after one month, arguing that she was very busy. It’s been one month with unaccountable unanswered phone calls, one fake appointment because I went to the office and it was closed, and misleading advices like saying that the first two lawsuits had been filed, but they weren’t and they are the ones that later were transferred from Málaga to Torremolinos.
    The second one, hired three weeks ago, wanted to change some arguments of my lawsuits in the appeal and she didn’t want to include that the judge hasn’t initiated any probe regarding the defendants, because the judge filed the lawsuits signaling that there hasn’t been any penal fault. That’s it, the judge’s statement was that line. But what about my father counterfeiting my signature in the health application form? What about the prosecutor’s letter to the court asking for my imprisonment in a psychiatric center based on a report from a psychiatric doctor unknown for me and signaling: “the situation that has been created with the presumed illness of “Ebano” is, by all means, unsustainable, and he must be sent to a proper center as soon as possible, due to the high degree of defenselessness he has to cover his basic needs”. At the time I had €490,000 in my broker account and a monthly rent of €1,200 due to the rent of my house and parking spot in Madrid. Is she crazy? The judge later based her decision in this prosecutor’s report to imprison me. The judge also based her decision in other 2 flawed reports: forensic doctor’s report, but it doesn’t exist. There are only a few words in a handwritten deed made by the judge when she summoned me accompanied by the forensic doctor. She asked me a few basic questions (what do I do in the mornings?, what do I cook? Etc..) and in the deed she wrote that according to the forensic doctor a have double personality and deliriums. What? How can one guy come up to that conclusion reading the deed where you can see that I was answering basic questions about my daily life. And thirdly, the judge based her decision in “the reports issued regarding the personal situation” of me. What? These reports haven’t been made available to me. Who on earth issues this kind of reports regarding the personal situation of the people? I can only guess the police.
    Also it’s been sued Torremolinos Town Hall, because they sent me two different workers to psychologically harass me on the streets, one working for a public enterprise and the other, for a private company doing a public service privatized, and I’ve criticized both types of enterprises in internet message boards, my blog, El Mundo newspaper, etc. It’s widely explained what they were doing, it’s been video-recorded, appearing with their cars parked in the same place, an inhabit area close to the mountain where I go jogging, two different days. The second day I talked to one of them and he told me shouting that he wasn’t going to tell me who has directed them to park there waiting for me to finish jogging and get into my car heading back home. Before that, they always crossed the road just before I encountered them in a corner.
    So, the lawyer refuted any comments I made her in an email sent to me when I was about to get in a train to Madrid, and in the deadline to submit the appeal. Now in Madrid, I’ll travel to another country in a few days´time.
    Also I had told to my lawyer that the prosecutors replied to the judge on March 12th, they told me when I phoned the prosecutors´ office on April 9th , and that they haven’t received any documentation since then. On that date, the prosecutors couldn’t have received the 3 lawsuits that are extensions of the lawsuit called 549/2015. Therefore, the judge is deliberately hiding the 3 extensions to the prosecutors. Why didn’t my lawyer want to include that in the appeal? Because she is being directed by “the group”.
    This is why the Spanish government has directed the police to physiologically harass me on a daily basis. They wanted me to leave my country in order to leave the case to a corrupt lawyer that will change my lawsuit and won’t fight for my case.


    NEW LAWSUIT. On April 7th I went to Granada city to introduce a replica of the previous lawsuits in the High Court of Justice of Andalucía region (TSJA in Spanish), because the judge and the two prosecutors indicted have immunity from lawsuits in the ordinary courts. (There are thousands of politicians with immunity as well. Why?)


    13 Apr 2015, 01:01 PM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Oh boy...
    In the Catalonia region, the National Police doesn't exist (good for them!), but they've got their own police called Mossos de Escuadra.
    This week we've learned they are accusing the National Police of being the whistleblowers for a yahadists group they captured last april in Catalonia. Two National Policemen presumably gave advanced word to the yihadist group contending that they were being surveillanced by the Mossos de Escuadra.
    Source: http://bit.ly/1Fm1ES9


    The judge Pedraz at the Audiencia Nacional court (a special court located in Madrid charged of terrorism cases or similar) filed the lawsuit, but the catalan police want him to reopen it after the raid where the yahadist group was captured (many of them had scaped to Bulgary after they were warned by the National Police, according to the paper).
    This judge is very suspicious. Surprisingly he picked the case, instead of an ordinary court, about the spanish technology company called Gowex that offered free wifi internet, after an analyst report unveiled that 90% of the revenues reported were fake. This case is very important because this company was pumped up by the policitians receiving multiple awards, municipal contracts and was being portrayed as a poster child for the spanish enterpreneurship in the IT arena. The judge sent the auditor to prison but 8 months later, after everything was calm again, he was released under bail. So, this judge is the chamber judge for the politicians at the Audiencia Nacional court and isn't to be trusted.


    The National Police was also accused in 2013 of being the whistleblowers for the spanish terrorist group ETA in 2006, in the case known as "Faisán case", giving them advanced word about an imminent raid.
    17 May 2015, 11:46 AM Reply Like
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    Author’s reply » NOW VENEZUELA DOESN'T ROCK (on the media)
    Once upon a time, both the conservative PP party and socialist PSOE party praised the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.
    In 1999 former president Aznar went to Venezuela (min. 3:05) and in 2002 Chavez went to Madrid to visit Aznar (min. 4:33).


    In 2009, when Chavez arrived in Madrid again, he drove his private car in Madrid with the president of the Spanish oil company Repsol as co-pilot.
    Those were happy days.
    Interesting that the Spanish Prime Minister went to Senegal in early May presumably to pave the way for Repsol to sign oil contracts with that country, and halt the purchase of WTI oil to Venezuela (nobody trades at the Brent oil market, it'sa cover-up to justify the high gasoline prices in the socialist Europe due to taxes).
    This is because now the Venezuela's ties don't rock, and they're continuously insulting each other on the media, a former socialist president surprisingly exercising as a lawyer for the opposition in Venezuela (he had only exercised the profession of lawyer in the mid-sixties, after graduation).
    All theatre, in other words, everything is fake in Spain.


    (now come continuing bullying me mother fucker)
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  • Ebano
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    What are their intentions?
    People want to know.
    And because everything in Spain is fake, the truth is the opposite.


    Dec. 13th. For the second day in a row, current Venezuelan president Maduro calls Aznar killer.


    Dec 16th. Aznar responds.


    March 3rd. In a rare TV interview, because he barely gives interviews, the Spanish budget minister Montoro said he had received a letter from an association of Venezuelan people denouncing that the Venezuelan government gave illegal funding to Podemos Party.
    A spanish minister reading letters from venezuelan associations? That was funny.


    March 12th. The daughter of the former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez leaks a video to the Spanish media showing a top leader of Podemos praising to the skies Chavez.


    The daughter leaking videos to the Spanish media? Coordination of tactics.


    March 23th. Expresident Gonzalez was named lawyer for the opposition in Venezuela. What? it's the first time he exercises as lawyer since the mid-sixties after his graduation, when he worked as labor-lawyer a few years.


    April 9th Expresidents Aznar and González signed a paper against Maduro. That event was tailored for them.


    April 22nd. The press says the foundation of Podemos acted as consultant for Maduro.


    May 21st. Podemos announces it will sue Aznar for signaling in February that it's funded by Venezuela.


    SPAIN IS A JOKE.(now come again bullying me, mother fucker. I won't stop calling you mother fucker because it's so funny, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
    27 May 2015, 12:14 PM Reply Like
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    Author’s reply » PP, PSOE and Podemos must be dissolved in order to allow Vox and Ciudadanos to run the country in coalition the next 50 years.
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    A trade union for the Guardia Civil (a special police charged of road circulation, customs, and there is also an investigation unit, but, surprisingly, unlike the National Police, it has military status so that their members cannot complained about corruption and drug-dealing within the Guardia Civil because they will be grilled at the Military Courts full of corrupt judges - my father has to friends military judges-, they can't even demonstrate on the streets, just a few of them do it illegally, several complaints about drug dealing within the Guardia Civil heard on TV by its members with their face covered. The military status ought to be removed) echoed in its blog (not updated since 2010 presumably because the authors of the blog have been exterminated) the question made by a member of the PP party to the obscure former Interior Minister with the PSOE party, vice-president, gov-spokesman and Almighty Rubalcaba, concerning the disappearance of more that 110 kg. of cocaine that was under the National Police custody in Blas infante, Seville, in 2009.
    "Where is the cocaine?" Asked the PP party in Parliament.
    People want to know.
    Source. http://tinyurl.com/ox4...


    This Guadia Civil trade union called for the illegalization of the PSOE party, filing a criminal lawsuit in the Supreme Court, for the creation of a vast net of prostitution, corruption,.... They even accused them of "organized criminal gang for looting Spain".
    Source. http://tinyurl.com/qjt...


    2011. 600 kg. of drugs stolen in the Court's depots in Málaga city. Here it's stored all the drugs apprehended in the entire Andalucia region. Presumably under the National Police's custody.
    Source. http://tinyurl.com/o75...


    2009. 12 kg. of cocaine stolen from a Guardia Civil's official building.
    Source. http://tinyurl.com/q2t...
    2010. 154 kg. of cocaine and heroine from the storage inside the National Police building in Seville city.




    2012. 290 kg. of cocaine stolen from a Court's depot in Cadiz city, under National Police custody. The article signals there have been similar cases in Barcelona and Valencia recently.


    Source . http://tinyurl.com/8m6...


    2013. 1 tonne of drugs stolen from the Customs Office in Huelva city. Under Guardia Civil's custody.
    Source. http://tinyurl.com/pp5...


    The articles point out that it's been corrupt policemen, and my view is that they, presumably, receive orders from a high ranking official, that is, a politician of the local or regional government under huge financial distress to support their vast net of subsidies, municipal workers, etc... and pay for prostitutes as well, a sector that is ballooning in Spain (the National Police sent me two pimps neighbors in my building with Official Protection status, to talk to me and trick me into paying for prostitutes' services, which I strongly declined. This is because the fees charged to prostitutes represent a high stake in the local governments' budgets. Also now you know how they share out the apartments under Official Protection Housing-status).


    I'm not gonna spend the day searching for more garbage.


    Bye-bye, idiots.
    .....and mother fuckers.
    (continue bullying me today, IT'S AN ORDER!)
    30 May 2015, 04:10 AM Reply Like
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    Author’s reply » CORRECTION
    The gasoline regional tax is 0.05 euros per liter. 0.45 euros is a state tax but later it's transferred to the regions, so it's the same.
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    I’ve already said it has several schemes, like privatizing public services, but also:
    - Shadow Infrastructure Fund (it’s hidden long-term debt. The real Public Debt to GDP ratio stands at 180%, similar to Greece’s).
    Examples: (apart from the scheme where the infrastructures are paid for to the construction company during 30 years in exchange of the management, unveiled in my previous blogs)


    1-The multiple Administrations guarantee the returns on the investments to individual private investors. Example: private investors, like the president of the construction company ACS and president of the Real Madrid Football Club, Florentino “Don Vito” Pérez, build and manage a private school that receives an annual subsidy (handout, compensation, bailout,….You name it), so that it isn’t a full private school, but a “concerted” school. Other examples: private hospitals that pass through the expensive bills to the Social Security (the so called Healthcare Tourism). Privatization of the hospitals’ management mostly in Andalucía region, etc…. This type of schools and hospitals are growing like mushrooms and now many young people are studying to become teacher or healthcare-related studies, but it’s all paid for with subsidies, deemed hidden long-term public debt that the ECB is gobbling up like mad.


    2- The regulated electricity companies (100% price hike in the last 10 years) are now receiving an annual compensation because they have halted the production in several power-plants due to the lack of demand in this economic downturn. Note that the government favors these oligopolies, like gasoline sector as well, aiming to boost the weak Spanish stock market (the top companies in the IBEX-35 Index are utilities, banks, construction companies and Repsol, apart from Inditex). Later these fortunate oligopolies set up Charities or Repsol University in Madrid, etc…(Warren Buffett-style). All fake, because they are crushing the population with the annual price increases of their goods aiming to boost the IBEX-35 Index.


    3-The government has announced it will bail out (a €2.4 billion worth of bailout) the construction companies that built and manage several tolled-highways in Madrid, now almost bankrupt due to the lack of demand. Around 5 months ago, I heard a radio interview to the Infrastructure Minister saying that the bailout won’t cost an euro to the taxpayer because it will be paid for with government bonds (what’s the opinion of Draghi?). None journalist replied.
    All these subsidies to private investors ought to be cut off immediately.


    (and not the so called “reforms” that paid journalists at CNBC and paid economists continuously repeat)


    1-Drug-dealing (and the multiple businesses attached to launder the money, like football clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. which also hire the personnel that haul the drugs, even young lawyers do it in exchange of a good-paying job).


    2-Issuance of Public Debt: 70% of GDP in 6 years. Since 2009 it includes the 30-year P-P Partnerships with the ongoing “Plan of Payments to Suppliers”.


    3- Holidays paid for by the unemployment subsidy to the temporary workers.


    4-Fee on prostitution to fund the local governments (one pimp sent by the National Police insisted me that they aren’t whores, but girls that simply want to earn extra money after work).


    5-Multi-billion-euro Shadow Infrastructure Funds (hidden long-term debt).


    6-Social Security. Massive wave of pre-retirements in the different Administrations.
    In-depth analysis: The SS workers' payments to SS Total Expenses ratio stands at 78.5% (figures as of Nov. 30th). To partially offset this figure, they are recording this other revenue:
    1- €15 billion of revenues with the item "current transfers": The SS purchased Spanish government bonds like mad at the height of the financial crisis in 2011-1012, so the SS is receiving a high coupon on those bonds that might be recorded here.
    2- €2.5 billion of "wealth increases". Presumably, principal gains on those bonds.
    3- €1.5 billion of "other revenue and taxes".


    This is why they artificially created market turmoil in 2011-2012, with the Prime Minister saying daily that he doesn't know if Spain will be rescued or not, or delaying several months the outcome of the bank stress test. The government wanted to purchase the spanish bonds very cheap in order to balance the SS annual accounts, offsetting the huge payments and lack of revenue due to the wave of pre-retirements. The flip side is that they've crushed the government annual budget with the huge interest payments on those bonds. I accuse the EU of being part of this scheme because the Interest Payments aren't accounted for to comply with the Deficit mandate.


    All of the above is because Spain needs too much money for social programs, municipal jobs or jobs from public enterprises set up by regional and local governments not recorded as civil servants, to support the multiple layers of the Administration (regional, local, etc...), each one acting as mini-states, because they have their own laws and don’t abide by the Central State’s laws (forget to force the Central State to approve laws that affect the local or regional governments prohibiting them drug-dealing, subsidies, TVs, pre-retirements, certain social programs, etc. They act as a gang –mafia- in each city or town so nobody will denounce an illegality to the police or courts)


    Even the current Prime Minister and the socialists want the leftist parties to win the elections for the time being, because they share the same goals. Examples of "pumping-up":


    1-The government (and the Popular’s Party) promoted politicians under investigation for corruption in Madrid and Valencia (Mr. Granados committed corruption while he was mayor of a town, but the last years he went to Esperanza Aguirre’s government in Madrid and Mr. Castellano was promoted as top state-government official in Valencia region) in order to arrest them later and make the leftist parties win those regions and cities.


    2- La Sexta free-TV channel, which is promoting the leftist parties until exhaustion, and had as top shareholder the obscure multinational Advertising Agency WPP, was almost bankrupt in 2008 for overpaying for the football TV rights, but the current Prime Minister and the obscure vice-president saved it by allowing it to merge with Antena3 TV, whose major shareholder received a sweet takeover offer for Vueling by Iberia-British Airways as compensation.


    3-The government hasn’t commented whatsoever that the banks have their own foreclosure prevention actions since 2009, allowing the small leftist parties to grow with the theme of the foreclosures, promising to the population they won’t exist in Spain anymore.


    4-The Prime Minister also allowed the current leftist Mayor of Madrid to have an interview with the president of the nationalized bank Bankia (why didn’t she meet with the other banks?) and she also met with judges of the Supreme Court (that was stunning) to talk about how to halt foreclosures. By the way, she owns a Mc. Mansion in El Espinar, very close to mine. I’m trying to make the press publish it (at the time of the purchase I was dating with the daughter of the owner of the real-estate agency, hahaha, so she told me around 2003 that it was a judge and what was the price-tag. I connected the dots after Esperanza Aguirre said on a TV-debate recently that the judge, Mayor Carmena from Podemos Party, owned a piece of land in El Espinar. What land, Aguirre?! It’s a Mc. Mansion in a land!!!


    5-Presumably, the Budget & IRS Minister leaked to the press the 2013 personal income IRS-statement from Esperanza Aguirre one week before the elections in order to show that she earned around €300,000 and shock the citizens.


    6-Today we’ve learned, through a small news outlet, that the Popular’s Party granted €7.3 million to an association chaired by the current number 2 of Podemos’ Party in Madrid during 2004-2015. This is outrageous! Is the Popular Party funding Podemos?
    Source: http://bit.ly/1L7l6o8


    So, they publicly say Podemos is funded by Venezuela but subliminally they are supporting, one way or another, this leftist party to scare the IMF and the EU. They are pumping up Ciudadanos party as well, already mentioned.


    Primarily, the goal is to call for a referendum in order to breakup Spain in different States.
    The Popular’s Party will oppose the idea of a referendum to appear to be a true conservative-party but, as you may guess, it’s all fake, they also want a multiple-states country. This referendum has to be led by leftist parties and the new Catalan party Ciudadanos.
    The second objective is to maintain the Private-Public Partnerships and their multiple schemes like the Shadow Infrastructure Fund to guarantee the returns to privileged enterprises or individual investors (the Spanish mafia that is looting Spain).


    Currently, most of the private sector in Spain pass through an Administration (Shocking statement).


    Reducing taxes and elimination of Administrations massively (the current system is a failure). Nationalization of the privatized public services and no subsidies or compensations to private investors. And forbidding the “reciprocity” as a way the members of the mafia feed back themselves. Ej. The Málaga football club’s matches have been broadcasted weekly on the only match being broadcasted in the free-TV on weekends.
    (now you know why I suffer a massive harassment campaign since several years ago).


    The Mafia seats at your table.
    (Come bully me tomorrow, mother fucker!)
    19 Jun 2015, 03:56 PM Reply Like
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    Continuing with my previous post.


    1-Correction: The Social Security (SS) Workers’ payments to SS Total Expenses ratio stands at 70.6%, not 78.5%.


    Figures as of Nov. 30th 2014:
    - SS Workers’ Payments: €89,539.59 million (it doesn’t include the payments to the SS from the unemployed)


    - SS Total Expenses: €126,751.39 million (it includes all kind of pensions, temporary incapacity to work, allowance for maternity and paternity, compensation to the low pensions, subsidies, etc.)
    Source: http://bit.ly/1LcpjXR


    2-Line item: “€2.5 billion of wealth increases" mentioned before. The government is accounting the paper profits on the government bonds it purchased very cheap during 2011-2012 as “wealth increases” in the Profit & Loss account of the year in the Social Security accounts. But the paper profits must be recorded in the Balance-Sheet, not the P&L account.
    The government is obsessed with the paper profits. They recently approved a law to make people pay the capital-gain tax for their paper profits if they move their fiscal residency offshore. But that’s unlawful because the paper profits are gains not realized (it’s a basic tax-concept regarding the financial markets). I filed a complaint one month ago to the Taxpayer’s Defense Office but I haven’t received a response yet, when it’s supposed that it would take two weeks to receive a response by mail, according to the office.




    The Spanish government and the European Union responsible of scouring the books of the member States, must be tried for racketeering, for establishing this scheme of the paper profits that is a fraud to the Spaniards, and allowing a future solvency ratio in the Social Security’s “underlying business” of just 70.6%.


    This ratio means that the SS expenses must be reduced 30% in 12 years’ time, because I estimate the high-coupon government bonds purchased have an average duration of 12 years. After that year, the extraordinary revenues mentioned will decline drastically.


    21 Jun 2015, 10:18 AM Reply Like
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    Author’s reply » THE FINAL PROOF


    The press unveiled in 2013 , that the current president of Galicia Region, Mr. Feijoo, a close friend of the Prime Minister, was in the yacht of a top drug-dealer (pictures of both in the yacht shown) of the region (a region that has a history of multiple drug-cartels) before he entered into politics (1995). That region appears mentioned above in the comment where drugs were stolen from official depots. At the time he just said in a press conference, that he didn’t know the guy with whom he was having fun in his yacht, was a top drug-dealer. Of course!
    Source: http://huff.to/1Ngcx9N


    Even the Prime Minister Rajoy gave a press conference inside the boat owned by a drug-dealers’ clan when he was leader of the opposition in 2009. I don’t know if that was a simple mistake very difficult to understand as mentions the article provided, but it suggests the drug cartels are everywhere in that region, now with multiple franchises all across Spain (the new El Dorado)
    Source: http://bit.ly/1Ngcv1M


    Note that the socialist PSOE party is the same Popular’s Party but with other name. The Popular’s Party even backtracked in 2014 in a conservative measure about abortion approved a few months earlier. This is because it isn’t a true conservative party, but an organized criminal gang for looting Spain, the same accusation the Guardia Civil’s Trade Union made to the socialist PSOE party in the Supreme Court (mentioned above).


    The Prime Minister said three weeks ago that he has going to make some changes in the Cabinet, along with changes in the Popular’s Party, before June 30th, due to the 2 million votes lost in the last elections. The press said that Mr. Feijoo was among the names being thought to be minister (I would add that as a reward for his contribution to the scheme to fund the vast net of Administrations in the country, their public jobs and the multiple Private-Public Partnerships’ schemes), but yesterday, surprisingly, the Prime Minister said that he won’t announce any Cabinet reshuffle. Why didn’t he dare to name him minister?


    I recall that at the time the government announced in 2013, that Drugs & Prostitution was going to be recorded into the GDP figure, it said that this way they were going to have more money for social programs (Heard to a journalist in the news hour on the radio).


    In this world the ends don’t justify the means.
    In other words, a Regional or Local Administration can’t deal with drugs to support the battered regime.


    That’s illegal. Hahahahaha.
    I’ve said something is illegal in Spain! What a funny joke!
    23 Jun 2015, 02:38 AM Reply Like
  • Ebano
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    Scotland and Cameron always around.
    23 Jun 2015, 02:38 AM Reply Like
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    Author’s reply » MY FINAL COMMENT


    I told you that you have no dignity, mother fucker!
    23 Jun 2015, 02:39 AM Reply Like
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